MarketLeverage Confesses…America’s Most Wanted Affiliate Network

Market Leverage, America's Most Wanted Affiliate NetworkDina Riccobono, Mike Kelly and Debby Phillips from Market Leverage got busted and are in the slammer! At least that’s the way it looks from the photo above.

Actually what’s going on is that I sent them some Affiliate Confession T-shirts and jokingly mentioned that it would be great if they could do something to get arrested and appear on America’s Most Wanted, all while wearing the shirts of course. I figured this would be great promotion for the blog here. While it would probably be better for their careers and their permanent records (you know, the one they have on you since before kindergarten) if they didn’t get their mugshots on national TV, they willingly played along with the joke and came up with the creative photo.

If you haven’t noticed something here, you should by now.

Market Leverage is goofy, well yea, but they’re different too. How many other affiliate ad networks would go to this much trouble have fun with a little joke such as this? I really appreciate the way ML just engages with bloggers and what’s going on around the net by sponsoring contests, being easy to deal with and actually reading blog posts and commenting appropriately. Believe it or not I have had some people promoting ad networks and products for affiliates that just swoop in and are nothing but hyped promotion, not so with ML. In fact Debby left several comments on my blog before I even checked out her link.

I also appreciate the way emails are answered either the same day, usually within an hour or two and many times within a few minutes of me posing a question or asking about an offer. Everyone knows, you just don’t find email service like that with many affiliate networks. Most of the time you’re lucky to get your questions answered at all. Really, it’s an absolute pleasure dealing with ML and I’m sure you will find the exact same experience.

If you’d like to get personal service, check out some great offers, spend some time in jail (joking), and make some money, join the gang at America’s Most Wanted affiliate network, join Market Leverage.

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9 Responses to “MarketLeverage Confesses…America’s Most Wanted Affiliate Network”

  1. Alan,

    Thank you for sending us the shirts! We had fun taking the pictures for this. We couldn’t stop laughing and we were trying to look serious! It turned out really good. Jud did a great job of making us look like were in jail!


  2. Ha ha good one Alan!
    They look good behind the jail door lol..

    Now coming to ML, its really one of the highest buzz created network i have seen till now. They gave freebies to their publishers, then sponsored blogs, and then sponsored contests and everything that can make people talk about them.

    But i still am not able to implement any ideas to work well with them. I am yet to find some ideas of earning from them..

  3. Hahaha this is hilarious! Nice job guys

  4. Haha, cute picture! Dina looks like she’s about to burst with laughter!

  5. Nice idea Alan. a good way to promote your site. I am quite new to affiliate marketing. Will be joining ML now..

  6. lol.. cool photo..
    you are going to be famous/rich soon 😀

  7. That is pure awesome. 😀

    Good stuff

  8. Funny stuff, good photo.

  9. Market Leverage really stands out with the way they engaged the blogging community.

    Their personal way of getting in touch with affiliates was one of the reason I joined their network.

    Unfortunate I have to disagree with you about the speed of their email reply. I’ve sent an email with some enquiries to my asssigned affiliate manager more than a week ago and haven’t got a reply from him!

    I don’t think my email got caught in spam, because I’ve written to him earlier on a separate mail and got his reply a few days later. It was the second mail I sent that got no respond.

    Ididn’t call or want them to call due to the huge time difference, by the time they start work, it would be past bedtime at my local time.

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