Would You Buy From Your Own Website?

Skeptical Web Shopper DudeThere’s another huge secret in affiliate marketing I don’t see many people talking about although it is probably one of the more obvious ones. The title already gave it away, but it’s worth saying it again because it is one of those things you really need to think about if you aren’t making any money from your web marketing efforts.

I had a reader leave a comment yesterday asking me to look at her blog because she’s wondering why there isn’t much revenue coming in and the question just has to be asked, and it’s a great one for all affiliates to consider:

If you were shopping on the net for the product or service you are offering, now really, really think about this, would you buy from your own web site?

No I’m not kidding, that’s probably one of the biggest considerations new and even seasoned affiliates miss (I’m speaking to myself trying to make a quick buck at times). When you shop online, you probably like to do business with the sites that are generally the most visually appealing, have a professional feel about them, give you a feeling of all important trust and are focused on what you as the customer are looking for. All those things are important to you before you want to spend your money, or in the case of an affiliate site, trust the site enough to take their recommendations and maybe click on an ad or go somewhere else to buy a product.

Now that we’ve established how important those things are to you, why wouldn’t you provide exactly the same experience for your visitors and customers?

Look at your own sites…no, I mean really look at them, are they focused, trustworthy and appealing, or are they cluttered, scattered in their content and focused on the sale instead of the experience. If your customer has a great experience on your site, you stand a much better chance of having the experience of earning revenue.

Come one now, really, would you buy from your own web site?

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11 Responses to “Would You Buy From Your Own Website?”

  1. Ah, great question. ::heads back to his site::

  2. I am asking this myself all the time. Thats the reason I pay attention on a serious looking store/landing page. The first impression is always the most important – in mind.

  3. I think you’re right. This topic never really gets told. This is something every BANS site owner should ask themselves.

  4. I think its hard to tell for yourself, best asking a few people who visit the site what they think, or friends or something.

  5. I agree both with Paul and Wisdom equally. I consider it very important to step back when preparing a new project and ask yourself “would I buy from this site?” as well as getting those close around and strongly considering their opinions. I would even go as far as not telling them that it is my site at first, and simply ask them “what do you think of this site? would you buy from it?”

    A great topic that I find a lot of “make money” ebooks, systems, and membership sites fail to bring to surface – but such a crucial factor.

  6. This is a great point. Put on the customer hat and see things from that point of view.

  7. Interesting piece of thought. Something I haven’t ever thought of it myself. I guess the majority of us fails to see our own weakness whether is on or off the blog. I’d better make my own self-analysis now and see if I would ever buy my own.


  8. Of course I purchase most if not all my travel and produts from my website and so does my family but after a while that is similar to catch and release.

  9. Great post. It seems so obvious but I have never really considered this. I will have to evaluate my site and go from there.

  10. This is a good post and a reminder for us to “step outside the box” and think like a visitor. I find this hard to do, so I always get some opinions from family members that have limited knowledge of Websites. This helps me get an idea of how an “average surfer” will respond.

  11. One can ask the question but that is why you made the site in the first place.
    If you wouldn’t buy it then you also have to know how or what to put right,
    Let’s be clear, displaying your business in a badly written, poorly created, low budget, unattractive, same as everyone else light – guess what you get? Exactly what you pitched for! A small piece of the low budget, same as everyone else, unattractive market and your prospects will suspect that if they do business with you, they will get more of the same!
    Have good one. The Baldchemist

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