What I would Do With $8,000

As an affiliate it’s great to dream a little and think about those what if I had more money scenarios. Well I came across one of those what if moments a couple of days ago with a hefty price tag of $8,000, but it is actually a pretty good deal. Here’s what I’d do if I had a quick $8,000 windfall.

Since I’m a drummer I’m always perusing the percussion category on eBay for deals or just to see what people are selling. I’m especially fond of drum sets with very exotic woods and finishes and I found the DW drum set below just a couple of days ago and I’ve fallen in love with it. 

Sweet DW Drum Set

The set is made by Drum Workshop, DW for short, and it is one of the most incredible looking  set of drums I think I’ve ever seen for sale on eBay. They are truly a thing of beauty. If you aren’t a drummer it would help to know that DW drums are some of the highest quality and most expensive drums in the world. At full retail price you may be able to find a set like this, drums only with no hardware, for around $12,000 however, this looks to be an exotic wood and paint fade that may have been a custom order so it could possibly be retailed for somewhat more.

The auction ends 4 days from this post and the price is up to a little over $4,000 right now and there is a Buy It Now price of $7,999. And let me tell you what, if the cash were available, I wouldn’t even hesitate to pay the asking price and be done with it. Even though the person doing the auction has a 100% positive feedback rating, I might send the guy an email just to make sure the whole thing is legit before spending $8,000, but that’s about it. You can see more pictures of this once in a lifetime find and check out the drum set auction here.

Now I just need to find the affiliate offer or product that can make $8,000 in the next 3 or 4 days. Any suggestions?

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15 Responses to “What I would Do With $8,000”

  1. Aah, drummers… we love you, but never fully understand the lust for products like this. After all, we synth boys can recreate every sound that drum set will ever make… on a $3000 Fantom sampler… plus every other drum kit in the world.

    And 99.99% of the music “fans” in the world will never know the difference. The thrill of watching a drummer isn’t the timbre or resonance of the heads, but the stick work. You could be using pots and pans from the kitchen for all we care. Just do that Neil Peart / Phil Collins magic and we could care less if your drums were painted with rainbows or had heads made of African elephant ears.

    So, if you had $8,000, my personal suggestion would be to save it. Pay off any cars you might have payments on, and then save it for when gas goes to $8.00/gallon, which should be in about six months at the rate our elected officials are acting.

    In the meantime, another video of you pounding on the pots and pans at breakneck speed would go a long way toward me thinking about adding you as a drummer to my backup band, “The Jedi Jammers”.

  2. Those are incredible, Alan, save those pennies, they’ll come along again, maybe an even better set.

    @Lawrence – $8/gallon? Keep speaking that and putting it out into the air and you’ll get it.

  3. Lawrence,

    Thankfully we don’t have any debt, but saving the money for gas may be a good suggestion.

  4. Wow, I didn’t know drums were so expensive.

  5. I am so boring! If I had an extra $8,000 I’d pay off our debt. Assuming the debt was already gone? I’d be putting it in a high interest savings account, or high interest CD (or some such investment) until I had another $8,000 or so, and use it for a down payment on a house. :)

    Those are gorgeous drums, though. If I had any talent in that area, I think I’d be hard pressed to pass them by.

  6. I would buy some new car for me :)

  7. Huh? Its just a painted drum set …?

  8. I love the picture of the drums. I haven’t seen them in that color before. My dad is a drummer and paid a near arm and leg for his set of drums and he said they were on the low end!

  9. Siberia,

    No, actually it’s not just a painted drum set, you are looking at real woodgrain, not paint.


    Pretty cool that your dad is a drummer. Does he play local in central Fla?

  10. Alan,

    He played in a band years ago. Now he just plays for fun but I know he would love to play with other musicians. My sister and my dad are magical together. They got all of the talent in the family! My parents live in Central Florida.

  11. Man…those are sweet! My hubby’s a guitarist, so I know all about a musician’s “obsessions”. 😉

  12. @ Lawrence – I agree to a point. I’m a synth boy myself, but also a multi-instrumentalist so I kind of stand in between the real thing and the real thing beautifully sampled at a high bit rate mapped onto a trigger or keyboard.

    @ Paul – I had no Idea you were a drummer?!? I’d do you have anything recorded, or means to record yourself? We should do an Affiliate Confession theme song! haha… The drummer in my very first band had a vintage Pearl set which was passed on from his father – and this thing had the most spectacular paint job. It was a rusty sunburst, but with a natural matte finish. I wish I had pictures but that band was well before cellphone cameras and every 14 year old having a laptop. I’m sure you can visualize it though.

    What a beauty.

  13. DW sets are the best! That set looks phenomenal!

  14. I think that I would add it up for buying a house here in teh Philippines.

  15. I don’t know anything about drums but those look pretty sweet.

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