Win Cool Gadgets Courtesy Of Market Leverage, Vat19.com And Affiliate Confession

It’s time for a blog contest to beat all others. I’m talking about on my blog only. Sorry, can’t compete with the big guys yet (maybe someday), but none the less, you can win some very cool gadgets courtesy of Market Leverage, Vat19.com and myself.

So what’s the big prize stash consist of?

How about a Nintendo DS Lite! I won one in the Webmaster Talk contest, but I’m not really into gaming so I thought I’d give it away. How about the one pictured below along with 2 games valued at $155!

Nintendo DS Lite

For the second prize, Market Leverage has graciously sponsored a Flip Mino camera which is the top of the line Flip camera valued at $179. If you haven’t see the Flip camera or don’t have one, they are very cool and make shooting video and uploading it to YouTube about as easy as it gets. I’ll be shooting more video soon, but you can check out my first YouTube video done with the Flip and see how good the sound and picture quality is. Thanks goes out to Market Leverage for sponsoring such a great prize and if you haven’t joined ML you should check out some of their affiliate offers for some great payouts.

Market Leverage Flip Camera

And the last, but not least, prizes come courtesy of Vat19.com, the “purveyors of curiously awesome products.” And let me tell you, they do have some awesome products such as the AirZooka that shoots a blast of air 40 feet, invisible book shelves that make your books look like they’re stuck to your wall, a USB lava lamp for all you 60’s left overs and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Vat19 is sponsoring a USB missile launcher (valued at $34.95) you can control from your computer and engage in cubicle warfare with your co-workers and the soon to be famous, Banana Bunker($4.95 value) that protects your banana from getting squashed. You can now carry your banana anywhere without fear of bruises. Check out the prizes they are sending over below and go visit the links above for videos on each product. The one on the USB missile launcher is pretty funny.

Great Prizes From Vat19.com

Now the rules of the blog contest:

You know I love simple contests and easy ways to win, but we are talking about over $350 worth of prizes here, so you will have to do more than just leave a comment on this post, you will have to write a short post about the contest, link to this post and link directly (not through the links above) to Market Leverage and Vat19.com and then leave a comment here that you’ve done so. Your comment here will be your official entry, not your trackback, so don’t forget to comment. The post doesn’t have to be any specific length, it just has to mention and link to this contest and the 2 other sponsors and that’s it. Remember, I like simple.

The contest starts today and runs through June 25th when I will pick the single winner of more than $350 in prizes and announce the winner around noon, just in time for you to be so excited you won’t be able to eat your lunch.

Enter now and try your luck on winning some great prizes.

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68 Responses to “Win Cool Gadgets Courtesy Of Market Leverage, Vat19.com And Affiliate Confession”

  1. I’m in Alan, check your email.

  2. OK – i wont say I agree with the way lawrence presented his comment in the post, but for the past few days, I have been getting caught up in discussions that are directly related to knowing terms of service, guidelines etc.

    I think what he offers is very useful information, just in the wrong forum or communication method per say.

    We ALL KNOW it is like the US Gov’t to drop the steroid hearings, kickbacks to oil companies, and other non-pressing issues, to come after someone for a minor infraction such as that which his comment points out… (I mean that seriously!)

    Reminds me of a past friend who served 2 years in a local jail for having almost an ounce of pot in his car that they consdered “intent to distribute”… and now another person I know who literally SHOT and KILLED her husband while he slept, and got 3 years…

    Not that I condone either offense, but there are cases where the time does not fit the crime.

    In this case… warning about a state law violation for an internet contest, which harms absolutely nobody, seems a bit overboard.


  3. I’m done! Here’s my post: http://questtowrite.blogspot.com/2008/06/win-cool-stuff-on-affiliate-confession.html

  4. Here’s my entry: http://www.geekdaily.net/2008/06/12/want-to-win-cool-stuff/

    These are some nice prizes Alan! Thanks.

  5. Oh god… what is that thing next to the rocket launcher? Looks like an “adult” toy if you know what I mean lmao anyway I’ll write the post soon, I really want that DS… I’m 14 so I still like video games xD

  6. I just made a post about the contest, you are first on my list :) it’s on http://www.thegermz.com

  7. Here’s my blog entry:


  8. Hey Alan. Good Day!

    Here’s my entry.


  9. Hey Alan, just want to thank you for holding this competition. Keep up the great work!

    I made a blog post about it here:

  10. Another great contest Alan!

    Here’s my post/entry: http://www.yimto.com/massive-contest-post-2-market-leverage-edition

    Keep up the good work :)

  11. http://iluvcontest.blogspot.com/2008/06/win-cool-gadgets.html

    my entry.

  12. Free Gadget Competition…

    Well, tech-freaks, today I bring you news of an exciting new competition that has the potential to fill your pockets with free gadgets.
    Here’s what is currently on offer:

    Flip Mino Video Camera
    Nintendo DS Lite (along with Cartoon Network Racing…

  13. Hey Alan,

    Great blog, and a great competition! Hope it sucks in plenty of new readers for you.

    My blog post is at: http://www.tameyourtechnology.com/free-gadget-competition/

    Please enter me in the competition!

    All the best,

  14. I think this is a great contest. Here is my entry:


  15. Hi Alan,

    Great contest and prizes! Thanks for the opportunity!

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and I’ve seen you commenting around other blogs. I haven’t commented because I haven’t really got my blog quite ready, but I’m hoping this contest could help launch it off right.

    Here’s my post for the entry…

  16. I am in and here’s my entry!


  17. http://www.jonathanvolk.com/general/win-more-stuff.html

    Thar she is. :)

  18. Hopefully I’ll win something 😀


  19. Damn, since I can’t win any of the Market Leverage prizes from my own contest, I figure I’ll just enter everybody elses lol… I’ll be back to write a post…


  20. You can find my participation post right here.. GL to everyone involved. http://svensworld.de/contest-saturday-on-sunday-plenty-of-stuff-to-get.html

  21. Excellent contest – how’d you manage to score the coolest prizes of any of these Market Leverage contests? You can check out my contest post at the link on my name.

  22. Hi Alan, I’m in for the contest! My blog post is HERE!


  23. Here’s my blog post entry: http://slugbugslittlecorneroftheworld.blogspot.com/2008/06/win-cool-gadgets-courtesy-of-market.html

  24. here my entry


    Never Won Online, yet Hopeful.

  25. OK … I’ll play 😉

    Alan … look over here … PICK ME! PICK ME! Pretty please???

    Here’s my official entry and thanks for adding some fun to my day *hugs* Suzanne


    P.S. Did I mention how much I really want that Flip Video Mino?? Alan … MarketLeverage … anyone hear that? With 5 kids and a VERY fast-paced busy lifestyle … imagine how many times a week I would be asked about that “MarketLeverage” cool video camera! OK … I’ll stop now LOL

    P.S.S. Off to suck up a little more … ummm … I mean to promote the contest blog entry …

  26. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for allowing anyone to enter (not just your new referrals)! And some very cool extra as well. I’ve been wanting to win one of those Flip cams forever but all the other cool stuff makes it even more desirable lol.

    Here is my post :).:


  27. Got a post up on http://talkdots.com/index.php/affiliate-confessions-giving-away-fun-too/


  28. Nice giveaway, here is my entry:


    Good luck everyone!

  29. Hello! I commented about the contest in my blog. Thanks for the giveaway! =) (My post is eithr last or second to last on the bottom of my blog under the title “Win Cool Gadgets!”) Here’s the link: http://www.honestgamers.com/blogs/replies.php?username=wishmonster247&root_id=13533

  30. http://wiihd.fortunz.com/contests:061708-win-a-ds

    I’m glad you’re using comments instead of trackbacks. My blog software won’t have trackbacking for a few more weeks.

    Cool contest. Thanks.

  31. Oh sweet! Here’s my entry:

  32. USB missile launcher is just amazing!
    I’m surely going to join this fantastic contest!
    See u soon, and thanks for the chance! :)

  33. So, Nick, here’s my entry:

    Have a nice day! :)

  34. Hey,

    It’s great you added additional prizes besides just the ML ones! On my contest, I only have the ML ones lol…

    But here’s my post: http://www.datmoney.com/2008/06/other-easy-market-leverage-contests-to-join.html



  35. Great contest, really!

    Here’s my post: http://ruchirc.blogspot.com/2008/06/affiliate-confession-giving-away-cool.html

  36. Thank you for the great contest, it is a great contest for me because i don’t have any one of them.

    I posted about the contest in


    I will be very lucky if i win any one of those.

  37. Wishing my luck. Great contest.

  38. I just wanted to say we’ve been having a lot of fun reading the entries here. I had a feeling that sending over a Banana Bunker would result in a few interesting comments. We get the strangest questions on that item!

  39. Here is my entry! http://dwoman2000.blogspot.com/2008/06/affiliate-confession-contest.html Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. Alan,

    In a very rare turn of events – I have entered your contest! My post is here:

    I would really like to win that Flip Video – can you tell?

  41. Thanks for a great contest.
    Posted about it here.

  42. I thought I already posted this but must have gotten confused lol. Not sure if it counts but here it is :):


  43. Hi Alan, just wrote about it. Great contest!


  44. You got an interesting contest going here…I want that banana bunker lol Here’s my post:


  45. Thanks for the contest

    MarketLeverage Prizes on affiliateconfession.com(End: June 25)

    Good luck to all

  46. Hi Alan,

    My official contest post link is HERE!
    Wishing success for the contest!

  47. What a wonderful idea!
    Thanks for letting me join in!

  48. Great, easy contest.
    I have written about it

    Thanks, hope i win 😀

  49. HAHAHA!!!
    Finally found a place to participate in this contest. When i discovered this contest, many of them have due.

    :) Hope i can win something. Here is my post:

  50. Hi Alan

    Thanks for hosting this great contest with such fantastic prizes! You are going to make me very happy on June 25!!

    Here’s my entry:


  51. You have a great website! I found you thanks to entrecard!

    I have book marked you and wrote a review on your site and your contest as well!


  52. Hi

    Here’s my entry:

    I pray hard to become the sole winner!

  53. Hi! I’ve blogged about this contest at http://where2win.bitsandpixels.info/2008/06/24/win-a-nintendo-ds-lite-a-flip-mino-and-cool-gadgets/ .

    Thanks for this opportunity! I’ve wanted a Nintendo DS for years now, since before it was released in 2004 😛

  54. Sorry, I saw afterwards that more prizes were added to this contest, so I’ve updated my post – the url is now http://where2win.bitsandpixels.info/2008/06/24/win-a-nintendo-ds-lite-a-flip-mino-an-ipod-nano-and-more/

  55. Alan,






  56. WooHoo-
    The clocks ticking but count me in –
    Fingers Crossed! Thanks

  57. Hi! Hope it’s not too late… Here my post


    Thanks and good luck to everybody!

  58. Blogged it here:


    June 25th is my father’s birthday!

  59. Blogged


    Hope im not late as well

  60. Here is my entry,.
    Post in :

    done! :)

  61. This is so exciting I can’t wait until noon. Yeah!

  62. Blogged at


  63. Cool prizes 😀
    Can i enter from Italy ?

  64. I blogged about the contest in english and in italian for my readers :
    The post is here :

    I don’t know if i can enter from italy , but the prizes are very cool , then i try 😀

    Thanks !

  65. “Banana Bunker” … funny one …lol

    Cool contest out here … 😉

  66. Yeah its looks nice but Flip Mino camera more compact and simple model to bring them to junggle forest in central Borneo, Indonesia.

  67. I wish we could get the Flip camera in Australia. Guess I’ll give ebay a try.

  68. Excellent contest – how’d you manage to score the coolest prizes of any of these Market Leverage contests? You can check out my contest post at the link on my name.

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