Tip For Creative Use Of Spam Email

Nancy Pelosi helping affiliate marketingIf you are like me you probably get tons of spam emails every day. I usually get between 300 and 400 every single day of the week even though I’ve set up several rules in Outlook Express to deal with all of it. I’ve eliminated about 30% of my spam lately with the rules, but lots of it still comes in.

Sometimes I read the subject lines just for a laugh and then delete the long list of emails. But it seems as of late, the subjects have been getting more and more creative with lines on the order of cataclysmic world events, Bill Clinton engaging more deeply in his sordid lifestyle and then the most creative one I’ve seen ever:

Release Of The Nancy Pelosi Sex Dvd Causes Mass Erectile Dysfunction

Great Spam FolderI almost fell out of my chair the first time I read that line. And that’s when it hit me, I ought to be saving some of these great headlines to get ideas for Facebook and Google ads. So I created a folder in Outlook and as I scan the spam every morning, if a headline sticks out then it goes into the Great Spam Headlines folder for future consideration.

I probably won’t be trying to sell any Nancy Pelosi DVD’s on Facebook anytime soon, but you never know how a subject line may inspire you for a killer line of your own. Besides, what do you think the chances are of getting Ms Pelosi’s mug approved to run on Facebook?

I would like to thank Nancy for helping out at least one affiliate marketer come up with a creative idea. And you thought your tax dollars were wasted.

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9 Responses to “Tip For Creative Use Of Spam Email”

  1. I’ve been doing this for a while. Something else to add, talk to your AM to see how the offer connected to the SPAM email is converting. Sky is the limit from there!

  2. I love those headlines! I’ve been getting a fair few about Paris Hilton lately that have making me laugh out loud (not so good at the day job).

  3. This is an attention grabbing title. From my gmail, I have one that says “Paris Hilton Slams Victoria Beckham as Eurotrash” and “Paris Hilton Headed Back to Jail?” . Of recent, I have been getting paris hilton emails. But they link to virus programs. ou can email me if you want more title I do get.

  4. Hehe, nice headline. I bet that open rate of that email was. kinda high.

  5. Alan, I will NEVER accuse you of not recycling! Hah!

  6. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! As I’ve said in the past … thanks for a much need laugh! *SmiLes* Suzanne

    P.S. Oh … and very good marketing info to keep in mind too 😉

  7. Oh man… that’s too much…

    But you’re really onto something with this. Grabbing headlines that attract your attention and using them as inspiration for your own is definitely taking a negative situation and turning it into a win.

  8. Great post. You got me by surprise and it truly made me laugh. :)


  9. Nice use of almost all the best ones in a single headline!

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