Following The Rules, Or Taking Advantage Of Them?

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What about the rules, how closely should we follow them? The slaps, algorithm changes, TOS updates and constant policy changes we’re supposed to comply with as affiliates can be a bit overwhelming at times. And we know that the mother of all rules changes is the almighty (they just think they are) Google. If you don’t comply with Google, you essentially don’t get to play the game…that is unless you look at the rules a different way.

My financial advisor told me some time back that our politician friends running the show (if you want to call it that) in DC just go about their business continuing to complicate the tax code and then people like him read it and figure out ways to get around it. It’s just a game that’s been played ever since the wicked lawmakers have inhabited the halls of Congress and state capitals. My financial advisor’s job is to look at the complicated mess and figure out a way to save us money. People pay ridiculous amounts of money to Uncle Sam when they don’t have to.

I’m beginning to learn that rather than freak out about what Google throws my way, it’s a whole lot better to just absorb it and figure out how to use it best to my advantage or what to do to get around it. One thing I’ve learned to get around lately is the big freakout about lading page quality. The only thing Google wants there is your landing page to reflect what’s in your ad and they only look at your destination url. As long as your top level destination url matches your top level display url (even when it goes through a tracking link) and there aren’t any quality problems, you are good to go. You can then set your individual keyword url to whatever you want.

You can use this to your advantage if you direct link to offers and are having a hard time getting a good quality score, don’t put in your affiliate link as the destination url, use the top level url of your offer and then use your affiliate link with a tracking code as your keyword url. This works on both Google’s search and content network. Now put on your thinking caps and brainstorm on ways you can really take advantage of this little trick and you’ll never have to worry about quality score again.

Just as a warning here though, I’m not in any way condoning purposely breaking the rules or the law. If you violate Google’s terms, you will get nailed and if you break the tax laws, you may go to jail. There is a big difference in taking advantage of what’s in the rules vs walking over them and crossing the line. If you do Adsense, there are ways to optimize your ad placements so you earn the most possible, then there are idiots who ask their friends to click on their ads and can’t figure out why they get banned.

Don’t worry about the rules, adapt and take advantage of them. Oh, I was looking for my wife when we stopped at a rest stop, so I climbed up on the planter wall.

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10 Responses to “Following The Rules, Or Taking Advantage Of Them?”

  1. I totally agree with you regarding taxes, why would anyone give more to Uncle Sam, when he can spend that money on other things. Oh and you Adwords tip sounds cool, I’m going to try it soon.

  2. Uhh yeah… “Tax optimization” is always a fun part :)

    Great post Alen.

  3. Alan, I ‘m looking for a tax accountant. Mind sharing? If so, email his contact info.

  4. Forget taxes, and rules are meant to be bent. I don’t care what anybody says! It has worked for me for 27 years and I plan to have it work for atleast another 27.

  5. very good point. much in the same way that there’s a difference between tax evasion (which is illegal) and tax avoidance (which isn’t), so too people benefit when they try to find ways to work within the rules, in a manner most beneficial to themselves.

    all these online rules can make for tricky maneuvering. but on the upside, those people who’re able to navigate these churning waters will reap benefits.

  6. “Forget taxes, and rules are meant to be bent.”

    I think Wesley Snipes said that and look at the world of trouble his in. :)

  7. It becomes to hard to know all the rules and laws these days. Do what you can without getting caught :)

  8. LOL! It’s funny because I saw someone at a forum arguing about that keyword URL thing. Someone accused someone else of using PPC ads to get traffic but the other guy was basically summing up what you were saying.


  9. Alan, this is another nice post from you that I had to read word by word. I think I’m becoming your fan.

    Is it your wife who is taking the picture of you “climbing” the planter wall?

    Yes, I agree, we can follow the rules while making money… And I guess that way is more relief, better than crossing the rules to acquire your benefits.

    Traffic is the same both online and offline. If traffic doesn’t follow any rule, accident happens. Offline has traffic police, online has Google. Offline kills people, online kills income…

    Play safe and enjoy making money online!

    Thanks again Alan, for sharing your premium information.

  10. I’m new to affiliate marketing, actually I’m a total newbie. I wonder what do you mean by “destination URL” and “keyword URL”?

    Is it any relation with SEO keyword URL?

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