$75 In Free Clicks At Microsoft AdCenter Ends June 30th

Microsoft Adcenter $75 IN Free ClicksMicrosoft AdCenter has been running a great promotion for some time now, I think since January, where you can get $75 in free clicks if you are a new user. (You may just be able to open a new account with a different credit card. I haven’t checked that out though.) However, the promotion is ending as of June 30th, so you only have 2 more weeks to take advantage of free advertising.

Through personal experience and what I’ve read on some blogs, the MS AdCenter interface tends to be a little difficult to use. It is a lot less user friendly than the Google Adwords interface, but while some see that as a disadvantage, you could look at it in a different light. Less people will be using it, giving you a better opportunity to take advantage of their search network. Other people, such as Jeremy Palmer, refer to both Microsoft Adcenter and Yahoo Search Marketing as the hidden gems of PPC advertising because less advertisers use them and in some cases the traffic tends to convert better, especially from MS Adcenter.

Regardless of how easy they are to use or how well they convert, it’s always nice to get free advertising from a PPC search network. 

If you want to take advantage of this offer, you can visit Microsoft Adcenter to get $75 in free clicks until June 30th.

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15 Responses to “$75 In Free Clicks At Microsoft AdCenter Ends June 30th”

  1. This is huge, thanks for the heads up.

    I have a couple of new sites that I wanted to get some advertising but didn’t want to pay the AdWords moola.

  2. That slogan “Sell Yourself” is kinda funny. I wonder if there were past variations like “Sell Your Soul”?

    Sell Yourself sounds kinda dirty :D. Good deal though!

  3. Hahahaha lmao I agree with Justin. “Sell yourself” lmao they should have the picture of a hooker as their logo.

  4. i just signed through your link, after creating campaign and account with my credit card i login into my account but could’nt see any kind of bouns of $75.
    Please tell me how i can find that they added $75 into my account.

    I am a newbie in PPC

  5. What’s the Promotion code?

  6. Good to know. Now I’m not running any campaign but perhaps I hurry up to set something in order to seize this free coupon :) , or even my blog!

  7. kashif,

    The promotion code should have been on the sign up page and sometimes it takes a couple of days for the $75 credit to show up.

  8. Question- I’m a bit new to the PPC/affiliate marketing game. What’s the difference between the display url and the destination url? Well, besides the obvious. But, what can I put as the display URL? Can it be anything?

    For example, if I was doing a campaign on a free pair of shoes offer. Could I put as the display url: myfreeshoes.com or something like that and as long as the destination url is correct it’ll just go to that?

  9. EntreBlast,

    The top level of your display url must match the top level of your actual landing page url.

    Here’s an in depth explanation from Google:

    Google is very strict about their policy, while you can get away with a little more at MSN and Yahoo.

  10. Thanks Alan for the information! That cleared things up.

  11. Alan,

    Thanks for posting this. I will direct affiliates that are just getting started with PPC to your post. Thanks! ~Debby

  12. This is a great deal, I’ll have to forward it on to my sister. She’s been interested in getting started with PPC so she can make herself a little more employable in the marketing world. Practicing with free money is a lot better than *paying* to get less useful suggestions from a college online marketing class.

  13. So finally Microsoft is having their own Adwords. It’s hard to compete with Google now tho…

  14. Debby,

    Thanks for steering anyone this way!

  15. Thanks for the info
    it worked for me :)

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