Black Ink Project 2.0 Starts Today

Black Ink ProjectIf you have heard of or followed the Black Ink Project, you are in for a treat because Jeremy Palmer will be starting the second set of classes today in the appropriately named Black Ink Project 2.0. If you don’t already know Jeremy, he consistently brings in well over $1 million a year in affiliate revenue and with those kind of results, is probably someone you should listen to.

The first Black Ink Project was loaded with information from the very basics on how to find a profitable niche and how to set up your affiliate business to more advanced topics such as building a sticky site that people come back to and pay-per-click mastery amongst many other topics. Jeremy also included some rather high profile internet marketers in his training sessions such as Amit Mehta and Aaron Wall and all this info cost participants exactly nothing.

What I got most out of the Black Ink Project was seeing Jeremy set up an affiliate web site and hearing his mindset on how he builds sites so as to give his visitors the whole experience of the product he’s promoting, not just a landing page and then sending them off through an affiliate link. While Jeremy does build nice quality landing pages, he also has lots of other value added info for his visitors who want to stick around for a little longer and learn about the product they are considering.

Where Black Ink Project 2.0 is going to differ from part 1 is it will be laser focused on building one website promoting one and only one product. Jeremy will include a detailed step-by-step process on how to build a site and how to launch a PPC campaign to get traffic to it. The 15 part training course will be 10% theory and 90% work as we get to see exactly how Jeremy builds the site through high res videos. Black Ink Project was live and BIP 2.0 will be recorded and each days session will be available at 4pm Pacific time for download. A chat session to answer question and discuss the training will be available at the end of each of the 3 weeks of sessions.

And to top it all off, when you participate in the class you get a free copy of his affiliate tracking and cloaking software, Optimize My Site. This is a self hosted program that will help you track your PPC campaigns to achieve maximum profitability, and you get it for free just for participating in the free training.

Again, the course is completely free, limited to only 1,250 participants and only requires that you sign up for a free trial of the Meet Me Now WebEx web presentation and meeting system. You can cancel the free trial at any time as I have already done and can still participate in the class. Meet Me Now is a robust system that allows you to hold PowerPoint and computer screen video like presentations and training sessions on the web with your customers, prospects or other participants. I gave it the once over and although it is a nice system for those needing to do online training and classes, it just isn’t something I’m going to be using at the present time.

The Black Ink Project 2.0 starts today and is something you should definitely participate in if you are serious about your affiliate marketing career. Don’t forget it’s completely free and you can sign up for the classes here.

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6 Responses to “Black Ink Project 2.0 Starts Today”

  1. Yippie Kay Yay – Glad I am already signed up for this awesome school class 😉 See you around and hopefully we can make some profit out of it – I am sure we can….

  2. I followed the first project and was semi-impressed by it, but if you’re just starting out I didn’t feel as if there was enough guidance and instruction. From the sounds of it this 2nd project should cover the details a little better.

  3. Thanks
    I signuped, lets see what it has for me. :)

  4. Awesome! Just signed up!

  5. All an awesome deal, and loads of free info…but you forgot to mention that Jeremy earns between $20,000-$25,000 in Commission Junction commissions off Black Ink 2 by requiring you to sign up for a WebEx trial to get in. That also happens to be the product he is promoting and using as the example as you watch him build and promote it. All in all, by offering the free info and doing this publicly – he’s getting a pretty sweet deal in the end.

  6. Isn’t that the purpose of every affiliate? I mean come on what you care about what Jermey earns if you get this info how to do it own your own?

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