Jay From DatMoney.com Wins Market Leverage, Vat19 Blog Contest

Congratulations goes out to Jay from DatMoney.com who is the winner of the big Market Leverage, Vat19.com blog contest with over $500 in prizes.

I’ve emailed Jay letting him know he’s the winner and all he has to do now is email me back with his address and all the prizes will be on their way. Jay scored some pretty cool prizes in the contest which included:

Nintendo DS Lite with 2 games
AffiliateConfession.com T-Shirt
Flip Mino video camera
iPod Nano
$50 Market Leverage Rewards Card
USB Missile Launcher
Banana Bunker (protect your bananas)
Ambient Water DVD Video (very low maintenance aquarium)

I want to thank Stefanie for offering the great, and interesting, prizes from Vat19.com. If you can’t find the right gift for someone, you really should go check out the curiously awesome products Vat19.com has. If you think The Sharper Image catalog was cool, wait till you see what they have. They’ve taken fun to a new level.

And I also want to thank Debby and Dina from Market Leverage for going above and beyond the call of duty and adding to the initial prizes they were offering. That’s just the way Market Leverage operates and if you are looking to add some great offers to your affiliate marketing line up, go see what you can find.

Thanks also to everyone who entered the contest as well. If you didn’t win this time, there will be more blog contests in the future, so stay tuned.

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15 Responses to “Jay From DatMoney.com Wins Market Leverage, Vat19 Blog Contest”

  1. Holy crap! I actually won?! Yeah, I just got your e-mail, I’ll reply back on my lunch break! Woohoo!

    THANKS!!! I still can’t believe I won! Matter of fact, I’ll write up a post about this too!


  2. Alan,
    Thank you again for hosting the contest!
    Congratulations to Jay for winning! You will receive your prize early next week. If you need anything or have any questions please contact me.


  3. Debby – Thank you! And thank you to ML for everything they have done, including hosting a contest on my own blog. Everyone that I have talked to from ML have been extremely nice, down-to-earth and willing to help.

    Thank you once again!


  4. Congratulations Jay!

    What exactly is a Market Leverage Rewards Card though? And is it useable in European countries? I know it’s useable everywhere American Express cards are used, but not being American I have no idea if they’re used here or not.

  5. Thanks for the kind words about our products, and thanks for inviting us to participate. Jay, trust me when I say that Banana Bunker is a great lunchtime/picnic conversation starter…

  6. Congratulations Jay!

    This is an AWESOME win!

  7. Congrats! You don’t know how much I envy that DS lol.

  8. Thanks everyone!

    And Germz, someone already tried to offer money for the DS lol! I’m like “whoa man, slow down… I think I want it, especially since I just won it!”



  9. Hahaha that’s awesome I was actually thinking of mailing you but a DS wouldn’t be that good of an investment when I could flip a site or probably buy an iphone which kinda does the same thing.
    Hope you enjoy it as I would :)

  10. Silla,

    American Express is used worldwide. I’m sure it can be used many places in Europe.

  11. nooooooooo,, i cannot tolerate this shock.. I lost again.. I lost the 5th market leverage contest :( :( :(

    lol, congrats jay…

  12. Congratulations jay :)
    that is awesome Prize :)

  13. so you gave everything to a single winner ??

  14. Meethere – You can always try your luck with my ML contest 😀


  15. Jay – i am already participating in your datmoney ML contest.. Hope that will make fortunes for me :mrgreen:

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