June 2008 Affiliate Income Report

It’s time for another income report here at AffiliateConfession.com and it’s a record month for affiliate earnings mainly due to some nice contest winnings in May which lets me cook the books a little. I didn’t report that I won $750 in cash from the Webmaster-Talk.com contest and I’ve used that to cover $543.66 worth of advertising expenses this month. When the $750 has been spent I’ll again take off advertising from the revenue total.

Google Adsense and the Microsoft Affiliate program contributed significantly to the record this month as well. The breakdown of earnings this month is as follows:

Google Adsense – $1,492.96
Commission Junction – $50.37
EPN – eBay – $778.60
Meal Planner Ebook – $119.00
TripAdvisor – $222.83
Clickbank – $189.95
Private Advertising – $105.00
AzoogleAds – $17.30
Microsoft – $400.00
Other Affiliate Programs – $103.60
Total Revenue – $3,479.61
Total Income – $3,479.61

You may have noticed that Commission Junction revenue is down by a large margin and that’s because most of what I was earning through them was from eBay who has now moved over to their own private program management and Pepperjam Network. Also, I was earning some decent money through generating leads with Apartments.com and had been up in the range of $200-$250 per month, but their landing pages stopped converting and now the same amount of clicks sent their way is earning me $40 rather than $200 per month.

I’m continuing to work on PPC and have had some limited success and with earnings this month I’ll have an even bigger advertising budget than last month, so things are looking up.

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17 Responses to “June 2008 Affiliate Income Report”

  1. Very nice! You’ve certainly been growing each month! Keep up the good work man!

  2. That’s pretty impressive! Congratulations!

  3. Fantastic!!
    I’ll print this page and use it a goal to get to.
    Thank you

  4. Thanks Jonathan, I’m hoping to get to a consistent $5,000 per month by the end of the summer.

  5. Wow !

    I’ll make this for my next goal too, thats what i call a handsome amount in hand, being a student for me its great :)

    I would love to have some assistance too in making that much money lol

    Thanks for sharing the figures, somewhat motivative for me


  6. Good luck. I’ve never had success with ebay. Hopefully you do :-)

  7. Great results, just keep good work making income!

  8. Pretty impressive. How much did you make for each microsoft adcenter referral?

    You are making a lot on adsense.

  9. cool man.
    plz teach me how to make $$ from epn..
    i am only making $5/month .:(

  10. Good job. I am just wondering, were you able to generate $1000/month with adsense just from one site or from several sites?

  11. Alan,
    Thanks for sending me weekly banner performance report, goes well.

  12. Good performance frd … like ur blog posts and its very helpful for us too

    Good Luck buddy

  13. Online Dividens,

    See my FAQ here:

  14. Not bad at all. That’s a decent monthly income that could replace a job for sure. Quick question, are you setup like a business so that you aren’t hit with a big tax at the end of the year?

  15. Erik,

    Oh yes, I do business as an LLC.

  16. wow, very nice. how much traffic do you get? i need some tips to monetize my blog, have any?

  17. matthew,

    I get about 250 to 350 people a day to this blog and the only tips I have is to look around and do what I’m doing. Sell private ads and do reviews and tutorials on products you use with affiliate programs.

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