Harsh Reality 4 – There Will Be A Major Setback In Your Affiliate Career

Facing A Major Setback?If you don’t get kicked out of some program, banned from a forum, accused of spamming, have a site or two completely removed from Google’s index or lose a significant amount of money (for you) in advertising during your affiliate marketing career, then you aren’t working hard enough. Every one of those things has happened to me, but fortunately I’ve learned enough along the way that any dramatic incidents such as these should be reduced to a minimum from here on out.

With the way things develop and change at an ever increasing rate on the web and the sheer amount of advice (some shady some not so shady) available on affiliate marketing, you are bound to run afoul of someone’s “rules” at some point. There are things that are clearly wrong to do such as hacking someone’s site to steal their traffic stream or paying someone to click on your Adsense ads, and then there are other techniques that are merely loopholes in the system just waiting to be exploited.

For many successful affiliates that’s the game to be played. The more successful you are as an affiliate is probably in correlation with the risks you are willing to take and how far you think outside the box. Let’s face it, if it were all that obvious and we all played by the accepted rules, then we’d all be in the super rich affiliate category or at least on our way there. What can set you apart is looking at “the rules” and seeing an advantage that no one else sees and then exploiting it.

As an example, for all my whining about Facebook Ads, I’ve actually earned almost $200 in the last 2 days by finding a way to target dating offers in a not so obvious way, and if I told you about it, you’d probably go, “Duh, why didn’t I think of that!” However, the high school interns, or whoever it is, running the show in the Facebook Ads department might at some point decide what I’m doing is not acceptable, and that’s the end of my little windfall. Even though no rules have been broken, it’s the end of the party until the next unconventional technique somewhere outside the box is discovered.

Once loopholes such as this are closed they can possibly have a major impact on your business, that is if you don’t adapt well. And that’s the whole point of this post. Yes, at some point during your Internet ventures you will probably face a setback big enough that may make you want to hang it up and do the college and cubicle thing the rest of your life. But if you’ve built a stable and diversified business where your income comes from multiple sources, it will lessen the impact of a setback that either effects you financially or emotionally or both. Read the Affiliate Confession FAQ for various ways on how I’ve diversified my income and you can too.

Developing your ability to think outside the box and recognize and take advantage of opportunity and see between “the rules”, can turn major setbacks into minor inconveniences.

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6 Responses to “Harsh Reality 4 – There Will Be A Major Setback In Your Affiliate Career”

  1. LOL – your opening paragraph is perfect. You’ve gotta learn from your mistakes. This is one of my favorite posts you have written. Keep up the great work!

  2. Cannot argue with this whole post at all!!

    You try and try again… learning from the previous errors. Most of us will still walk up to that ragged edge of the previous mistakes, just to see how far we can push :-)

    Great post Alan!

  3. Yes sir.

    Taking risks, in my opinion, is what ultimately separates the successful from the unsuccessful in any fashion. We have to be able to think outside the box – which usually entails reading the terms and services thoroughly of the site or service we are looking to loophole – because too many people reside “in the box” and that is why so many of us fail.

    But failing is good, if you are prepared and learn from your mistakes. If you don’t fail how hard are you really trying?

    good stuff.

  4. coming back from the sandbox can be annoying sometimes… but i fear that most internet marketers have to do it.. so i guess its fair game

  5. You are right. The trick is to always keep pressing forward.

  6. Yep, I tend to push the boundary lines of “rules” a tad too much sometimes.

    What interests me is how the “playing field” set by the rule-makers is violated by the so-called successful players.

    I sell on eBay and do my best to play by all the rules, but if I completely played by the all rules, I’d get my butt kicked. There are so many rules set by eBay they can’t adequately enforce them so many of the rules become meaningless.

    Business is war and when the “Geneva Convention” rules of online business etiquette aren’t self-adhered too or enforced by the rule-makers the playing field becomes Mad Max of Thunderdome and the rules of the jungle take over.

    Getting slapped once in awhile just lets me know I’m still on the field.

    Thanks for another great post!

    Mark McClean

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