Win A USB Pen And $50 More From Market Leverage

Cool Prizes From Market LeverageI continue to be amazed by Market Leverage and the way they do business. I think a lot of affiliate marketers and businesses alike could learn something from their marketing prowess and their personal touch in building relationships in the blogging and affiliate marketing community.

Just when you though the prizes were good in my latest blog contest, Market Leverage has added a couple of nice bonuses to the prize cache. I received an email yesterday from Dina at ML letting me know that in addition to the Flip Mino video camera (you definitely need one of these if you are a blogger) they’re sponsoring, they will be adding a $50 rewards card and a 2 GB USB pen to the mix.

In addition to the great prizes being offered by Market Leverage, I’m throwing in a Nintendo DS Lite with 2 games and Vat19.com is sending over a USB Missile Launcher and a Banana Bunker making this a pretty decent cache of prizes for the contest.

You can check out the rules of the contest, see pictures of the prizes and enter here. Don’t miss out!

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8 Responses to “Win A USB Pen And $50 More From Market Leverage”

  1. Can’t wait for the results. That missle launch would be great fun while my wife tries to watch reruns of Lois and Clark! There are consequences to watching shows I don’t like 😀

  2. I’m assuming that because I already entered, I’m qualified for the new prizes as well? Although, I almost want Justin to win, so he can use the Flip to video himself launching missiles at his wife, and post it to his blog.

    Hey, Justin. If you win, don’t forget to drop us a link to the video. Alright?

  3. God I really want that Nintendo Ds been wanting it since it came out. You should add a “ticket” system next time so that we can do more things to get more points to actually have a better chance to win the contest.
    I’d LOOOOOVE That DS. And that camera is not bad either lol.

  4. Wordvixen,

    Yes, you are qualified for all the prizes, as well as one more being announced tomorrow.

    A video of Justin launching missiles at his wife would be kind of interesting.

  5. Sounds good! Lots of ML contests floating out there, including one on my website. This looks like one that has a high chance of winning, I’ll have a look :)

  6. I’ll be sure to post that video if I win. I’ll galdly accept if you guys decide to drop out LOL 😀

  7. entering cause I want a cool prize, though I am hosting the same thing lol – good luck to all

  8. Thats a cool addon. Thanks.

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