July 2008 Affiliate Income Report – A New Record

Another affiliate income report is due and July turned out to my best month in affiliate earnings so far, topping last month by 24% which was also a record month. Fortunately I haven’t been slowed down at all by the summer slump many affiliates experience.

Two of the biggest increases in July came from a new record in AdSense earnings, beating the previous best month by $200 and earnings from the eBay affiliate program for the first time crossed the $1,000 per month barrier thanks to Build A Niche Store. Earnings were also good from Pepperjam Network, Market Leverage and AzoogleAds.

Expenses were a bit higher than usual this past month due to experimenting with PPC and having some success. I hope to scale that up a bit this month. Total income for July 2008 came in at $4,312.31 and breaks down as follows:

Google Adsense – $1,694.94
Commission Junction – $35.94
EPN – eBay – $1,196.73
Meal Planner Ebook – $85.00
TripAdvisor – $216.63
Clickbank – $88.08
Private Advertising – $140.00
AzoogleAds – $182.20
Microsoft – $300.00
Pepperjam – $278.09
Market Leverage – $219.50
Other Affiliate Programs – $302.77
Total Revenue – $4,739.88
Total expenses – $427.57
Total Income – $4,312.31

Three things I’ll be working on this month to hopefully increase the income again will be paid advertising through Facebook Ads, Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing, getting more incoming links to my travel sites and continued work on my Build A Niche Stores. A single BANS store produced more than $800 in revenue this month and I’d like to get that store over the $1,000 barrier.

I’ve also started working on a store mash-up that can bring in content from eBay, YouTube, any RSS feeds, ClickBank, Amazon, Overstock and more that could be pretty lucrative. I’ll be explaining more about that coming up in a few more weeks.

With another 24% increase in August that would put things over the $5,000 per month mark which is a fairly significant milestone in earnings. I’ll be taking a week off this month and a week off in September for a birthday and anniversary so it will be hard to keep up the steady pace of seeming non stop work for the next couple of months. Hopefully there are enough things in place to keep the income on auto pilot while the work pace slows down until mid Sept.

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12 Responses to “July 2008 Affiliate Income Report – A New Record”

  1. Congratulations Alan on your success and increase in income. You must be working very hard and long hours to obtain these results. It must feel great to be rewarded for your efforts.

  2. Great work Alan. It looks like your aggressive marketing has paid off and minimized the impact of lower summer traffic.

  3. Congrats! That’s great to hear!

  4. Great work Alan. You should start a coaching program.

  5. Hey Alan.

    Great stuff man. I’m glad to see your monthly’s increasing. I’d love a basic breakdown of your expenses, or even a percentage of PPC etc…

    Seeing the revenue is great, but the expenses is where the true success lies. converting $427.57 into $4000 + is phenomenal…

    Many blessings and continued success my friend.

  6. Congrats Alan! One thing thats awesome about affiliate marketing is that you can consistently grow your income. I’ve enjoyed watching you succeed.

  7. Way to go on the income increase, it’s great to see someone making it. Keep it up, I’ll be looking forward to the $5000+ income report for August.

  8. Those are respectable totals, I could live on that.

  9. What an inspiration Alan and thanks for showing the breakdown. It helps. When you are making next to nothing seeing these type of results is a great boost to the system.

  10. Hey Elijah,

    Most of the expenses are from PPC and a bit from Facebook ads. I’ve only been doing that recently. I’ve probably only doubled my PPC expenses into profit, most of my revenue comes from natural search traffic that’s free.

  11. Very inspirational mate! I am just getting into Aff marketing for the most part so your numbers will give me motivation.

    I’ve only just heard of BANS sites and to be honest, I didn’t think people really made any money with eBay.

    Got lots to learn obviously

    Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing!

  12. Congrats
    Thats awesome..
    I only make $100/month :( 😀

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