How To Earn The Most From Google Adsense Part 3

Not intending to write this post at all after part 1 and part 2 of the Adsense series, I discovered something interesting the other day about Adsense earnings while looking at some click-thru statistics on specific pages. So the How To Earn The Most From Google Adsense series continues.

Obviously the best way to earn the most from Google Adsense is to get people to click on your ads, but you can’t just ask people to do that or even trick them into doing so by making your ads appear like anything other than what they are. So how do you get people to click on your ads? You do so by making them the most appealing thing or subject on the page to click on.

But the secret to this goes a little deeper. What I found out after looking over my statistics in the past few days is that most of my pages get anywhere from no clicks (we all have pages like that) to around a 5 to 10% click-thru rate. But then I have a few pages that get an astounding 20 to 26% click-thru rate month after month after month. That means one out of every four to five people that lands on one of these pages clicks an Adsense ad (By the way, if you aren’t using Adsense url channels to track clicks on individual pages you need to be).

How is this happening?

Okay, Here’s The Big Adsense Secret

You can only do this on certain kinds of pages written a specific way. The big secret is, you need to write in a general manner instead of a specific manner. What I mean by this is that if you are writing for your travel based site and write about lets say, the city of San Francisco as a place to vacation, the more general you write, the better your CTR. Here’s what I’m finding out – If you talk about walking along Fisherman’s Warf being around the water and the restaurants, and shops, and sights, and sounds and what it’s like to be in that area and even provide links to some of these things, the ads on pages such as this usually turn out to be the most attractive thing on the page for visitors to click on.

However, if you write about a specific restaurant you visited or hotel you stayed in and go into detail about what you ate, what your hotel room was like, the view you had, etc., and then provide a link, your visitors are more than likely going to go visit that link because that’s where you have driven their interest. Of course if you have an affiliate link you can send them through, that’s the way to do it, but that’s not always possible, especially in the case of a restaurant.

As an example of this, my best converting Adsense page has 9 other links in the content of the page to various parks, shops, attractions and flight information all related to the area I’m writing about, yet 25% of the people that visit that page choose to click on an Adsense ad. To contrast that, I write about many of the establishments Jean and I have stayed in or explored and provide pictures and links and these are my worst converting Adsense pages. Everyone wants to go visit and see these places for themselves, they don’t want to read all about the great place you stayed or ate at and then click on an ad.

A warning is needed here though. This doesn’t mean you should go out and create sites full of nothing but general information, that will eventually bore your readers. Visitors do like to read interesting and specific things on a variety of subjects you may have some expertise in. There is always the likelihood someone will get to your pages looking for something specific and and up on a general page because they are looking for the history of an area or want to get the general feel of being where you’ve been or experiencing what you’ve experienced.

If you have a site that isn’t doing well with Adsense, take a look at part 1 and part 2 of this series on the kinds of sites that do well with Adsense and how to optimize your site for Adsense and if you still aren’t doing well, try doing some summary and general info pages based on the info in this post. That’s probably where you’re going to find your Adsense sweet spot.

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16 Responses to “How To Earn The Most From Google Adsense Part 3”

  1. Good find, Alan!

  2. Wow..I never thought like that. By the way, can you give a link to your travel site?? I have a domain name infohongkong(dot)info and wanted to turn it into a travel website for hongkong. Just wanted some help..


  3. Thank you Alan! Great Stuff!

  4. Interesting take on increasing CTR. You revealed a litt more about your travel site, thanks for sharing.

  5. This is GREAT! tip, visitor interested in your content finds related link and goes to “see” more info [ctr bust] ! Thank you very much for this!

  6. I am going to have to rewrite some pages 😉

    My travel sites have too much detail and people keep reading and reading but rarely click on adsense.

    My best pages also are the ones where the ads are way more interesting.

    I am getting better results now that I added site wide links to more of my product related products and other higher paying keywords.

    Pay attention to your “buying keywords”. Send more people through those pages. Get them warmed up and google will give them links to go and buy a product.

  7. Freelance Jobs,

    Sorry, no link to the travel site. I can’t give away everything.

  8. Ok Alan..

  9. Nice tips there, never thought about it…
    General writing and keyword rich also..

  10. Excellent info, I am going to read pt1 and pt2 and see if I can revive my adsense goal.

  11. Hey Alan,
    You say that Travel niches are good for AdSense. In particular, one of the things that I see important is the Average eCPM for Adsense.
    One of the site I run had around $10 eCPM, What are your travel sites getting (eCPM) ?

  12. Nick,

    The travel site that earns me the most money got a $68.05 eCPM last month.

  13. Hi Alan,

    You can tell me the URLs of your travel sites. I promise not to tell Freelance Jobs! :-)

  14. This has been a great series. It has taught me a lot! I highly recommend this to everyone.

  15. You’re absolutely brilliant! Thanks so much for these adsense tips; they will really help.

  16. Free is definitely the way to go in these hard financial times, I am working on such a project right now.

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