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Build A Niche StoreBuild A Niche Store users received an email a few days ago outlining some major changes to the main BANS website and forums implemented recently. The design of the BANS site has changed completely to better reflect a more professional look and feel to come into line with where the developers want to take the product.

The forums have also been changed with better organization of topics, updated rules, no signatures at the bottom of posts any longer, no affiliate links allowed and unfortunately, no discussion of products that compete with BANS. Also, name calling and derogatory comments in the forums won’t be tolerated. It’s too bad that it happens, but many forums I’ve belonged to have deteriorated into a free-for-all and the developers of Build A Niche Store aren’t going to let that happen.

Here’s a selected snippet from the email that pretty much sets the tone of how the developers feel:

Like we said – BANS is in many ways at its beginning. Whether it evolves into what it can be rests with the collective user base as much as it does with us.

We will take BANS as far as it can be taken IF it remains a supported product amongst its users.

If that dies or doesn’t evolve BANS as a project and platform is over. It either becomes what it can be or it sinks into oblivion.

With a project like BANS there is no middle ground.

From the tone of the email to the changes to the web site and forums it appears that BANS is being targeted to a more serious affiliate audience than it has been in the past. While BANS is a great product and the earnings potential is very high (people have reported in the forums making over $10K per month), it is not a product for everyone. Frankly, there are lots of BANS websites I run across that shouldn’t even be taking up bandwidth on the net. For whatever reason, the concept of content just doesn’t see to sink in with some people. Throwing up an eBay affiliate store shell with nothing but auctions will earn you exactly nothing.

It’s possible that the way the product has been advertised in the past by affiliates and the way it has been represented on the main site that too many of the wrong kind of people have been attracted to BANS. Any product that assists affiliates and makes it easier to make money online can certainly fall into the hands of the get rich quick types of people who are looking for more reward with little to no work.

On a more positive and exciting note, there are now 12 new BANS templates with 3 layouts each, for download in the forums. While several people have developed some nice templates for a nominal fee, these new templates are available for free when you become a member of BANS. They actually look pretty nice compared to the stale looking ones that have been around for years and will give users many more options. 

It is great to see the changes on the main Build A Niche Store website, in the forums and the new templates. Again, BANS is not a product for every one, but if you’re willing to put the effort into it and build a decent eBay affiliate niche store, you can earn some pretty good income with it. My BANS websites earn me around 25% of my income.

You can check out the new web site and learn more about Build A Niche Store here.

PS – This will be the last post for several days as I’ll be on vacation celebrating my wife’s birthday. I’ll try to approve new comments and check my email once a day, but if you don’t hear from me till next week, it’s because we’re chillin’ on vacation. Peace.

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9 Responses to “Build A Niche Store Changes”

  1. Got the email as well, and I have to say I’m very pleased with the direction the boys are deciding to take it. I was becoming very jaded with BANs due to a few of the reasons you stated above, and I’m hoping that the new look and feel for BANs will attract a more constructive audience and filter out all the content-less get rich quick suckers who pollute our much needed bandwidth.

    Have a great vacation.

  2. Hey Elijah,

    Did you get my emails about the interview? Just wondered since you hadn’t responded. Maybe they’re getting lost?

  3. If they are stepping it up a level then maybe its time i took a look. All those shallow no-content bans sites had put me off the concept previously.

  4. Interesting that they chose to banish dissent on their forums. There’s certainly nothing wrong with introducing some forum moderation, which is likely what was absent (or done poorly) to begin with. But crushing alternative views on other products? Seems the developers are getting a little oversensitive for a product that is hardly the work of art (code-wise) that they seem to think it is.

    Their attitude in their email which I received was one that said, “Hey, now that you folks have paid for this product, we may or may not keep it up because, uh, ya’ll are really giving us some grief on a few things”. I personally don’t have any concerns over it – although for $100, I expected more than what I got. There are open-source “free” products (like WordPress, for instance) that are the cat’s meow of their industry. If W/P charged $100 per install, I’d pay it happily, but I wouldn’t have done so years ago because it’s future was uncertain. I think the only reason BANS gets folks like me to pay the $100 to try it out is the promise of making money, unlike W/P where people just like to blog/write whether they make money or not.

    Speaking of W/P, I heard somewhere that BANS has been integrated with WordPress – or maybe a theme or two for W/P that is “BANS friendly” has been developed? Any word on that or have you tried that out yet? Could be a worthwhile article for A/C.

    As for your vacation, I hope you are kidding. We are being flooded to the max down here by Tropical Storm Fay, so I hope someone is watching your house. The rain is just filling everything up fast and we still have 24 hours or more of rain to go. Hopefully, you are just taking an “at home” vacation and keeping the SUV warmed up to go get some sandbags if necessary.

  5. You touched on BANS is looking to aim at the more serious marketer. This can only help the program out and open the eyes of the more successful internet marketers who understand that you cannot make millions over night.

    Marketing your product at tire kickers and people who believe in get rich quick overnight opportunities will only give you a lower quality reputation.


  6. Every time I visit your blog I get so excited and want to start up a BANS but I never seem to follow through. Which tells me it may not be for me, yet. Like you said they are not intended for everyone.

    You provide such great info here.

  7. Cool stuff. I don’ t know much about BANS but I’ve heard about it. Both good and bad things, and so any type of change for the better is good in my opinion! I’ll keep watching to see what you guys have to say about it, and if it looks decent, I may try it out at some point.

    Thanks for the update

  8. It looks like to me they are trying to weed out the weak links throughout BANS, and try to make it more of a productive product for product people that will actually push it. Because I know some BANS are just sitting there. I don’t think they made a bad choice. It is also good they moved toward the more professional look.

  9. While doing some SEO work on a client site, I ran across a good number of BANS sites that are ranking really well. They are ranking for a product with a great ROI as well. BANS is certainly worthwhile to look into.

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