August 2008 Affiliate Earnings Report

I’m not the accountant in our family. Crunching numbers for hours at a time makes me loony, but I do love to figure out affiliate earnings every month because it gives me a legitimate excuse to be obsessive about checking stats, which I usually have a bad habit of doing way too much.

I was hoping to get to $5,000 in earnings this month, but actually had a slight drop. This month was a good example of why you should keep your affiliate business diversified. Revenue shifted quite a bit from some solid earners into newer and unexpected income streams. While earnings from the eBay Partner Network were down by about $400 and revenue from my top BANS store was down by nearly $600, other affiliate streams almost replaced it. Earnings from Azoogle, Clickbank and Market Leverage were up and after advertising expenses, profit was around $500 from these three. I also earned a nice $282.51 from Site Build It which I rarely ever promote.

Pay per click advertising between Facebook ads and Adwords showed the most promise this month as a spend of $1,115.11 (this is what I can specifically track)  created revenue of $1,609.90, realizing a profit of $494.79. It’s now a matter of weeding out the losers and attempting to tweak and ramp up the winners.

Total revenue did come in at over $5,000 this month, but costs were at an all time high. Everything breaks down as follows:

Google Adsense – $1,415.24
Commission Junction – $110.37
EPN – eBay – $719.19
Meal Planner Ebook – $102.00
TripAdvisor – $177.03
Clickbank – $266.83
Private Advertising – $175.00
AzoogleAds – $1,152.85
Microsoft – $200.00
Pepperjam  – $49.70
Market Leverage – $252.85
Other Affiliate Programs – $405.46

Total Revenue – $5,026.52

Total expenses – $1,208.46

Total Income – $3,818.06

The goal for September is to reach $5,000 in earnings even though this month is traditionally very slow and we’ll be on a nice beach vacation for a week. Hopefully we can avoid the 3 storms churning up the Atlantic ocean as I write this. Our last vacation was rained out, so it would be nice to get a break from that.

Remember, keep your earnings streams diversified to avoid getting crushed when that big stream turns into a tiny creek and your income suffers significantly because it’s the only thing you have going.

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12 Responses to “August 2008 Affiliate Earnings Report”

  1. I laughed when you say you have a bad habit for checking stats :) I get obsessed with checking my stats and seeing how everything is going , where traffic is coming from. I normally waste a lot of time doing nothing when there are other things i should be doing.

    $5,000 a month would be i nice earner, good luck.


  2. I’m digging your redirect for the SBI link… lol, what a domain name!

    I know you had a busy month on and off line, and the numbers show..

    I guess my main issue right now personally, aside from not having adequate funds for advertising experimentation (ppc) is I’m at a point where I have no problem generating traffic and back links to a particular destination… but monetizing that destination is where the challenge arises..

    For myself it’s more finding a single stream of income first, and then replicating and diversifying… I have yet to hit my single stream on anything substantial other than coffee change here and there :)

  3. Elijah,

    Yea, I got that domain name when I didn’t know what I was doing.

  4. Alan,

    I think you did great. Your earnings will fluctuate from month to month but as long as you are moving in the right direction that is all that counts!


  5. Alan,

    Hey, how’s about a chart showing activity from month to month? I think it would be pretty sweet.

    Till later,


  6. Pretty interesting. I am far behid you but would appreciate if you have a look at my earnings http://www.harry-inc.com/august-affiliate-earnings :)

  7. That’s still some solid earnings, considering the economy and pessissim facing consumers. Great work! I hope you exceed your $5k goal this month!

  8. Good job :) You are definitely right about diversification. I’m trying to do the same right now too so affiliate marketing is an area I want to grow in since I can’t seem to do much with ebay.

  9. I really wonder how …

    You get so much from Google Adsense – $1,415.24

    You also get so much from AzoogleAds – $1,152.85. I wonder what it is and do you have an affiliate link to it? I’d try to sign up and see.

    I dream one day I get a few hundred $ of AdSense per month… But that dream is for 2 years already without any success.

  10. I understand the stats checking thing. I used to check the stats for all my accounts multiple times each day, lol. I’ve gotten better now and only check once or twice each day. And I’m still fairly new to affiliate marketing, so these earnings are great! Inspiration for people like me. :)

  11. wow…$1,500 in adsense really impressive….but I am not seeing any adsense here.

  12. @SEO forums,

    Yeah, no adsense on his site. He must be very successful on building other niche websites that earn a fortune. I also notice my own blog barely get any clicks from AdSense so I maybe removing it soon.

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