Tropical Storm Fay Has Finally Gone Away

Last week was supposed to be a week long celebration and vacation for my wife’s birthday, but instead turned out to be more like a long bout of cabin fever thanks to tropical storm Fay. The home of Affiliate Confession was right in the eye of the storm as we are located in Palm Bay, Florida. And as you can see from the rain totals map, we were in the dark green zone for receiving between 15 and 30 inches of rain. I think we got about 20 inches of rain where we are for a 3 day total.

Fay Rainfall

Thankfully, we we’re high and dry through the storm, but as you can see from the pics below some people lost their cars and had their entire neighborhoods blocked off from the rising water.

Flooded Cars

Flooded Road

A friend of ours standing beside his mailbox. His home was okay, but others in his development did get some water inside.

Flooded neighborhood

The town of Cocoa, which is about 30 minutes north of us, had some neighborhoods that were flooded and water got into homes and in areas north of Orlando several homes had to be evacuated because of the flooding St John’s river.

This is pretty unusual for Florida because we just don’t get floods here like you see around the Mississippi with actual rivers overflowing their banks. I’ve been through so many hurricanes and tropical storms I can’t count them, some with winds 100-120 mph, but this one kicked our tail even though it never reached hurricane strength. Fay was way different than most storms like this because it just wouldn’t go away. Once it reached Brevard county it hung out here for 3 days and poured rain for 72 hours solid.

Even in bad hurricanes most of the time we get strong winds and pouring rain for 12 hours or so with medium rain for another 12 hours. These storms usually move fairly fast and the worst passes in a few hours. Fay gave us torrential rain for 3 days with medium to heavy rain for 12 hours while it approached and 12 more hours of rain when it passed and moved up the coast and across northern Florida.

Durning the storm since we were couped up in the house I worked on some PPC and Facebook ads and it was pretty nice just to be able to concentrate on that and nothing else. There sure is something to be able to focus on just one thing for a few days. We’ll see how the results turn out.

After the storm we got to enjoy some of our vacation and went over to Orlando and Winter Park for a couple of days and have another week long vacation planned for Grayton Beach in the Florida panhandle in mid September. Even though Jean and I didn’t get to vacation like we had planned, we’re very thankful that there wasn’t any damage to our home as some people are having to deal with now. We were only slightly inconvenienced, others lost their homes and vehicles.

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14 Responses to “Tropical Storm Fay Has Finally Gone Away”

  1. Man, it was BANANAS up here in N. Melbourne. I live right on the golf course and it looked like a lake when it was all said and done. There is a dip that runs all the way across one of the fairways that turned into a river, it was running over the edge of the golf course into the ditch, eventually the edge of the ditch collapsed from the weight, all of the sand that was under the grass was flushed out into the ditch leaving a muiti-level waterfall. It was awesome!

    Check it out;

  2. Kiley,

    Cool, that must have been fun to watch.

  3. Yeah, dude and my boys loved playing in it!

  4. I’m glad to hear you made it through the storm w/ no major problems. Our turn is coming in a few months, only we get the snow, not the rain. Shouldn’t be anything like we had 2 years ago, though!

  5. Sorry you guys didn’t get the vacation you wanted, but I am glad that you’re both safe and well. (and happy birthday to Mrs. Confession!)

  6. Wow, the picture of your friend with his mailbox is insane. good thing when I visited florida in july, none of this happened. there was just alot of rain.

  7. I am so glad Fay is gone. All of that rain was starting to get depressing. I finally got to go to the beach again yesterday. Luckily ML didn’t have any storm damage.

  8. The remnants of Fay have been around here for the past three days just pouring more rain than I ever thought we would have. I can’t imagine what it was like in Florida. Glad you guys are okay!

  9. Thanks for sharing. People in other parts of the US don’t really have a clue what you were going thru. I didn’t realize how bad it was.

  10. Eric,

    Those are some wild pics. I didn’t know snow could cause that much damage.

    Thanks everyone for leaving your comments, thankfully were okay for now. I always look forward to the end of hurricane season almost as much as I look forward to Christmas.

  11. Wow.. Living in South Miami for 4 years, and dealing with hurricane Georges and Floyd, I definitely relate to what you went through.

    I absolutely love Cocoa Beach, and used to frequent there when I was playing in my band at the time – It sucks that they had to go through that, especially with such nice people in that area.

    I’m glad you guys are ok, and made the best of it – gotta roll with the punches I guess..

  12. That is some crazy weather, It’s good to see you survived. We don’t get those hectic storms where i am from.

  13. With all that rain you are lucky your home was not damaged. I see my state (Ohio) will be getting some of the leftovers tomorrow.

  14. it is hard to predict about such storms even for weather channels…

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