Harsh Realities Of Affiliate Marketing Review, Parts 1-7

I finished up the Harsh Realities of Affiliate Marketing series a few days ago but wanted to write a short review and have 1 single post where you can find all 7 posts in the series and get a quick summary of what each one is about.

I did the series to let mainly new affiliates know that as much as the ebook pimps want you to think how easy affiliate marketing is, it takes lots and lots of work, there really isn’t any shortcut. But as long as you are willing to put in the time, it can be very rewarding and can give you the freedom from a job that so many look forward to, you just may want to be aware of the obstacles in the road ahead though.

The post titles and a short summary of each are listed below:

Harsh Reality 1 – Ranking For Keywords That Get Zero Traffic Means Nothing
Don’t make the mistake of spending time getting your blog or web site to rank for keyword phrases that don’t bring you any traffic.

Harsh Reality 2 – You Will Lose Money Starting In PPC
If you are going to try your hand at PPC, be prepared to lose money before you make money. Set a budget you can afford to lose before you get started.

Harsh Reality 3 – You’ll Never Make A Living With Banner Ads
We’ve all seen those websites plastered with nothing but affiliate banners. If you own a site like that, I can guarantee you aren’t making enough money to buy yourself a decent dinner once a week, probably not even once a month.

Harsh Reality 4 – There Will Be A Major Setback In Your Affiliate Career
If you don’t get slammed at least once in your affiliate marketing efforts and have a disappointing setback, you aren’t trying hard enough.

Harsh Reality 5 – No Risk Equals No Reward
If you’re going to make money at affiliate marketing, you will have to risk time, money or other goodies until you get the whole thing figured out. Even when you start making some money, you’ll have to take risks to get to that next level.

Harsh Reality 6 – Those Who Analyse The Most, Do The Least
If you’re stuck in the perpetual cycle of over analysing and planning, the only way out is to actually do something. Ultimately it is the action part of affiliate marketing that earns you the money.

Harsh Reality 7 – Don’t Count On Your Blog Making Money
If you are blogging about how to make money online, it’s probably a good idea that you go out and make some money first.

The real harsh reality of affiliate marketing is that you can make some very good money having an online business, you just have to watch out for the lazy work habits, stupid mistakes, bad advice, deceptive marketing and false dreams that can end up hurting you in the end. However, some of these trials are a good thing to work through, that way you know what not to do. The better perspective you have on the truth about being an affiliate, the better chance you have of making a living at it.

I hope you enjoyed and benefited from the Harsh Reality series.

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10 Responses to “Harsh Realities Of Affiliate Marketing Review, Parts 1-7”

  1. This is really a great overview post on an awesome series that is a must read for all new affiliates. Once again, congrats and thanks for the wonderful series!

  2. Alan,

    I’ve enjoyed following this one. Believe it or not, your lessons give me hope.

    Back to work for me!


  3. Static, John,

    Glad you guys enjoyed and benefited from the posts. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Alas, the Harsh Review.. lol, I’ve actually been waiting for this so I can save it in a notepad file for reference – it could really prove effective if read whenever things don’t seem to be going right online… A little taste of reality to make you tighten up those shoe laces and keep on keepin on.

    And I agree, it is beneficial to allow yourself to work through the trials, rather than spending all your time and effort fearing them or trying to avoid it all together.

    You must fall to pick yourself back up, right?

  5. Alan,

    How refreshing to read your series of articles! After all the usual hype and hullabaloo about how to get rich quick it’s great that someone’s telling it like it really is!

  6. This is an excellent, excellent post! #6 is something I wish more people would understand. So many people are afraid to “just do it” that they sit and spin their wheels agonizing over the smallest details that often don’t matter as much (how long should my pages be, etc.)

  7. Hey Lisa,

    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. You may lose money in the beginning with PPC. Just think of it as paying to go to school. It is a learning experience in the beginning until you figure out the right combination of keywords, bids, campaign etc..

  9. These are all very true, but I would like to comment on two of them. First of all, you are right that you should do good keyword research. I have dominated the SERPS for certain keywords only to find that those keywords don’t get any searches. :(
    Another good point is that you need to stop thinking and start working. I used to do lots of research and spend time planning things, but it didn’t make me anything. Then I decided to just start working hard and concentrate on getting something done and it payed off.

  10. From those short summaries I feel that I know everything I need to. So why aren’t I making much money lol!

    Though today was one of my best adsense days, over $3! :)


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