Six Days Left In Vat19, Market Leverage Contest

If you don’t have your entry in yet to win some cool gadgets in the latest blog contest here then you only have 6 more days to go before a winner is chosen. Market Leverage, Vat19.com and myself are sponsoring over $500 worth of prizes to be given away to one lucky winner around 12 noon on Wednesday June 25th.

To be eligible to win the contest you have to write a post announcing it and link to the original contest post and link to the 2 sponsors listed above. You also have to leave a comment as your official entry on that post as well. You can read the complete rules right here.

The complete list of cool gadgets and prizes are as follows:

Affiliate Confession T-Shirt

AffiliateConfession.com T-shirt added to the prizes.

Nintendo DS Lite and 2 games
Affiliate Confession t-shirt
from me.

Flip Mino video camera
iPod Nano
$50 Market Leverage Rewards Card
All from Market Leverage

USB Missile Launcher
Banana Bunker
Ambient Water DVD Video Aquarium (What a great concept, having fish, but not having to feed them)
All from Vat19.com

That about wraps up the prize stash. If you want to have a chance to win it, submit your entry here.

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9 Responses to “Six Days Left In Vat19, Market Leverage Contest”

  1. I don’t suppose you used the same supplier for the t-shirt as Winning The Web did? I won one of his t-shirts, and asked for my husband’s size. It’s now his favorite tee. :)

  2. Alan,
    Great job with the Affiliate Confession shirt! It is a good way to brand yourself! Did you just have one made? Or are you selling them?

  3. Debby,

    I sent you an email about the shirts.


    I won the shirts in the webmaster talk contest and they were done by Ndesigns:

  4. I was wondering who you use to make the t-shirts?

  5. I agree, the shirt came out great. I’m no where near needing branded shirts for my sites but will definitely check them out if/when I do. The colors came out great.

  6. Wow now theres a shirt involved!? I wants it.
    I should probably start buying shirts that advertise my site as well… it’s working for shoemoney lol.

  7. yeh, i noticed i am late.
    But anyway, i entered the contest.. :)

    I linked them directory and not through looking4ledgers links ? Is it OK ?

  8. Heard about ML contests on other blogs too … have participated in a contest but i think here i am late to take part in. :)

  9. OMG, prices kept on adding up 😀

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