Is Operator Error Plaguing Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts?

Operator Error?Sometimes it’s better to look at your affiliate marketing efforts in more general than specific terms. If you are consistently finding that what you are doing isn’t working and you aren’t making any money, maybe operator error is the problem.

When I worked as a graphic artist I was pretty well versed in the workings of PhotoShop and Illustrator and it was amazing the things that people in our office consistently had trouble with when using these two applications. I can’t tell you how many times I’d hear the usual groan from another cubicle, signaling someone was stuck in an infinite PhotoShop loop they couldn’t get out of, and I’d walk over, look at their screen for 5 seconds and press Ctrl>{insert appropriate keystroke}, or say, “You’re on the wrong layer” and all would be well again.

Any chance that may be the issue with the latest Adsense optimization problem you’re trying to figure out, or why your site is nearly identical in content and look (without duplicating) than the site that’s on page one of Google for that money making keyword and yours is lost on page 11, or why you end up consistently getting banned from one affiliate network after another? I read in the comments section of a very popular blog a month or so back about someone who was making $50 a day from Adsense by asking all his friends to click on his ads. He had no idea why he eventually got banned because he didn’t think he had done anything wrong!

On a fairly regular basis I get people who want me to look at their Build A Niche Store eBay affiliate sites and want me to help them figure out why they aren’t getting any traffic, don’t have rankings and aren’t making any sales. Instead of answering that question directly and pointing out the obvious reasons it’s not happening for them, from now on I think my standard answer for 90% of those inquiries is going to be, “Would you shop at your own store?” I’ve run across hundreds of these BANS stores that have zero content (no product descriptions) and just think, ‘There’s another store not making any money.’

Sometimes it’s a simple as something I tell my wife to do when she can’t figure out what’s going on with her laptop. “Just reboot” is becoming a mantra in our house when we’re stuck on a problem we can’t seem to solve. Instead of reacting and hammering away at the same thing that isn’t going to solve the issue, sometimes it’s just better to reboot and take a fresh look at what’s going on.

Reacting to operator error just exacerbates the problem, try observing instead.

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5 Responses to “Is Operator Error Plaguing Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts?”

  1. No errors here, everything is well oiled :).

  2. I really try to reboot as little as possible. With Windows Vista, it’s great when you have things running (I just use standby when I’m not using), but rebooting is a timely process that really bugs me.

    I do definitely agree that you should reboot rather than toiling away at a problem, especially if things become sluggish. Good post :)

  3. Hi Alan,

    Michael here from Emarketscout.

    Great post …*-)

    It reminded me that with buisness probs, it’s like illness:
    you should cure the cause and not the symptoms.

    Seen like this, some businesses having problems, might need to be rebooted to get out of the problem zone …*-)



  4. Definitely a good article, but I have to wonder – Do you think that the people who need this article the most are the same people who wouldn’t be able to apply it on their own?

  5. Stefanie,

    That’s probably the case, but maybe if they read posts like this enough they’ll get it.

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