Done With Entrecard

Done With EntrecardThe time has finally come to remove the Entrecard widget from Affiliate Confession and make better use of the sidebar space it has occupied. Over the last couple of months some major bloggers have dropped Entrecard and some of my favorite places to advertise (that have brought me the most traffic) have left as well, but the last straw in helping me make that decision was when Lisa from To Create A Website rejected my Entrecard advertisement because she is also leaving Entrecard.

I’ve had a 9 month love, hate relationship with Entrecard and sang it’s praises when I first installed the widget on this blog at the beginning of December 2007. Through those 9 months I’ve tried massive advertising experiments, purchased credits from eBay and Entrecard itself, won thousands of Entrecard credits and spent massive amounts of time dropping cards and trying to find blogs worthy of advertising on.

And that’s where my main issue with Entrecard comes in. Trying to locate blogs worthy of spending your hard earned credits to advertise on is a huge time waster mainly because 97 to 98% of the blogs in the Entrecard system are one small step above being spam blogs. And unfortunately the pricing system for advertising isn’t based on actual traffic a blog receives, it’s based on how many ads are waiting to be shown in the blog’s que. This sometimes creates hugely overpriced ads that bring little to no traffic.

The process of hunting down blogs in your niche, visiting them to see what they look like, weeding through blogs that have advert prices above 1000 credits, yet have less than 10 rss readers, getting less than quality traffic from your ads and then sticking with that process week, after week, after week is just too cumbersome. Where Entrecard fails in my opinion is that the adverts you place only last for 24 hours. In my last advertising blitz I spent somewhere around 8 hours using up 30,000 credits, advertising on 300 different blogs and did get some low quality visitors to the tune of 250 to 300 oer day. But that only lasted for 10 days and the whole process starts over again.

That just doesn’t work economically for me. If I’m going to spend 8 hours doing advertising for my blog, it should last longer than 10 days and bring better quality traffic. Entrecard is too much like those lame traffic exchange systems where you earn traffic credits for visiting other sites in the system you aren’t interested in just to get people who aren’t interested in your site to visit you. Sadly, Entrecard is not much different than that.

If you have an ad already in my que it will run, but as of today, I won’t be approving any new ads. See ya later Entrecard.

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18 Responses to “Done With Entrecard”

  1. For new blogs, entrecard is the best traffic source. I recommend new blogs to use entrecard to get exposure in the blogosphere.

  2. In some aspects, it really is a good idea to get rid of Entrecard. Like you said, the space can be better used by something else. I’m thinking of getting rid of my Entrecard as well.

  3. One big challenge for any advertiser is to locate the right traffic he/she is looking for.

    For Entrecard, there’s so much effort needed to weed out those sites which are not going to give you a good ROI simply because its the system is so crowded.

    The biggest reason being it is free or almost free.

    So if we can afford it, go for paid ads instead. There’s a lot less clutter.

  4. I’ve never used Entrecard, and never planned to because the set up never seemed to be efficient enough for me. Just today I was on a blog and saw an Entrecard and thought for a second “maybe I should go get one just for kicks” now that I’ve had confirmation from someone whose wisdom I trust, I’m glad that I didn’t waste that time…

    The best traffic for new bloggers is traffic from other related blogs by actively participating, and utilizing the power of social media. We almost hit 1500 unique visitors, and 17,000 page views in the first month of our blogs existence simply from commenting actively and social media. And this is in a heavily saturated market.

    All for free – it’s a beautiful thing.

  5. I think a lot of people ditched Entrecard because most of the blogs with it do not have solid traffic. Soon it will be used by mostly new blogs or those blog that are near being abandoned – not much in terms of quality.

  6. For the most part I agree with you, but maybe part of your problem with Entrecard had to do with the fact you were still sending visitors to a post from last December. I understand why you were doing this, but for almost 5 months I thought your blog was a splog because I was always sent to the same old post which was almost 9 months old. Many droppers are not going to click through to your homepage and read your recent post. I finally did this after 5 months of landing on your site through EC.

  7. Another gripe I have with EntreCard is not being able to trust the clicks you receive from other blogs. I remember getting 135 clicks from a blog. I got excited (briefly), but when I went to the blog and saw the person had no pagerank, hardly any blog comments, it was hard for me to believe that a blog that looks so un-trafficked could bring me that kind of traffic when John Chow’s popular blog only brought me 50 visits. So EntreCard really needs to work on click tracking because a lot of people produce fake clicks to drive up the price of their blog.

  8. yeah, they really need to work on the criteria for signing up and creating an account – so much crap fills their network, and clicks don’t mean crapolla if their from a junk site just like Lisa said…

  9. Wow, I haven’t played with it, but these experiences explain the anger/frustration people are having.

  10. Woohoo! Another blog getting rid of Entrecard… don’t worry, I’ll be the next one. Matter of fact, I haven’t logged into my account for a while lol!


  11. I think it’s great for new blogs, but like you really question the benefit for larger/higher traffic blogs. I keep the card up on my site now to benefit other smaller blogs.

  12. saying that 97% 98% of blogs are spam it is a bit harsh.
    the demise of entrecard started when they changed the pricing system… total crap imho

    each day i use less and less entrecard. and the traffic it delivers to me is minimal.

  13. One major problem that I am having with entrecard is the drop rate on my blog. Many people are just searching for the entrecard to drop on and then leaving.

  14. Gaje Master – Unfortunately, that isn’t going to change… the bounce rate will be higher and higher. 😛


  15. I also got rid of my entrecard. Most people went to my blog simply to click and get a credit for it. They stayed much less than the average visitors with an above average bounce %..

  16. i’ve been thinking about giving entrecard a try, but i keep on having second thoughts. and after reading this post, perhaps entrecard really isn’t a very good option after all.

  17. By the way, I have also recently gotten rid of Entrecard. Feels good to have more space for better use on my blog. :)

  18. Good article man – after losing a lot of money on ad words I am wondering where to spend next – what do you think of the facebook ads?

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