Why Affiliate Marketers Don’t Reveal Their Niches

No Niches!It seems like lately I’ve had quite a few requests to reveal my websites and niches from people either leaving comments or contacting me directly. Just to let you know, that isn’t going to happen and I won’t be responding to questions any longer asking me to do so.

While I have revealed a niche or two while going through the process of building a BANS store, it’s just not a good idea in general to reveal the successful niches you are working on and you’ll find that most people involved in affiliate marketing won’t reveal what their working on either. There are 2 good reasons for this.

First, if you haven’t figured it out by now, people steal stuff. That may come as a shocker to you, but it’s especially rampant on the net where a lot of things can be done anonymously, or at least appear to be done that way. I used to have a link to my top producing Build A Niche Store in my signature at the BANS Forums, dumb idea. Several weeks ago I had someone contact me through the forum asking me to take a look at their site and evaluate it. After looking it over, this person had a link to a couple more of their stores and when I clicked on one I thought I had landed on my store. It was an exact copy of my store except for the content. The colors, template, product layout and even the header image at the top had been taken from my best store. After a quick email, the person at least removed the logo, but the basic concept of the store was still there.

Secondly, for anyone to reveal their best niches to inexperienced affiliate marketers is not going to benefit those doing the asking in the long run. Most people can learn about secret money making niches from someone else and make a few quick bucks, but the problem is, if you don’t go through the process, you won’t understand why you’ve been successful or maybe failed.

Having someone else’s best paying niche isn’t going to give you the experience of understanding the customers in that niche. The reason my best eBay affiliate store will earn nearly $1,000 this month is because I’ve been interested in that general niche since I’ve been about 6 years old, I’ve read magazines and books about this niche for years, I’ve bought and sold these items on eBay, I watched the actual auction as one of these items, the most expensive item ever sold through eBay Live at the time, brought in $7.25 million and then I read all about why it was valued so high.

While I am certainly no expert in this particular field, I understand it enough to know what people are looking for, what items are higher priced than others and what it feels like to make a purchase and own one of these items. You just aren’t going to get that kind of experience from someone handing you the niche. It’s sort of like the parable about teaching someone to learn how to fish, instead of giving them a fish. Would you rather have the niche or would you rather know how to find the niche.

If you find the niche on your own, that’s just the first step in understanding it, plus you will now be able to find many more niches by using the knowledge you gained finding the first one. And you will then eventually figure out your own techniques for finding and exploiting niches. I won’t tell you my niches, but here are a couple of posts that will show you how to find your own niches.

When you’ve been through the exercise of finding your own niches several times, it’s amazing how much opportunity you then begin to see. I probably see something every day now where I start to think, ‘That looks like an opportunity I could probably take advantage of.’ You won’t ever develop that mindset, if you don’t work through the process.

Believe me, you want the process, it is vastly more valuable than the niche.

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9 Responses to “Why Affiliate Marketers Don’t Reveal Their Niches”

  1. True. I have a couple of website that I never tell anyone about and I don’t plan to tell either.

  2. It is a very good idea not to reveal your niche. I think I recall your post on the BANS forum where you mentioned the thievery. Sorry that happened, but at least you learned from it.

  3. I guess you do have some good points here. However by not revealing your niche you may be losing in on some traffic. But its probably worth it if it is likely someone will copy the idea.

  4. Another great idea, by not revealing your niche, but I wonder how well you’re protecting yourself? Tools like spyfu.com make it easy to reveal all the details of anyone’s blogs or web sites. By looking for IP neighbors you can get all the other sites listed on a shared hosting account. If that doesn’t work, you can use someones adsense ID to track every site they use it on. You can track all kinds of other affiliate ID’s the same way. Unless you have every domain registered as private, you can check whois domain details as well. It used to be pretty easy to be anonymous, but there are a half dozen web tools now available to “spy on” people and find out what they do – protect yourself or your niches will just reveal themselves!

  5. Hey John,

    Yea, I know those tools are available, but I’m guessing that the people doing the asking probably aren’t the ones who are willing to go to the trouble to find the information on their own.

    I mean heck, when I’m looking for info on someone’s site, I just go looking, I don’t ask, generally.

  6. “For anyone to reveal their best niches to inexperienced affiliate marketers is not going to benefit those doing the asking in the long run”

    This is the single most important line in your post in my opinion. Give a man niche and he will make money online for a month. Teach a man how to find his own niche, and he will make money online for a lifetime.

  7. Elijah,

    Thanks for stopping by. Liked your post on Teaching A Crackhead Affiliate Marketing, pretty creative thinking!

  8. Thanks Alan. Trying to think outside the box at all times.

  9. Sharing ones profitable niche is like begging for more competition. I fully understand and respect why webmasters do not share their niches.

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