Flip Camera From Webmaster Talk Contest Shows Up

Yahoo! The Fip Camera won at the Webmaster Talk contest was delivered by FedEx today and unlike the MacBook Air it actually worked and is very cool. The Flip is very easy to use even for a video noob such as myself. I know nothing about posting videos on YouTube and was able to shoot a video and upload it in only about an hour or so (It took several takes without saying something dorky before I got it right). The only prize I’m waiting for now from the contest winnings is the iPod Touch. Of course I’m also waiting for my Macbook Air to get back from Apple.

My intention with the Flip is to do some video blogging on both this blog and our Healthy Diet Podcast blog. I’ve never really dome a video before so the one below is my first attempt and shows a little different side of me than what I normally talk about here on Affiliate Confession. Affiliate marketing has nothing to do with playing the drums, but this is just an experiment and next time I’ll do something related to making money online. For now, you can just tap your feet along with the video.

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12 Responses to “Flip Camera From Webmaster Talk Contest Shows Up”

  1. Hey that was pretty good! The flip video/sound quality is sweet too! Good vid, will look forward to seeing more :)

  2. Great vid.. pretty good at the drums too. 😉

  3. Has there ever been a contest you HAVEN’T won?

  4. That’s nice quality video. I reviewed the flip video cam on my tech blog last month and it’s on my list of things to buy this summer so I can start video blogging as well. It’s always nice to have a gadget that does one thing and does it well…

  5. 2008 is definitely the year of video blogging! The sound quality is impressive, way better than this old camcorder I have.

  6. Stak,

    LOL! It seems like I have been pretty fortunate lately.

  7. Nice work on the drums. :)

    I’m glad you posted this, since I’ve been wanting a flip ever since I found out how inexpensive they are (cheaper than a regular digital camera). Only two things held me back. 1) it’s still a lot of money when I won’t likely make anything off of it. 2) I’d only ever seen videos shot by Deb NG, and I wasn’t so sure about video quality. But, I totally loved the little flip out memory stick. :)

  8. Alan,

    Congrats on the Flip! I love this camera. It is so easy to use and you can take it almost anywhere. It is small enough to fit in your pocket. My favorite feature is the ease of putting the video on your computer! You can’t get much easier than that.


  9. Nice job, looks like fun!

    Do you take requests? I think you’re a Rush fan, how about YYZ :-) ?

  10. Mark A,

    YYZ was one of my favorite songs, maybe I’ll do the drum part in an upcoming video.

  11. Ok, First…I am gonna get me one of those cameras!

    Second- You are awesome at the drums! I loved it!

  12. You just helped me make up my mind. I was thinking of a Casio or a Flip. I’m not the most experienced person with video either, so I think the Flip is for me.

    Thank you

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