Revealed! – The Secret To Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing SecretI’ve been listening to The Black Ink Project over the last 6 weeks and have been impressed with the speakers, the thoroughness of the material Jeremy Palmer has prepared and the step-by-step instructions he and all the other speakers have been giving since the beginning of the class. The first week was pretty basic stuff for me, but it was valuable information for affiliate marketers just getting into the business, because it is info that everyone needs to know.

After listening for these several weeks to the BIP I’ve decided I’m going to reveal the secret to making money in affiliate marketing and I learned it by listening to the BIP. I hope Jeremy isn’t going to be too upset with me for revealing this secret to those of you who haven’t been taking the class.

Okay, here it is, the secret to being successful and creating vast riches on the internet…

There really is no secret. Hard work is the way to make money on the internet.

There, now you know. I’ve known this secret for some time, but the Black Ink Project has just confirmed it. Honestly, I thought listening to the BIP would be it and it would propel me to super affiliate status just by listening in. What I realized when listening to either the 11th or 12th session was that all of what I was hearing wasn’t anything I hadn’t heard before. What made the most impact though was that the principles being talked about were being done on a persistent and consistent basis by Jeremy and the other presenters.

Oh yea, they also each do their own thing and are focused on what they do. Jeremy Palmer builds his affiliate web sites, Amit Mehta does PPC, Aaron Wall does SEO, everybody does their specialty. But their secrets, and anyone else who has made a decent amount of money online, are that they have been in the trenches, failed, lost money on PPC, built crummy web sites, had dumb ideas and then succeeded with something, and then something else and so on and so forth. The amount of money someone makes from their internet businesses is probably proportional to the amount of failures, plus the amount of work, plus the amount of time they’ve been doing affiliate marketing and been online.

I can tell people want to earn a quick buck and don’t put that formula together by some of the questions and comments I get on this blog. People ask me all the time, “How do you get traffic to your BANS stores?”, “Where do you submit your articles?”, “How do you come up with ideas for blogging?”, “How do you find keywords?”, “How many web sites do you have?” And while those are all good questions, the fact that people ask them so often, tells me that they want a short cut instead of taking time to read this blog, because the answer to all those questions are right here if you take the time to look and dig in.

It’s just like someone buying the latest “Make A Million Dollars With This Secret” ebook. Nintey-nine percent of those things are ripoffs, but people want shortcuts instead of taking the time to get into the trenches and learning this stuff on their own or at least doing some research and finding most of this information is available for free all over the net.

Sure, every guru has their little secrets they don’t want to tell because many times letting a secret out of the bag ends up ruining it for everyone. I have my secrets and you will develop your own once you read enough, lose enough money on PPC or whatever and then start developing techniques of your own just by thinking outside the box and putting all the pieces together. But you can’t put all the pieces together if you don’t build the puzzle by hand yourself.

Get in the trenches, get dirty, lose money, get mad at the bad advice you learned in that $97 ebook, take notes along the way and begin building your internet empire from all of that experience. That is the secret.

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15 Responses to “Revealed! – The Secret To Making Money With Affiliate Marketing”

  1. You hit the nail right on the head – I can’t count the number of times and in the number of posts I’ve said this. So many people don’t believe me when I say it takes 6-12 months to make a blog or BANS site successful. It’s really no different than the principles of wealth. Why do 10% of the people control 90% of the money in the world? Why is incredible weath 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration? Why must you fail 10,000 to become successful? Why must you sacrifice so much to be successful?

    I think the sacrifice part is probably the one that so many don’t get. I know an “entrepreneur” that’s been chasing success for years, and always laments of not being able to get where he wants to be. And yet even at my free direction and advice he’s luck to put in 3-4 hours per week trying to further his online efforts….there will ALWAYS be room or more successful people due to all those not willing to do what it takes to get there…

  2. What?? You had to go and tell everyone the secret now, didn’t you?

    This post reminds me of a friend I know who got into affiliate marketing around the same time I did. I’m pretty sure he’s logged more hours than me, but he spends all of them looking for some way around the hard work aspect of it. If he spent 10% as much time working on even a crappy site, he’d have accumulated enough experience to start making some progress by now.

  3. Most of us who have been around know that “secret” … but thanks for the important reminder!
    *SmiLes* Suzanne

    Off to do some “work” promoting

  4. Here-here Alan…

    Well said for sure! Reminds me of a “DollaGreens” post I wrote a few months ago.

    Making money on the web is like starting a farm… you may have to plant several crops in the fields, before you really start to realize the best crop for your soil!

    If you plant one type and just sit there waiting for it to grow… you will go hungry, quickly!

    Good post!


  5. You should put that in an eBook 😉

  6. @ Eric: Haha, yes… the one line eBook that teaches you a lesson learned once and for all 😉

  7. Very. Well. Put.

    I have seen so many people with tons of self help books, a variety of programs that they purchase, and they have an attitude of, “Hopefully, someday, it will work for me.”

    No. First you have to do the work! It’s almost as if it seems many are looking for some “secret,” and that simply by reading it, it’s going to change their life. I’m amazed when I talk to people and meet them in their homes and offices, look at their book shelves and see all the self help books – that they’ve claimed they have read… yet still want “advice” on making their lives better!

    The problem is.. they don’t want to put in the effort – not even the mental effort to make themselves happy!

  8. ” the only place money comes before work in is in the dictionary. ”
    $97 not spent on an ebook could be looked at as $97 profit really.

  9. The Affiliate programs I promote I have been in for awhile and a couple I have had success with a fast start like building a mini-matrix within a couple of months. This comes after a lot of failures. My mistake was blogging about this and after signing up I got a couple emails from members wanting to know how come they aren’t getting the same results as me.
    Experience and learning from mistakes is the key.
    So, I don’t blog about how well I am doing with a program anymore just the occasional commission update.

    After I thought about it, I was doing the same thing those glorified splashpages trap people with.

  10. “There really is no secret. Hard work is the way to make money on the internet.”

    This is so true but unfortunatley everyone believes all the ads they see online promising a fast path to riches just for joining a program and doing no work.

    That doesn’t happen in the offline world there is no reason it shoud happen in the online world.

    Yes starting a business can be easier than starting one in the brick and mortar world. But you still have to put in effort, time and energy to build your business. Once you realize that and change your mindset you will have a better chance of being successful.


  11. Alan,

    Great post and the last part of this post shows the really secret to making money online. Takin ACTION and NOT giving up. That’s the reason why most people fail with making money online.

    They all search for products who gnna make them riche over night without work involved. But that kind of product doen’s exist. Like with every other business it’s the same online. You have to do a lot of work if you want to make a living online. And you need to do this work more than just a month.


  12. The only way we have is to try, make mistakes, try again, work on the leaks, try again, throw away bad solutions, try again… this can be resumed in these two words you said: Hard Work :) . It is hard to hear because all of us want to get that special secret that make all work like a charm 😉 . Good post

  13. I have seen the light, and down graded. Last year about this time I got fed up, sold a lot of my crap sites and bought some gadgets, new ipod included.

    Then 6 months ago I decided to give it another shot. I have been working on a few ideas slowly rather than using the shotgun approach. Try everything and hope something works.

    Hard work if done smartly always pans out. If you don’t succeed at least you have learned from your mistakes and can use this knowledge in your next venture.

  14. Hi Alan,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience! I’m always looking for ways to improve myself and I’m glad to have found your blog. Thank you for sharing with us.


  15. If you haven’t seen the Kung-Fu Panda Movie, you should. Cute film for kids and the overlaying philosophies directly correlate with the secrets to Internet Marketing….

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