Record Month For Build A Niche Store And eBay

Bans Stores For May 2008May is turning out to be a very good month for my Build A Niche Store web sites and the eBay affiliate program. The final numbers won’t be in until Monday or late tomorrow, but it looks like earnings for my BANS stores should be around $900 for the month and earnings for the best performing BANS store around $650.

I did spend some money driving traffic to one of these stores this month, but only to the tune of a little over $100 and it has apparently paid off fairly well. Last month my top store produced $246.68 in revenue and I spent a whopping $2.90 in PPC traffic, this month $101.97 has been spent on PPC and revenue is at $629.44 for the same store. PPC search traffic this month has produced 304 clicks to this store resulting in 314 bids and 97 winning bids. Last month with virtually no PPC traffic, there were 139 total bids with 53 winning bids at the same store.

A little closer examination needs to be done on organic search traffic versus paid traffic to see where the real gains are coming from, but initially it looks as though paid search is paying off for this Build A Niche Store site. I’m working on another BANS site that I will be trying some paid search on, the earnings probably won’t be as significant for at least one reason. The store I’m sending paid traffic to right now is based on products that sell for between $500 and $1,000 and sometimes even more.

It is questionable as to whether paid search would work on a BANS site with items selling for much less than $300 to 400. The reason being is that you earn about 2% for a sale at eBay and earning anything much less than $10 per sale is hard to make work with PPC. Of course there’s always the chance of selling multiple items and earning a few $25 new member bounties which would make paid search worthwhile. The new store I’ll be sending search traffic to will have items ranging from $100 to $300 in price so it will be a little experiment to see if this theory holds true.

One last note is that the store bringing me good returns with PPC is a fully built store with substantial content in both articles and content on auction pages so I’m getting very good quality scores from Google on the pages I’m sending traffic to. PPC probably won’t work on pages that have nothing but auctions.

You can get more info on Build A Niche Store here.

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25 Responses to “Record Month For Build A Niche Store And eBay”

  1. great stuff!
    my1st month is currently at £12 which for new stores with not much promotion is fine by me!

    Where in EPN do you get that report format? Never seen that before with number of bids etc

  2. Tao,

    Under your Campaigns Report choose the specific country you want to look at in the Programs drop down box and you will get those extra parameters. I only use the US eBay affiliate program so all my data shows up under one country.

  3. Wow, congratulations Alan! Those are some mighty impressive numbers you have there.

    So far this month, I’ve only made $25… after the 7th or 8th of this month my site bascially ceased to earn money. I’ve been getting clicks on auctions, but not a single CRU or bid. I’m starting to get a bit discouraged, but I’ve contacted eBay and hopefully they’ll help me sort this out.

  4. Interesting info. No offense, because I like your site, but if you’re not willing to say what niches you’re in this is pretty much a wasted article because it doesn’t really help at all.

  5. I guess it really depends on your competition. If too many people do this its not going to be a nitch anymore.

    Great info though. Not sure its worth the 97 bucks to start out on but your numbers certainly show it gave you a profit.

    I’ll look into it when I get back from my trip.

    Thx for the tips! :)

  6. Stak Loaded,

    You are kidding me, right? I’ve spent years of knowledge and countless hours of research, not to mention multiple failures in trying to figure out the best niches for me, and you want me to give that away to you?
    Sorry Stak, you can’t make money doing nothing and expect others to give away their best niches, it doesn’t work like that.

  7. it seems that niche store is moving on the right track, more power… :)

  8. Awesome, it’s great to se your marketing projects going so well. A lot of people have found great success through the BANS store system, and I see that you have made it work for you as well. I think I might have to give this a try, so thnaks for the stellar report :)

  9. Alan, I’m not saying you need to give away your niche, in fact I’d be very surprised if you did. I’m pointing out that a post like this is pretty much useless because it doesn’t help anyone at all, it’s just bragging. I’d rather see more useful posts with actual tips and ideas.

  10. Stak Loaded,

    How is a post that:

    Explains the power of BANS
    Shows proof of a money making idea
    Gives a cost range of eBay products to use in an affiliate program
    Explains a little on how to use PPC for a BANS store
    Explains how not to use PPC for a BANS store
    Explains that you need content on a BANS store
    and gives specifics on a BANS store where you can figure out earnings per click…

    not useful?

    Please explain…

  11. I found this banter on divulging your niche sites interesting, a Google search on your name shows a few results, kind of hard to keep these things secret:-)

  12. Alan, admittedly it may be helpful for newbies but aside from that it’s not really that useful. Anyone using BANS knows about the 2% commission so telling people to sell expensive items is just stating the obvious. You didn’t really say anything that would be useful for anyone who is already using BANS.

    Like I said, I’m not insulting you, I’m giving you constructive criticism on what I think would make your site better.

  13. @ Alan:

    Awesome! Thats a nice solid number. With my BANs sites I’ve yet to get into PPC, just article marketing, good ol organic keyword research and mass amounts of SEO. May was a record month for myself regarding traffic – Apr – 30 unique visitors, May – 640 unique visitors. I have a feeling I shall be seeing my first bit of income from this particular store in June. How many sites do you have running for the numbers your posted?

    @ Jesse:

    What sort of SEO, marketing have you done in the last several months? Has it been consistent, i.e. Fresh content weekly? Don’t give up! You can easily revive a dead site with a new template, some fresh keyword research, a handful of niche related articles in associated content, ezine, etc… and even some social networking.

    @ Stak:

    Since when is a blog like Alan’s meant for the experienced marketers? Alan is a great teacher, and provides some sound advice, content, and reviews. Alan is trying to help people, and does a great job at it!

    And why the hell would anyone reveal a sweet-ass niche on a site full of niche hungry fiends? So everyone can go and saturate that market? Your not making much sense man.

    Make money doing nothing… Sure buddy. False advertising.

    Sorry to hog up the comments Alan, buddy really pissed me off though.

  14. Elijah,

    Thanks for the support there. I have 11 BANS stores in various stages of development and 28 other sites and blogs that bring me income:

  15. Stak, you apparently want someone to just tell you what to sell, where to find it, etc. People like Alan give you the vehicle to make money and the methods to promote it, etc. But you still have to come up with a product. This post and others are usefull because they illustrate the earning potential of BANS. If you used some of your creativity, you could probably find a product that earns just as much. No one is going to spoon-feed you.

  16. Thanks for the report on your PPC efforts. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about using PPC to promote BANS sites, but I was starting to wonder how they were all making that work if they were promoting cheaper products. I guess the answer is – they’re not. :)

  17. Lol, Elijah and Flimjo, you’re joking right? I stated word for word that I wasn’t expecting Alan to give out his niche, I just wanted him to go into more detail about the more advanced aspects of the project rather than just the basics. Read before you speak.

  18. As a newbie, I find this blog to be one of the best for information, how to, how not to, it is very informative and useful.
    Readers of John Chow will note that he posts his earnings on a monthly basis, nothing wrong with that in my mind.

  19. Well, Stak Loaded, then you’re talking out of BOTH sides of your mouth.

    In your first comment, you said, “if you’re not willing to say what niches you’re in this is pretty much a wasted article.”

    In your second comment, you said, “I’m not saying you need to give away your niche.”

    But then you ask for “actual tips and ideas.”

    Then you go off in your next comment about how “telling people to sell expensive items is just stating the obvious” and that Alan “didn’t really say anything that would be useful.”

    Based on all that, you admittedly want to be told what kinds of niches you should use for a BANS store, and you critiqued Alan’s post because he stopped short of revealing his niches. That you backtracked and said that Alan shouldn’t give away his niche has no significance because your other comments overwhelmingly state the obvious (i.e., that you want niche tips and ideas).

    A BANS store or any business for that matter depends on the creativity of its owner for it to succeed. Alan’s best niche isn’t the best niche for me or for you. We all need to come up with our own ideas for businesses and, in this case, BANS stores.

  20. I find it interesting that your CTR is .03% and winning bids CTR were .01%. It would seem that if you could somehow increase your CTR to 1-1.5% you could quadruple your earnings.

  21. John,

    Those clicks aren’t accurate. I still have days where I get 500 to 600 clicks but no real gain in traffic to my BANS sites. I read somewhere that search bots were producing these erroneous clicks.

  22. google to have multiple ways to track stats then for sure!

  23. Flimjo, learn English, read this post again, and don’t reply until you’ve done those things. “if you’re not willing to say what niches you’re in this is pretty much a wasted article” doesn’t translate into “tell me your niche,” it translates into “this is a wasted article.” I also added that I’d like it if Alan would go into more detail, but if you had any experience with affiliate marketing and/or BANS, you’d know there are many things that he could still talk about that don’t involve revealing the niche. Stop acting like a noob and just read.

  24. Stak Loaded, contrary to your assertions, I did read the post. “If you’re not willing to say what niches you’re in this is pretty much a wasted article” translates into “this is a wasted article because you’re not willing to reveal what niches you’re in.” You couldn’t have said it more clearly. Your words, not mine.

  25. Lol you’re such a huge noob it’s ridiculous. You should still be reading the Adsense TOS, not this blog. What I said translates into “this is a wasted article [because you should have gone more in depth than just the basics],” but of course being the noob you are I can see why you wouldn’t have understood that.

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