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PPC CoachI’ve confessed in the past my weakness in the area of search marketing. Pay-per-click has consistently been an area that I have not done well in, and I think a lot of affiliate marketers are in the same boat. Here and there I have made some money, but for the 3 years I’ve been an affiliate, I’ve probably been lucky if I’ve broken even in PPC.

There are lots of good blogs throughout the net that do a pretty good job of helping you figure out PPC, but I wanted something that I could study, where I could ask questions, I wanted tools and I wanted to see exactly how people were making money in PPC. That’s why I joined PPC Coach about 5 days ago. PPC Coach isn’t cheap at $50 per month, but if you are tired of spending money with Google Adwords and not seeing results, then you seriously ought to take a look at it. In the 5 days I’ve been a member I’ve already learned enough to run some campaigns and earn my first month’s cost back, so right there I know this stuff works.

For $50 a month PPC Coach gives you a series of videos, tools, a tracking system, an offer database where you can check out and compare the best paying offers between networks and more goodies, but the real power of PPC Coach is the month-by-month suggested campaigns and techniques to utilize, and the forums where people making more than $1,000 a day offer advice and sometimes literally walk you through difficulties you may be having trying to get a campaign profitable.

The thing that excites me the most is the monthly techniques and campaigns to run. And the nice thing about the way PPC Coach works is that you can only see the number of techniques according to the number of months you’ve been a member. “Coach” as we call him, specifically designed the system this way so newbies like myself don’t jump right in and try to start learning and doing everything under the sun. So when you first join PPC Coach, in the Merchants section, you can only see posts related to technique number 1 for the entire month. The philosophy is, “Here, run this, we’ll tell you exactly how to do it, and don’t do anything else.”

I can’t tell you much more than the month one technique involves making money from zip and email submits, because I’d probably get in trouble, but as you can see from the screen shots below, you can. Only a couple of months ago I didn’t think it was possible to make money by producing leads via search that pay just $1 to $1.75, but a friend explained them to me a little better and PPC Coach sort of refined the process. I’ll write a post about it in a few days explaining the concept, but again, I can’t be specific because of TOS violations. 

PPC Coach Earnings

PPC Coach is great if you are frustrated with trying to figure out PPC and want to jump right in, have some money to spend and are ready to get started. If you are hesitant, are short on cash or PPC isn’t the direction you want to go, then do not spend the money on PPC Coach, it isn’t for you. I only decided to join because I spend way more than the $50 membership fee every month on my own pay-per-click marketing and don’t have that much to show for it.

You can check out PPC Coach here only if you are ready to learn the paid search game or are looking to make even more from what you are already doing in paid search.

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12 Responses to “Joined PPC Coach”

  1. well – look at your earnings; you’ve already made your $50 for the month back – I’d call that a success right there!

    I’m turning a decent daily profit on AdWords now (wasn’t for ages!) but I’m still thinking PPC Coach might be a good idea to really boost those daily earnings up to where I’d like them. Do you know if you can ‘cancel anytime’ if you find it’s not worth your while? or are you locked in for a set number of months?

  2. Thanks for your recommendation; I joined, too – now I have to make some time to watch those videos.

  3. Thanks for the info. I have considered joining so I will look forward to your future posts on PPC Coach to see how you are doing.

  4. I’m definitely intrigued for the future – but cash is so tight right now that learning ppc wouldn’t be a smart thing!!! This really does sound cool though, I’m kind of the same way when it comes to learning – I really enjoy studying something thoroughly and having access to people and resources within a network setting.. It makes things super stimulating, which usually produce the best results.

  5. Nice Work Alan … get some confidence first with PPC and then tackle the big niches :)

  6. Adwords, Google or AdSense is not the end of the world. There are many other PPC programs that convert real good and are much cheaper than AdWords. I guess you should try the rest. I have forgotten Google lately and have been doing good with other programs like YSM, AdBrite etc.

  7. Wow, that’s some good earnings from zip submits. I will have to check out PPC coach. But I’m not sure on the monthly lesson limits. I’d prefer to move quickly if I can, but then again it would probably save me money if I just followed their training.

  8. I’ve always wanted to join PPC Coach. For $50/month, I think that’s actually a pretty good deal. When I get enough funds, I’m going to be joining the program as soon as I can.

  9. I blew a lot of money on adwords and since have not been back. PPC coach could be just what i need to get the confidence to return to adwords. Thanks for the info.


  10. Thank you for the tip regarding PPC Coach. I don’t foresee myself doing PPC in the near future, but PPC Coach is definitely something I can use when I do start back in the PPC game.

  11. Seriously considering joining myself. Keep us posted on the program!

  12. This is interesting.

    I’m just looking for a program to learn about PPC and different advertising networks to gain the differences. Maybe it’s the right place for me to look, right here at the blog I visited many times.

    Please keep me update with the month’s result because I really wonder if that $50/m will be paid off.

    I’m loosing money everyday now making no sales.


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