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I got an email on Tuesday from Debby Phillips over at Market Leverage letting me know that they featured AffiliateConfession.com on the latest episode of Market Leverage TV or better known as MLTV.

MLTV features the top 5 best performing offers of the week on the Market Leverage network and one of the offers they’re featuring this week is Vegas Baby where anyone interested can get free Las Vegas accommodations for 2 nights at the Summer Bay Resort just by filling in their first name, last and an email address. I’m making a little with this offer through search and was pretty surprised to find out you actually can make money with an offer that only pays $1.65. Little did I know how well some of these email and zip submit offers convert.

Vegas Baby converts between 20 and 30% and if you think I’m completely giving away a little niche here, think again. There is a trick to getting this to work on search that I learned from a friend and it definitely works. Just use your imagination, that’s all I can tell you.

Anyway, watch below and check out some of Market Leverage’s offers during the video and think about how you might put them into your traffic stream. The Affiliate Confession spot is towards the end.

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9 Responses to “Featured On Market Leverage TV – MLTV”

  1. Thats a great news
    Congrats :)

  2. Congratulations Alan! Ok…I’m going to ask a stupid question here, but since I’m very new to affiliate marketing, hopefully you will forgive me. When you talk about “search”, like you said that you are “making a little through search” what are you talking about? Are you just talking about the search engine traffic you are receiving, or is “search” a specific type of affiliate marketing?

  3. Hi Ruthie,

    Don’t worry, not a dumb question. When I talk about search in the context of an offer I’m running from an affiliate network such as Market Leverage, I’m talking about paid search. To get traffic to something quickly like this you can use paid search, but have to be careful not to overspend.

  4. Thanks Alan! So you are talking about Google Adwords or something like that right? I’ve wanted to get into it but I’m afraid I’ll do exactly what you said, overspend. Don’t you have to create a landing page for your offer or can you just use the affiliate link?

  5. Hi,

    would love to know what you do, as every campaign I do for email submit just bombs,

    I do have a feeling though I am missing something being in the Uk though?



  6. And so my frustation builds, this is another affiliate that I am not making any money with. I include their banners in my posts. And nothing not even a click through let alone a commision sale. UGH!!!

  7. Ruthie,

    You can build a landing site, it’s hard to get away with just building a page these days, or you can just use the link in a Google campaign, but many campaigns can’t be run on search, so check them out carefully and read the ways you can market them.

  8. Great Alan, thanks so much for responding to my question! Yeah, I have definitely noticed that some of the campaign offers do not allow you to link directly to the affiliate link. Maybe one day, I’ll venture out and try an Adwords campaign and see what happens.

  9. This is great exposure and validation of having a quality site with great content! Congratulations!

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