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Sometimes as an affiliate we look at some offers and products and wonder if people will really pay the price the merchant is asking. An item’s price does make an impact on whether or not we will promote it. With that said, how would you like to make money giving stuff away for free? Does that sound easy? Believe it or not, that’s all you have to do to earn money with RevResponse.

RevResponse offers all kind of business and industry related reports, magazines, white papers, software and even podcasts you can offer visitors to your site for, remember that was, free. Regardless of what your blog or site is about, there are magazines and reports available for your audience. In fact there are several hundred available in the more than 30 categories you can search through.

Website MagazineOne of those magazines available is Website Magazine which covers everything an affiliate marketing webmaster would want to know such as advertising, Adsense, search optimization, affiliate programs, web development and design and lots more. And did I mention Website Magazine is free just for the asking? All you have to have is a web site to qualify for the free subscription.

And with the RevResponse affiliate program you can earn a minimum of $1.50 up to to $20 depending on what you give away. You can use the RevResponse Ad Wizard to create banners and widgets to put on your site or blog sidebar and you also get a co-branded site you can make look like your own site or customize it just the way you want. You can check out my RevResponse affiliate site here.

Any way you look at it RevResponse is a great opportunity for the affiliate because so much of what they offer can easily fit into your blog or nearly any other niche you are promoting.

Sign up with RevResponse here.

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8 Responses to “Make Money With RevResponse”

  1. I’ve signed up with RevResponse. It doesn’t work well well for me :-(

  2. Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it a try and see how it’s working for my site.

  3. Hi Gadget,

    I caught your response and took a look at your site. It would be my interpretation that you’d be better offer promoting RevResponse via the use of the recently released Offer Catalog feature.

    This feature gives allows you to search for the specific offers to meet your audience’ needs. Not only can you find offers more efficiently, but you can now decide what to promoted based on the offer’s popularity, payout, and overall earning potential. The columns within in chart calculate how easy a subscription is to generate, how high the payout is, and what that means to your bottom line.

    Once you identify an specific offer you’d like to promote, why don’t you blog about? This kind of promotional tactic works very well for sites like yours.

    If all else fails, ask your account manager for help and they’ll gladly respond with additional suggestions.

    I hope this helps.

    David Fortino
    VP Audience Development

  4. I think thats a cool affiliate network.
    get paid for free products – it will work :)

  5. Thanks for the kind words and vote of confidence Tech Blog.

    I hope to see you join RevResponse.com.


    David Fortino
    VP Audience Development

  6. I am already in David 😉

  7. Great!

  8. Hi Alan

    I’ve joined RevResponse via your referral link.

    I’m very excited with the prospect of making money by promoting free subscription of trade publications.

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