Build A Niche Store Now Works With Pepperjam Network

Visit Build A Niche StoreGood news for all those having trouble with their Build A Niche Store affiliate sites and the eBay Partner Network, BANS will now work through Pepperjam Network! That means you can now build a BANS niche eBay store (currently only available for US stores) and completely bypass EPN so all your tracking would go through Pepperjam.

An email went out to all current BANS users this past Friday announcing an update from the Build A Niche Store developers. If you already own BANS, you can you can switch current stores to Pepperjam Network with an update if you choose to make the change. You can also download a complete version of the US Pepperjam BANS store set up as well. However, all new BANS buyers will be directed to download the current BANS EPN store software and if they want to build a new Pepperjam store from scratch or make an update to Pepperjam, they’ll have to go to the update area for the correct files. This is being done because Pepperjam is currently only able to support US eBay affiliates.

If you set up a store or update a current store to work through Pepperjam and then decide you want to change back to EPN, there is also an update to be able to convert back.

If you use BANS and want things to stay the way they are through EPN, then these updates aren’t for you. This is only an option for BANS users as the eBay Partner Network is staying put. eBay wanted to expand their reach and attract new affiliates and therefore formed a relationship with Pepperjam Network.

I won’t be updating any of my BANS stores at the present time, but will be working on a new store shortly that I will run through Pepperjam just to see how it works and be able to report back. In fact I’m going to go grab a new domain name as soon as I hit the publish button.

If you aren’t currently a BANS user you can get Build A Niche Store here.

And if you don’t belong to Pepperjam Network, you should because they will surpass Commission Junction someday and you’ll be left in the dust. You can join Pepperjam Network here.

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3 Responses to “Build A Niche Store Now Works With Pepperjam Network”

  1. Alan ~ I plan on doing exactly what you’ve mentioned … leave my existing stores alone and open a new store under PepperJam and give it a shot.

    I was challenged with upgrading to v3 and then to EPN … so I’m probably a little gun-shy to make any changes right now.

    Thanks again for a great blog 😉 *SmiLes* Suzanne

  2. I don’t use bans I make my own layouts… although maybe I should release free layouts for this type of niche.

  3. Now thats a great new for PJN publishers… and i see they pay high.

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