Pepperjam Network Swipes eBay Affiliate Program From CJ

Join Pepperjam NetworkPepperjam Network recently announced they have partnered up with eBay’s affiliate program and are now offering the same high payouts that eBay is. I don’t know if anyone has said this yet, but this is a huge coup for Pepperjam in the affiliate marketing space. Commission Junction isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but for Pepperjam this signals they mean business.

I’m sure eBay was a substantial revenue source for CJ and since eBay’s transition over to the eBay Partner Network, it remains to be seen how much revenue this move will be able to generate for Pepperjam, but it certainly will be exciting to watch.

But you are probably asking yourself, ‘Why join eBay through Pepperjam?’ And I posed that very same question to Robyn at Pepperjam when I sent her an email asking, “eBay just recently brought their affiliate program in-house and they now manage it themselves, why would someone want to partner up with Pepperjam when they can join the eBay Partner Network directly?” To which she responded:

“There are many benefits of choosing to promote the eBay Partner Network through Pepperjam, including the dedicated team of experienced affiliate managers we have ready to help affiliates in real time, as well as aggressive payouts.  For more details, log into your Pepperjam Network account.”

And when you do read up on the info in your Pepperjam account you will see this:

**COMING SOON – Pepperjam is currently working with eBay to release access to EPN’s Link Generator, widgets, and more to Pepperjam Network affiliates. Stay tuned for other exciting announcements.

This is good new because my initial look at eBay through Pepperjam wasn’t all that exciting. At first the only creatives were just banners and links that all went to eBay’s home page and could not be deep linked. All that has changed as I checked this morning and saw that any banner and any link can now be deep linked to any page on eBay. I also see there is a section for eBay Advanced Links as well, although it doesn’t appear to be functioning as of press time.

Because I make most of my revenue from Build A Niche Stores that have to be directly linked to eBay, I don’t see using Pepperjam there, but I can see direct linking to individual categories and searches on some of my sites and on blog posts through Pepperjam to get a little better tracking. At least at this point there still seems to be some issues with EPN click reporting, indicating a large number of clicks occasionally for no apparent reason.

I continue to be impressed with the way Pepperjam Network is looking and especially with the eBay partnetship, in a very short time they are shaping up to be a serious contender for the affiliate marketer to do business with. It seem like on a daily basis they are adding new merchants and offers and may someday be the “go to” affiliate network on the web as CJ once was.

Don’t get left in the dust wondering what happened to all the good affiliate networks, join Pepperjam Network here and take advantage of their pertnership with eBay while you’re at it.

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5 Responses to “Pepperjam Network Swipes eBay Affiliate Program From CJ”

  1. I think that there will be many exciting things to come through Pepperjam+eBay. Those widgets are prob going to be a replacement for the ones that eBay never fixed. In the eBay affiliate site you could get some (beta) flash widgets that were really cool called “ebay to go”. I put tons of these widgets on some of my sites and eBay still after 2 months has them as “coming soon” in EPN. They are currently promoting free for ebay with no replacement and I’m losing commissions. Pepperjam widgets will replace these (I hope) soon.

    But even more exciting I think is the prospect that Pepperjam could build some tools to deep link things on your blog to create your own BANS store without need BANS at all – just a blog. If they could or would create a free WordPress widget for affiliates to use, it would do away with the paid eBay WordPress plugins as well.

    We’ll see where they go with this, but Pepperjam could really provide a much better alternative to eBay niche marketing than EPN itself.

  2. I was reading on the digital point forum that at the top of the development list is bans integration or bans like solution for users of build a niche store. They seem to already be in discussions with the developers of both BANS and PHPBay to address this asap.

  3. Dannie,

    That sounds pretty exciting!

  4. Alan,

    Thanks for the plug.

    A few updates for your readers:

    – Deep linking is already live
    – Advanced links (Flash, video, etc.) will go live early this week
    – We will release one or more niche store builder solutions this week!
    – some affiliates are already using PJN to build niche stores (See Digital Point Forums for more info)
    – We currently allow affiliates to create pepperjamADS units for eBay, which isn’t available on EPN

    Stay tuned for more news about the PJN / EPN partnership at http://www.pepperjamnetwork.com/blog

    Kris Jones
    President & CEO,

  5. Hey Kris,

    Thanks for your comments and the niche store builder solutions sound great. Anything to help people take advantage of eBay is awesome.

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