Could The World End Tomorrow Sept 10th?

Large Hadron ColliderCould the world possibly end tomorrow? Well sure it could, I guess it could end any day if you think about it. But what has a few people alarmed at least for tomorrow is that the most powerful particle accelerator ever built, known as the Large Hadron Collider housed at CERN Labs in Geneva Switzerland is coming online Wednesday September 10th.

The Large Hadron Collider is the most expensive single machine ever built by man at a cost of $10 billion and is massive in it’s scale. It consists of 17 miles of underground tunnels and a collection chamber with machined steel plates at either end 30 meters in diameter (3 times higher than the tallest diving platform at the Olympics). The purpose of the collider is to discover fundamental particles, specifically the theorized Higgs boson, that will help scientists take a step closer in their search for The Grand Unified Theory which will basically explain all of physics.

Where the problem comes in, is that the experiments conducted by the collider can produce mini black holes which some scientists predict can end up at the core of the Earth and eventually consume it (yes, the Earth) like you do your grandmother’s special blueberry pancakes. For some ultra-geek reading, check out professor Otto Rossler’s paper on how this may happen (get out your scientific calculators). He has also filed a lawsuit trying to stop the collider from becoming fully operational.

The world probably won’t end tomorrow because the LHC is only being fully powered up and accelerating a beam of particles around the ring without crashing them into an opposing beam which would produce the mini black holes. However, you never know what will happen.

If you don’t know what will happen to you if the world comes to an end, you can check out this site.

Or if you’d like to watch as the world possibly ends tomorrow, CERN is having a webcast of the days events and you can watch the world end live right here. If the world does end, Google’s ad revenue is sure to decrease a bit.

If you’d like to read some geek tech and science news, you can check out the KurzweilAI.net newsletter where I first discovered this story. I hope you enjoyed our field trip away from affiliate marketing today.

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15 Responses to “Could The World End Tomorrow Sept 10th?”

  1. That means I am going a nano second faster into the whole than you – since I live in this country :)

  2. The world can’t end yet! I haven’t finished my latest BANS site!

  3. Manuel,

    If anything happens, please contact me so I can get ready. LOL!

  4. The world is just beginning tomorrow as far as I’m concerned… And then again the day after, and the day after that.. Every day is a new day!

    This is some pretty heavy news. I thoroughly enjoy science, even though I don’t quite understand everything. I’ll be stopping by the links you put up.

  5. Oh man, I’m quite skeptical with this. Like any day could be the last day of our lives. It doesn’t matter how we will end it. We can get hit by a car, a rock can fall down the sky, or the Earth can be sucked into a black hole.

    It’s sad, but it’s true, every day can be our last day. And this is why I live life to the fullest, and never look back, life is just too friggin short to worry about everything.

  6. Oh boy,

    Anyone who really thinks this thing is going to end the world needs to take a physics class.

    I dont care if Einstein said it was going to destroy the world, all of the worlds leading physicists know that there is no danger at CERN. our atmosphere gets pelted every second by solar radiation billions of times more powerful than CERN could ever be.

    These “mini black holes”, would evaporate in a billionth of a second, not nearly enough time to “suck up the world”.

    Pardon me if I sound angry, but people like this, who file lawsuits to try stop the forward movement of science really get under my skin and make me want to slap a baby. Religious institutions are notorious for this, but i wont go into that out of respect for Alan, as i know he values his faith.


  7. Eric,

    Agreed, it’s all pretty much tounge in cheek and I only write it because this stuff is fascinating to me. If professor Rossler were that smart he should have filed suit before $10 billion was spent.

    I actually can’t wait to see what scientists discover at CERN with the LHC. Should be amazing!

  8. Great post Alan. I just read about this in the newspaper today and it’s a bit scary…but I’m ready for whatever may come!

  9. Ahhh yes… the world is going to end.

    I’m ready… you see i’ve developed a technology that’ll phase shift me into the dark matter version that we’ll all turn into. I’ve actually already got a BANS site running up here, it’s selling the dark matter iPod … great device. You should check it out. You might need one to keep busy while you watch the world reanimate itself into existance 😉


  10. Well, I’m here and the blog is here. Unless we are both traveling through the mini blackhole, I’d say we are OK. :)

  11. Well, I’m still alive. But also, my girlfriend was all telling about this and I think this is a BIG waste of money lol!


  12. looks like the world didn’t end after all… wonder if they’ll take my anti-black hole tin foil hat back, at the store… :)

  13. This was pretty interesting. I didn’t know they could build something like this, although I do know how far technology has come. I laugh at all these ideas about black holes though. As far as I am concerned, Earth won’t explode or anything. According to the Bible nobody knows the time when judgment will come, and we won’t be the ones to bring it about either.

  14. Phew we’re still here then! Thing is, the black holes are made when the particles collide and as far as I know they haven’t done that yet?

    Even so, millions of high speed collisions happen every second in the atmosphere and the Earth is how many millions of years old?


  15. sseee..nothing happened……I guess media scared people for nothin

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