Pepperjam Network Earnings Exceeds CJ Earnings

Join Pepperjam NetworkI thought about that title for awhile and then thought, ah heck, just go with it. I’m referring to my earnings with Pepperjam Network, not their total earnings. For the first time since eBay switched over their affiliate program to be managed in-house and by Pepperjam, my earnings this month through PJ will exceed earnings at Commission Junction by around 4 times, and none of those earnings are coming from eBay managed through Pepperjam.

At one time I had been earning around $800 to $1,000 a month with CJ, but since my leads for Apartments.com dropped off and eBay left, there are only a handful of programs I’m still running through CJ. This signals a changing of the guard for the affiliate networks I’ll be working with from now on. While earnings this month through Pepperjam will not be large by any means, I do expect to see continued growth as new programs get introduced and I start working with more of them.

Pepperjam has around 250 merchants they are working with right now and it seems like they introduce new ones several times a week. And PJ just recently added a new feature to their interface where you can now see the best performing offers on their network according to EPC (earnings per click). This makes it easy to find the best paying offers in your particular niche. Just select your preferred category or do a keyword search for merchants via the partners interface, then click the next to last column to the right marked 1-Month EPC and the best offers will be at the top.

The top 5 EPC offers overall as of this post are:

ExclusivelyHome.com – Home furnishings.
EPC = $8.20

Vitalicious.com – Vitamin fortified desserts and goodies.
EPC = $2.41

Barstools.com – You guessed it, bar stools.
EPC = $1.96

PatioUmbrellas.com – Not just your average patio and beach umbrellas.
EPC = $1.69

LifeLock.com – Guaranteed identity theft protection.
EPC = $1.50

If you haven’t partnered up with Pepperjam yet, now is the time to do so because they are offering a $10 incentive to all new members that get approved. All you have to do is sign up and you get that $10 deposited into your account as a bonus.

Don’t miss out on Pepperjam steamrolling through the affiliate marketing space. Join up and check out their offers today and earn an easy $10.

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12 Responses to “Pepperjam Network Earnings Exceeds CJ Earnings”

  1. I signed up just this week when King Pepper announced the $10 thing. I came here first, to find one of your links in case you get something for sign ups though. I like to support the people I learn from. :)

    I’ll probably be signing up for Market Leverage soon as well. There isn’t much on CJ that I like (just Adagio tea), so it’s hard to push them. I’m hoping the combination of new affiliate promotions, and the new sites I’m building will improve my situation.

  2. Alan,

    Awesome news!!!

    It’s great to hear you are doing well with PJN!

    BTW – We;ve closed Apartsments.com about a week ago for PJN – they are in technical integration and should be LIVE on PJN soon. :)

    Kris Jones
    President & CEO

  3. Kris,

    That sounds great about Apartments.com. I’ll have to switch over some of my links and see how they do.

  4. thats a great work
    i am making <10$ / month from PJN :(

  5. Aws…. PJN reject me… :(

  6. Hey Alan- I just wanted to tell you the good news. Last night I finally earned out my BANS investment- including the domains and hosting. :)

  7. Wordvixen,

    That’s awesome! It’s always a significant milestone when you get your costs paid for after purchasing something to make money with. All the best on the profit side now.

  8. Glad to hear that you are makings good bucks from Peeperjam Network. Continue doing your best with this. Good luck !

  9. I have been using CJ to no avail. I can not seem to make any type of commision throguh them or Linkshare. What am I doing wrong.

    Can you take a look at my blog and let me know what I am doing wrong and pffer me some suggestions. Please!!!

    I am going to sign up for PepperJam but I need to know how to best promote their offers first.

  10. Debo,

    I’m going to do a post tomorrow about why some blogs don’t make money using yours as an example. I may or may not mention your blog. I will be kind, but pretty frank about what I see.

  11. I still don’t earn in pepperjam. I want to earn a lot. :(

  12. I’m sorry, but making $1 for each sale or conversion is not my cup of tea. I need a product that is going to dish out at least $47 at the least, and this is either in terms of CPA offers or the after my percentage cut. This is why I rather sell high priced items and just work my tail off to get the traffic. $1 don’t cut it for me…nope.

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