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Facebook AdsOver the last 3 weeks or so I’ve had the joy of trying to make money with Facebook Ads and trying to figure out what the minds in the ad department will allow to be shown on their site. Luckily I was able to secure $250 in free Facebook advertising coupons (some have expired as of this post) via NeilsWeb.com so this little advertising experiment didn’t cost me anything.

Probably the biggest drawback to advertising on Facebook is just trying to figure out what the ad editors want. In a previous post I lamented that the ad editors were so arbitrary in their decision making that they were causing blood to shoot from my eyes. After posting some 28 ads and getting 8 disapproved, I think I finally have somewhat of a handle on what is acceptable. They won’t accept anything that even remotely resembles spammy advertising, whether it be in the way you write your ads or the product you’re advertising.

Their old advertising guidelines don’t give you much direction on how your ads should be worded and while their new guidelines (not yet published, but found at Nickycakes.com) are much better at explaining what they’re looking for, their philosophy on advertising in general is bizarre to say the least. The text in your ad can’t imply that there is anything wrong with a person who might click on your ad. For instance, ads for weight loss products can’t say something like, “Want To Lose That Weight?” because that would be implying that those who want to lose weight are overweight. Well ya! Your ads must be worded in a neutral way such as, “Lose Weight With Product X” or Product X Weight Loss”. Completely lame.

It seems like the ad department at Facebook needs a little schooling in long established marketing principles because they seem to be hell bent on rewriting the rules of advertising. For Facebook to not even allow you to creatively pique a potential customer’s interest by asking a question, to establish a need, is just plain foolish. The powers that be at FB might have to rethink that one when their ad revenue starts drying up.

So what exactly happened with the $250 in free advertising credits? Well, my results didn’t turn out all that well. After spending $247 of the $250 I managed to only earn back $87.15, not a good return. Here’s how it all breaks down:

28 total ads created

8 disapproved

4 ads generated revenue

AzoogleAds Campaign = 9.50
Azoogle Campaign 2 = 23.35
Azoogle Campaign 3 = 2.50
Market Leverage Campaign = 51.80

Total = 87.15

3 Paused due to bleeding revenue to the tune of $97 in about 2 days time.

Probably the biggest hindrance to earning back the $250 was the high bid prices that are suggested you start your campaign with. Many of them are in the 50 to 70 cents per click range and I started 3 campaigns that ate up $97 rather quickly and produced zero results. I didn’t really figure out how some people such as Neil from NeilsWeb.com are able to get their bids low and still get a decent CTR. Most of my campaigns ran at a ridiculously low CTR of 0.03% and while I ran one campaign after I’d spent the $250 in free credits that got a 0.27% CTR, it ended up producing zero revenue after spending around $30.

Okay, what did I learn from this? While it’s still somewhat of mystery as to how some people are rockin Facebook Ads and cleaning up in revenue, I learned these basic things:

  • Don’t advertise spammy offers.
  • Find the fine line between neutral and creating too much of a sensation and you will get your ads approved.
  • Watch your ads closely and reduce bid prices accordingly if you are spending too much.
  • Look for offers or products that pay high, cost the consumer little and have appeal to the young Facebook audience.
  • Don’t listen to me, I essentially lost money! For crying out loud, read NeilsWeb.com and NickyCakes.com and learn from people who actually make money with Facebook Ads.

I’m not taking this as defeat though. There is a way to make money with Facebook Ads because other people are doing it, I’m just going to be a lot more careful with the next $250 spent, because this time it’s my money on the table.

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15 Responses to “Facebook Advertising Report”

  1. Hey Alan,
    If you try facebook again don’t listen to the suggested bids! Start all ads at 31-35 cents. They will give you about 10K impressions at these bids. If your CTR sucks they will stop giving you impressions and if it is good they will keep sending you traffic. This will really help you maximize your budget.

  2. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for the tip.

  3. Alan,

    Thanks for the coupons. And thanks for the tips, looks like facebook ads are tough.

  4. I haven’t heard too many good things regarding Facebook’s program. Even if I had some free vouchers I don’t think I would waste my time!

  5. All of the $50 coupon codes no longer are working, I meant to use them when you posted about them originally, but the site was down so I forgot :( The visa one still works though.

    I want to advertise my site but just saw this on facebook.com

    “Additionally, any ads that refer to health or medical conditions should only be targeted to users who are 18 years of age or older. These ads should present information without portraying any conditions or body types in a negative light. Keeping your ads neutral and realistic allows users to approach your business with a positive attitude and also helps maintain the high quality of all the ads on the site.”

    Not too happy about those guidelines, so I doubt my ads will get approved.

  6. I think the new facebook ad guidelines are located here


  7. Coincidentally I came to know about Facebook Ads a while ago on another blog and here you are reporting a different story of it. I’m not so sure how it works but it will be checking it out any time soon.

    Thanks for the heads up.


  8. I was able to get a 0.5% CTR with Facebook, but I wasn’t getting enough traffic to make it worth my time to keep advertising with it. In general, I hear most people don’t get even that high of a CTR and Facebook definitely is going to have to step it up with their advertising platform to meet their evaluation.

  9. Elijah,

    Some people are making decent money with Facebook ads so it’s worth trying to see if it will work for you, especially if you can do it with someone else’s money.

    I am running a couple of slightly profitable ads as of now and have a few more ideas from what I’ve learned that may generate a substantial profit.

  10. I’m thinking of having a campaign there too!

  11. Any tips on where to get coupons?


  12. I knew someone will ask that question, so I’m looking forward to seeing if there is anyone has any tips on getting the coupons?


  13. Ok, I’m frustrated too- I keep getting disapproved ads with no reason why! And it takes forever putting in all those keywords, targeting audience …. I wrote facebook to see if they can have an edit feature on disapproved ads like google and yahoo ppc so we’ll see……..

  14. The worst thing about FB ads were the reporting which was good for the stone age. If you create a FB page the report give the demographic info very clearly. With the ads the reporting is a simple spread sheet!
    And Allen why didn’t you select CPC which is a better method than CPI?

  15. I run targeted facebook ads and I also think it works perfectly. I love that it really narrows down your search parameters.

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