Build A Niche Store Earnings Exceed $1000 For July

Build A Niche StoreJuly is already a record month for my Build A Niche Store sites through the eBay affiliate program and with 5 days left (of accounting) in the month it should be a record by quite a large margin. As of July 26th total earnings from eBay are at $1,063.45 and total earnings from Build A Niche Store Sites are $1,047.57. I have a couple non BANS sites earning a trickle of cash from eBay.

eBay Build A Niche Store Record Earnings

This is the first time earnings for BANS and eBay have exceeded the $1,000 mark as the next closest month was $893.54 for total eBay earnings. The month started out very slow and I was anticipating riding out the summer slump not earning that much through eBay. During the first week of July, total earnings for eBay were a measly $80.46 and by the end of the second week they were only at $242.02. However, the next 12 days have been great, earning more than $800 or around $66 per day.

I do have one store that continues to be the revenue leader bringing in slightly more than $800 and the plan is to continue to build on that store and work on another store in the same niche, but expanded to cover a much broader range of products. And of course there are 9 more BANS stores that get tweaked on once in a while.

It is interesting to note that the best producing BANS store is also the first store I built. Finding the right niche, with a popular, high priced item that sells for $400 or above is what makes all the difference. You can learn how to find one of those niches here.

If you’d like to know more about how to make money with BANS, you can read my 7 part tutorial series here and read about the most basic steps to getting started with BANS.

If you are interested in using BANS you can buy Build A Niche Store here.

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16 Responses to “Build A Niche Store Earnings Exceed $1000 For July”

  1. Congratulations – I am far away of such a success but still daily tweaking my shops 😉

  2. nice work
    so what kind of domain names do you use.
    New, used from the after market such as TDNAM
    also what extensions do you use

    .org .com .biz .info .net

    mainly i am asking about the .biz and .info is there are even worth buying

  3. Yes definitely ebay looks good for me too before end of July. I do not use ebay’s BANS though only the kits to auctions. I should look at the stores, i’ve herd the BANS sales might pay more even though happen less often than affiliate bids or ACRU. Good on you!

  4. Brent,

    I get domain names with a keyword related to my niche and I always get a dot com name, nothing else.

  5. WOW!

    Great job. Is this from 1 site or a few sites?

  6. Jerry,

    That’s from several stores, but 1 brings me 80% of my revenue.

  7. That is awesome, is there an exorbitant eBay fee that go into running this store.

  8. Debo,

    No, not at all. You pay $97 for the software one time and you can build as many stores as you want with it. You do need a hosting plan though.

  9. a few domain name questions

    do you buy new or used domain names more often?
    and what about domain names with numbers or dashes in them what are your thoughts

  10. Brent,

    I pretty much buy new domain names, but have thought about buying a few older ones with links already coming in.

    And on the dashes thing I no longer get domains with dashes in them. Here’s a post more on why:

  11. Great job! It’ll be awesome once you can get your other stores up that high as well.

  12. Congrats! Looks like you are doing great. I think I gotta start looking into BANS…

  13. You seem to be doing great with BANS , congrats

  14. Congrats Alan, this is awesome income to be making monthly from eBay!

    I guess you are getting it from organic traffic rather than paying for clicks to your sites?

  15. Great stats Alan

    I’m just earning a few dollars from adsense.

  16. Over $1000 from eBay. You are absolute winner. Did anyone make as much?

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