May 2008 Affiliate Income Report

Another income report for Affiliate Confession shows a significant increase over last month to the tune of about 22% even though expenses were the highest they’ve been this year. Total expenses including advertising, PPC and outsourcing to Elance.com came in at $304.73. PPC advertising is paying off for my BANS stores and my single best store earned $658.44.

Significant gains were made this month at eBay and Clickbank and total earnings for May were $3,334.72 and after expenses, net earnings came in at $3,029.99 for the month. The breakdown of earnings is as follows:

Google Adsense – $1,375.97
Commission Junction – $150.47
EPN – eBay – $893.54
Meal Planner Ebook – $102.00
TripAdvisor – $191.97
Auction Ads – $43.50
Clickbank – $399.24
Private Advertising – $70.00
AzoogleAds – $46.85
Other Affiliate Programs – $61.18
Total Revenue – $3,334.72
Advertising & Expenses – $304.73
Total Income – $3,029.99

Commission Junction sent out an email last month stating that some past due and under reported eBay member sign-ups as far back as February were to be paid this past month, but I have yet to see any revenue from that.

The month of June should turn out well as I have $750 from the Webmaster-Talk contest winnings to spend on PPC or other advertising plus I’ve budgeted anything over $2,500 in earnings to go to advertising as well, giving me a total of $1,279.99 to spend. As long as I keep earning that back the advertising budget should be very nice. Most of that will be spent towards pay per click.

The Black Ink Project continues this week with the first session being taught by Amit Mehta entitled Pay Per Click Mastery. With all the money I have to spend on PPC, I will be especially interested in today’s class. With another 22% increase in affiliate income in June that would be an all time record.

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15 Responses to “May 2008 Affiliate Income Report”

  1. Great report Alan. I would like to get so good numbers someday :) . See you!

  2. Nice numbers. Congrats!

  3. Great numbers as usual. I know some people hate monthly earnings reports, but I love to see people finding success on their own terms.

  4. damn that is looking good – hmmmm for some reason my EPN is kinda low – cant wait for PJN to rise up

  5. Congrats on your earnings!

    @ Stefanie – I agree, it’s great motivation!

  6. Hey Alan, is affiliate marketing your sole income or do you have other projects that are generating significant income such as this blog?

  7. That’s not bad at all…great job!

  8. O my god, thousand dollars from adsense, how do you that, I think adsense is my worst moneymaker since everybody already know about adsense, and no body click my adsense on my web.

    Can u share the trick??

  9. Stak Loaded,

    We sell a menu planning ebook and my wife sells a variety of digital products from her Christian counseling website. The income from this blog is included in the monthly earnings.


    No trick to Adsense. Just hard work in niches that pay well for contextual advertising. Travel is a great niche for Adsense.

  10. You an use PPC with ebay partner network?

  11. Brent,

    Yes, you can use PPC in association with EPN, but you must send traffic to a landing page first. Terms state no direct linking to eBay with paid search.

  12. Thanks are looking up for you. I’m always surprised that your adsense earnings are more than your EPN.

  13. Hi Alan, I have three questions:

    1 – How do you promote your BANS? I suppose that you don’t want anyone to copy your niche/design so you have your BANS out of the radar of Affiliate Confession. Am I right?

    2 – How do you use Adsense? Do you apply it to all the websites you promote? If so, isn’t it bad to conversions?

    3 – If you had to work with only two affiliate networks which ones do you choose? Well it is clear that ClickBank is one of them :)

    Thanks :)

  14. quite impressive!

    maybe you’d be interested in being an affiliate for my ebook, Create Killer Ebooks & Sales Copy, and make more good money 😉

  15. Binary Ant,

    1 – Read this post series:

    2 – I’ll cover this in more depth than I’ve done before in an upcoming post next week.

    3 – Clickbank and EPN

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