Remembering The Victims Of 9-11

No blog post today, just a picture in remembrance of the victims of 9-11.

Rembering The Victims Of 9-11

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11 Responses to “Remembering The Victims Of 9-11”

  1. indeed. today’s a sad, unfortunate day.

  2. God Bless

  3. What makes me sad is not only the people who lost their lives, but the people who continue to believe what they want you to believe, with regards to how this event really happened and who the true terrorists are.

  4. Sad day for sure… sometimes a simple sentence with a picture says more than anything!


  5. I saw some good shows on the discovery channel last week about 9/11. Sad stories..

  6. 9/11 is certainly a day that will be remembered by everyone. I will always remember what I was doing at the moment I heard the news.

  7. It is terrible what happened on that day, and it will be remembered. I think it is important to note that nothing much has happened within our country since that happened though. Security is tougher now and there is less of a threat. Hopefully nothing like this will ever happen again, to the US or anywhere else.

  8. Its a beautiful thought, and a wonderful way to express it.

  9. god bless them all…….

  10. Rest in Peace ….

  11. God bless all victims in 9-11,

    AND. also(seldom mentioned)..

    victims in Iraq…

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