Going From Non-Tech To Tech Guy

Blogging With My MacBook AirIn the past I haven’t been much of a techie sort of person. It’s not that I have a phobic fear of the latest gadgets, it’s mainly that I’m not interested. I have a cell phone because I want to talk to people when I need to, I don’t need it to check the latest stock reports while in the grocery line or see in the sports news that a NASCAR driver decided to do something innovative, like take a right turn (yea, I know, that would put them into the wall), it’s a freaking phone.

That is changing a bit since I received all the prizes in the Webmaster Talk contest. I am totally digging using my new Macbook Air and the iPod Touch is a thing of beauty and it is near nirvana to have all of my favorite tunes right on something the size of a small pad of paper. I’ve been using the MacBook Air to sit in the living room and work while my wife is in our shared office or I’ve taken it out a few times to the local coffee shop to blog or work on a BANS site in a different atmosphere than being at home all day.

The Flip video camera is another great little gadget from the Webmaster Talk prize cache that I haven’t had that much time to work with lately, but plan on doing some more YouTube videos soon. I’m looking over iMove video editing software on the Mac which looks to be pretty comprehensive for a free program.

So I’m slowly moving from a non-tech person to a tech guy. After only a couple of weeks of owning these new gadgets I can see how one would get attached to them. It’s not that I have to have my iPod with me every second of the day, but it is nice to sit down on the couch and be able to listen to a few Pink Floyd tunes without having to put a CD in the stereo. It’s also great to take it to band practice on Thursday nights or church on Sunday and be able to listen to the song we’re working on instead of just listening to someone talk through the parts of it.

Maybe having some of the more useful gadgets isn’t such a bad thing after all. The Dot Com lifestyle, even on a scale much smaller than John Chow, is a wonderful thing. I might get use to this.

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11 Responses to “Going From Non-Tech To Tech Guy”

  1. Wow nice I’m envious of your macbook air.

  2. You look great comfortable there! From the article radiates something like ‘life is so good’… good on you.

  3. I think this is the way the world is going. It is great to be able to move about and still have access to whatever it is you may want/need.

  4. Wow! This is encouraging … you mean there’s hope for me yet?! LOL And if you ever find that Flip Mino growing dust 😉

    Thanks for turning me on to Market Leverage … I’m now one of your newbies … I hope to have some ad campaigns set up this week. *SmiLes* Suzanne

  5. Good picture :) you seem to be very relaxed and integrated with all this tech stuff we have nowadays. I find very stressing the fast way the devices are released to the market. I get used to a gadget and the day after there is a newer one grrrr

  6. Be careful – iPods are a gateway gadget. Before you know it, you’ll be out on the streets begging for money to buy the latest and greatest at your local Best Buy…

  7. Alan,

    I love the shirt you are wearing in the picture! Congratulations on winning the Macbook Air!

  8. Debby,

    I love the shirt and besides, blue is my fav color.

  9. Stefanie,

    I was afraid of that. But I also heard pot was one of those gateway things too and I think I turned out fairly normal.

  10. Alan … ROTFLMAO!!! Thanks for the laugh today! *hugs* Suzanne

  11. Suzanne,

    I’ve thought about doing a comedy blog, but that’s probably a few years in the future.

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