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In doing some research for another post I came across a huge resource for keyword terms for your Adwords and other PPC campaigns and for content pages. Believe it or not, it comes from Mahalo.com. It was bound to happen, I’ve finally found a use for Jason Calacanis’ search-engine-thingy-whatever-you-want-to-call-it.

It’s actually the category section of Mahalo and it is extremely useful. On this page you’ll find every category listed in Mahalo and then those categories go to their specific category page listing even more keywords linking to their individual page on Mahalo. It’s awesome because categories are listed in keyword fashion such as in the toys category. When you click over there you’ll get a list of all the most popular toy search terms for the last few years. And it gets even better because the words a listed in a way that you can just put your cursor over them and then click and scroll to copy whatever words you want in the list.

With Christmas coming up you could use the toys category to do keyword research for promotions for the buying frenzy during holiday time to figure out what parents will be spending their money on for kiddies. Want a list of popular toys that won toy of the year awards, go here.  Want to make a buck off of the Hannah-Montana-I-can’t-even-go-into-Wal-Mart-without-seeing-her-freekin-picture-EVERYWHERE insanity, checkout the Hannah Montana category.

Some categories are a bit sparse such as the vintage cars category (great for maybe doing ppc for vintage car parts) and other categories are overflowing with every keyword and subject you may have forgotten about such as the Xbox 360 games category. This one has thousands of keywords. I’m sure you could find something to do with all those words.

Some of the categories are listed in a way that you can just copy and paste your keywords into Adwords campaigns (I’d still divide them up into small adgroups by hand or with a keyword tool such as in PPC Coach) or you can just check them out to get some great ideas for further keyword research.

Check out the Mahalo category page and find a ton of great keywords to ramp up your ppc efforts.

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13 Responses to “Huge Keyword Research Resource”

  1. This is good resource that I hadn’t heard of before 😉 Let’s see if I can find another campaign to make some money with..

  2. Really good post. :)

    Thanks for the tip.

  3. Hey Jonathan, thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hey, It’s always nice to see a fellow affiliate marketer/blogger around. I like your style. Feel free to stop by check out my blog and enter the blog review contest I am holding. All you have to do is subscribe to my RSS feed and let me know you have by commenting on my post called “Giveaway” or emailing me

  5. This place has a lot of useful info. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction.

  6. This rocks – it would be crazy resourceful to use in conjunction with BANs and building the category structure etc…


  7. interesting. would never have thought to look here. secret’s out now though. :)

  8. Thanks for this, Mahalo’s got some really helpful tools here. The tool I use the most is Adwords’ keywords tool – it tells you how many times a keyword is search each month, which is incredibly useful for keyword research.

  9. You seem to never stop giving out useful information without too much selling. I like it. Maybe it’s time to subscribe.

    Never ever seen this keyword resource before. I shall give it a try later and see if it’s going to give big hits.


  10. Hmm interesting. I have not seen Maholo before, thanks for sharing.

  11. Very interesting. This is good resource Thanks for this!

  12. WoW that’s one detailed list of categories out there. Will be very helpful in finding keywords.

  13. Great tip on finding root keywords and themes for building out sites…

    I wonder if Calacanis does his keyword research to build out those categories… they’re probably excellent if you’re building out a broad match PPC campaign, but I think you’d still want to back them up with some research from a keyword tool.

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