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It looks like Google has gone through and started another page rank update and AffiliateConfession.com came out on the good end of things for the second time in as many updates.

My first post for this blog was on November 1, 2007 and by January 2008 I got a PR 1. The next update was sometime in May and Google handed Affiliate Confession a PR of 3. The latest update must have happened on Friday and I’m now at a PR 4.

It seems like Google is being friendly lately to the blog because they have been sending a lot more search traffic to the tune of about 25% of all visitors. That’s up from 17% in June and 11% in April. Hopefully that trend will continue. As much as I rag on Google this sure isn’t something I can complain about.

The best way to get Google to notice your blog and treat it in a friendly way is to get those all important links coming in by writing good content, sponsoring contests, guest posting, publishing articles to article directories, commenting on other blogs that give a link to top commentators and making an attempt to stand out above everyone else (not that I’m there yet, or anywhere near it).

How much does page rank matter though, is the big question. I outrank John Chow in Google PR now. He is a PR 3 and Affiliate Confession is a PR 4, but it’s not such a big deal when JC is making 10 times what I’m making and that’s just from his blog alone. It doesn’t look like Page Rank really carries that much weight any longer.

Anyone else seeing a page rank update in the last few days? 

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20 Responses to “Google Page Rank Update”

  1. Congrats on the update..
    Mine stuck to PR3 since the last update and shows no change.

    But as SERP rankings are good, I’m happy :)

  2. Nice one …. maybe now you can extract a little more $$ on your advertising :)

    still waiting on my pagerank update

  3. Congratulations on your Google PR … mine have stayed the same. the bottom line always remains though … are you making any money … LOL!


  4. Congrats, I am still on PR4 with my blog. This mostly because of the domain age (2001) and my recent reactivation of this website.

  5. Congrats on the PR! I know it is exciting when you realize Google finally moved you up after a lot of hard work!

  6. I count myself fortuante that mine has remained at a PR3 and has not dropped. It was at a PR4 in early part of the year then it dropped to a PR3.

    Holding steady.

  7. Wow! Alan thanks for the heads up! I went from a PR0 to a PR3 for my blog. I was beginning to wonder if they forgot about me LOL *SmiLes* Suzanne

  8. I saw the same update as you, congrats.

  9. thats awesome , congrats…

  10. Congrats!

    One of my BANS sites still holds a PR2, hopefully soon it will go up.

    Keep up the good work.

  11. Seen PR drop on many commercial sites (.orgs all stayed steady) but no decrease in traffic. In fact, revenue on the most commercial ones are up about 33%, taking into account seasonal boosts.

  12. Thanks everyone, It’s nice when Google does something in your favor. I’ll always tak that kind of treatment from the Big G.

  13. I never understood how some sites drastically drop after an update. One of our link partners (who has 50k backlinks) dropped from a PR6 to PR0 in the last update.

  14. Congrats on PR4. One question I’ll like to ask here. Will giving out link juice dilute your own PR as some would have claimed? There are different school of thoughts on this matter, I just like to hear your opinions on this.

  15. Yan,

    I tend to think giving out a lot of links makes those links less valuable rather than it lowering your own PR. That’s just an opinion though rather than anything scientific. It come from all that I’ve read and also not seeing any drop in my own PR for giving out links.

  16. Thanks, Alan for taking the time to response. I guess I’m pretty clear about it now.


  17. I got a pr 1

  18. This latest PR update was old, coming from around June 15th. Most of the sites I checked in my directory and social bookmarking lists lost PR. Of the total listings, 1/3 saw changes in PR. I don’t worry too much about PR these days. My concerns are improving traffic.

  19. I love it when I check the PR for one of my sites and it has gone up. Congrats!

  20. you forgot to mention the fact that John Chow is known for paid reviews and paid links – and he’d be PR 6 or 7 if it wasn’t for that.

    You sell paid links as well (just not as bad as him) – seems like you would be higher PR without that as well.

    I know on my blog that I have tons of affiliate links – but every single one is nofollowed. Because of that, and the fact that tons of spam sites copied a popular “40 best wordpress hacks” where I was one of the 40 sites knocked me back from PR4 to PR3.

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