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For the last few weeks I’ve been toying around with a new store building script called StoreStacker that I believe has potential even though I had quite the adventure installing it. Yes, StoreStacker has potential, but if you don’t have the right hosting that includes Zend Optimizer and the ability to easily run cron jobs, this could be one seriously frustrating install for you.

StoreStacker is a script that you upload and install on your server that grabs products and feeds from eBay, Amazon, YouTube, Clickbank, Overstock, RegNow, HotelClub and any RSS feed that mashes everything up into a nice little store that could have anywhere from 50 pages to 1,000’s of pages. With the exception of  products featured on your home page, StoreStacker creates an individual page for every single item in your store. For instance, I created this digital camera deals web site with products from eBay and Amazon, photography videos from YouTube and photography books from Clickbank and Amazon, with every product having its own page.

As you go to each product or video page, StoreStacker grabs the product description, tags and other pertinent info along with automatically mashing up different products, books and videos related to the content on the page, giving you unique content for search engines to index. I installed the digital camera site as a test only 3 weeks ago or so and as of this post I have 11 pages indexed by Google so far.

While StoreStacker does create a lot of content for you, I would never suggest you just throw up one of these stores and not add any of your own original content. There’s just too much garbage on the net today and we certainly don’t need to add to the cyber-landfill that spammers and spolgs have created. StoreStacker allows you to add content to any page just by navigating to each one and adding your own product description or whatever you want and I suggest you do this to as many pages as you can (my store still needs a lot of work).

Since your store will change over time because of updating you will do through a cron job, you probably aren’t going to want to add content to your individual eBay pages. They will obviously change once your store updates. What you can do is add content to your home page, each individual category page and to pages that will be permanent such as product pages from Clickbank, videos from YouTube and some Amazon pages.

Now for hosting StoreStacker. I have to be totally honest with you because that’s why I call this blog Affiliate Confession. Installing this script was a huge pain, no joke. It’s probably more the fault of my hosting company 1and1.com rather than StoreStacker, but it took me 3 days to get this thing working correctly and I was almost to the point of dropping the entire project. However, I see the potential of something like this to make some decent cash and I decided to stick with it.

I think the problem is that 1and1 doesn’t have Zend Optimizer installed and doesn’t use cPanel as as the default interface once you log into your hosting account. Most hosts either have Zend Optimizer installed or will do it for you because it is not something most companies want you to try on your own. After trying to install Zend with no luck on my own and a few emails to tech support pleading with them, they finally installed it for me and I was able to complete the installation of StoreStacker.

Another obstacle I ran into was the ability to run cron jobs at 1and1. Amongst many other things, cPanel allows you to easily set up cron jobs which will automatically update your StoreStacker Store with new products as eBay, Amazon, Overstock and other sites update their products (of course it is especially important for you to be able to update eBay at least once a day). Since 1and1 doesn’t have cPanel, it is a little more complicated process to run cron jobs there. You can still update your store without running a cron job by going into your store interface and updating each category page by hand.

I think StoreStacker can be a nice product for building a quick affiliate store or 2 or 3 (actually you can build as many stores as you want for the price of admission), but you definitely don’t want to host with 1and1 if you decide to use it. If you do get StoreStacker, make darn sure you write to tech support at your hosting company and ask them if Zend Optimizer is installed (or if they will do it for you, for each store) and ask if they use cPanel or have a way to easily set up cron jobs.

Pricing for StoreStacker is $97 for the script and includes the Amazon and eBay plugins. Additional plugins for Clickbank, Overstock, YouTube and others are $25 each. However if you are one of the first few customers some of the plugins will be free, but I’m not sure how many.

Check out StoreStacker and see if it’s for you.

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16 Responses to “Make Money With StoreStacker Affiliate Store Builder”

  1. It sounds like a great idea, but a bit out of my league. Then again, I have HostGator which does use CPanel, so perhaps not?

  2. ey Alan, I think hostgator have preinstalled Zend, and use Cpanel as default and you can set cron jobs easy.

    StoreStacker seems to be a good script and easy to use, but I prefer make my own scripts :)

    another good post anyway

  3. Wow, I just checked out the site you put together – and I must say I’m impressed. Aside from the mish mash of setting it up, how’s the Admin interface compared to BANs for example?

    Easy to use?

  4. I’m thinking of getting StoreStacker after all the good things I’ve heard about it. It even looks like a much better tool than BANS. I can’t wait to see how it’s like. :)


  5. Elijah,

    The admin panel isn’t quite as nice as BANS is, but the store is very easy to set up, that is once you get it installed correctly.

  6. i admit it has potential. The version they sell is good stand alone or you will have to buy their plugins sooner or later?

  7. @ Hugos Santos – There are plugins that you can buy for an extra $25 each. For example, if you want to incorporate Clickbank with your store, you’ll have to buy the $25 Clickbank plugin.

  8. Great review, honest look and it’s nice that you actually did a trial run of the product. I have definitely liked the product, but am still a bit hesitant to buy it altogether. I am pretty sure that it would work perfectly on a HostGator account like I have though… pretty sure Zend comes standard.

  9. Sounds a bit more sophisticated than BANS. I would be interested in seeing a follow-up after you have had a chance to trial it for a while and compare it to BANS performance.

  10. Thought the review was done well, there are so many different approaches out there to monetize a blog or a site for that matter, I’ll keep it on the list for a future site. Thanks

  11. it’s a very good idea… bans are now a good way to make a real good money

  12. Do you think it’s better than BANS?

  13. Hey, great post! Do you think SS is good to work with Amazon products as a stand-alone? I see everybody talking how they add SS to their website. But I do not want this. I want to create a totally new website, just the niche store with some additional info by myself. Would this work you think?

  14. Also, have you tried BANS? Any comparison?

  15. FightCellulite,

    Yes, StoreStacker would be a good stabd alone fo Amazon. And yes, I do use BANS and earn as much as $1,000 a month with it.

  16. I just bought this script.I am currently builtding a website using store stacker.I am currently making a click bank affliate store with 100 product.i will add some articles,review and you tube video related to the specific product.I will tell you if anything goes wrong

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