Join Pepperjam Network, Get $10 Plus Earn $50 More

PJN July PromoIf you haven’t joined Pepperjam Network yet then you are missing the next wave in affiliate marketing. Pepperjam Network has only been in existence for 5 months, has partnered with the biggest affiliate program on the net (eBay) and is already the number 5 affiliate marketing company in the United States. And with the latest viral promotion they’re doing they just might end up moving up a few places in the rankings.

If you’d like to earn an easy $10 all you have to do is sign up for Pepperjam and as soon as you are approved, you get the $10 deposited into your account. Obviously you shouldn’t just join up to get $10, because if you do, you will never make it in affiliate marketing. You should join because Pepperjam is becoming the affiliate network to be a part of. With their recent venture involving the eBay Partner Network it is evident that Pepperjam means business and that is nothing but good news for affiliate marketers. They are the next Commission Junction if you will.

Pepperjam is also running a blogger incentive program where you can earn up to $50 per month for writing about the network and or some of the tools they offer such as Pepperjam Chat. All you have to do is get prior approval for your post, so spammers don’t take advantage of the situation, and you are off to the races. You get $10 for each post and can do up to 5 per month.

Pepperjam has some of the newest and most exciting offers I’ve seen since I’ve been an affiliate and they’re bringing on new and prestigious companies on a weekly basis that you can earn good money with. Join the up and coming affiliate network that will be #1 one day and get $10, plus have the opportunity to earn $50 per month by blogging about them.  If you’re an affiliate marketer, why wouldn’t you join?

Join Pepperjam Network here.

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8 Responses to “Join Pepperjam Network, Get $10 Plus Earn $50 More”

  1. Alan,

    Thanks for the post!

    We hope you readers click your link and join Pepperjam Network!

    Kris Jones
    Pepperjam Network

  2. I will join Pepperjam Network over the next weekend. I’ve been with eBay for long and it’s doing well. I like the name “Pepperjam Network” it’s interesting, I wonder how they came up with it, or who did and why!

  3. I saw this over on JohnChow, but thanks for the update.

  4. Well….I think John Chow earns plenty of money, so why not sign up through someone else for a change! Right, Alan?? LOL

  5. I joined up w/ them to test a few offers and didn’t see anything remarkable. What’s more, is that I contacted my AM and they said they didn’t keep stats such as how offers perform by ecpc.

    Okay now, I do know the company that is running this and either my AM was an idiot, or lying to me because there is no way Pepperjam could be running all these offers without tracking this. Aren’t they one of the premiere affiliate marketing minds in the biz? That and they mostly likely have someone running this offer in-house.

  6. Ruthie,

    I would agree with that.

  7. never heard of pepperjam..
    let me try

  8. ya i think its worth giving a try … m new to Affiliate for now .. lets c how pepperjam gets me up.

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