$200 Profit From PPC Yesterday

Finally, I get to say I’m making a decent profit from pay per click advertising. It’s been a long journey from the post I wrote last November declaring that PPC was a scam as Google and Yahoo run it. Even before that post I had been dabbling in PPC for 3 years with not much to show for it.

Yesterday however, was different. I’ve had several days this month over $100 in profit, but yesterday’s profit was over $200 from PPC alone. There are some great blogs around the net that teach techniques about PPC, but nothing has helped me get into serious profitability like PPC Coach has.

Here are some screen shots from yesterday:

Neverblue Earnings 9-29-08

As you can see, revenue at Neverblue was $352.05 and total spend at Google Adwords was $151.21 giving me a profit of $200.84. This comes from being profitable on just 2 offers at Neverblue and running 2 campaigns with 6 adgroups total on Adwords. Oh, one additional bit of info, this is all being done on the content network, not the search network.

It looks like PPC Coach is well worth the $50 per month cost.

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28 Responses to “$200 Profit From PPC Yesterday”

  1. Congrats! I had a record day on Sunday, and a 215% ROI the past 2 weeks. There are so many ways to earn money in affiliate marketing.

  2. CONGRATS! ! !

  3. I’m guessing your doing the polls? Not bad for a day when first starting out, keep plugging away and you’ll soon be laughing. :)

  4. Eric,

    A 215% ROI for 2 weeks sounds pretty sweet!

  5. Bryn,

    Sorry, but I’ll have to leave you guessing. I’m just happy right now, but a few more days of this and I’ll be LMAOROTF.

  6. Congratulations Alan, I’m seriously considering signing up to PPC coach. How ethical are the offers you are promoting though? It’s not all pay day loads and stuff is it?

  7. great.
    plz tell us which offers, which keywords :(

  8. nice, I guess your September revenue report is going to clobber your previous months :-)
    PS: whats your user name on PPC coach?

  9. Congrats man. :) You’re only going to go up from there. :)

  10. Around how many keywords do you have in an adgroup?

  11. Clog Money,

    No way on the Payday loans, totally legit stuff.




    I’ll be up a little this month from last, but I got hammered on eBay and I’m down a bit on Adsense as well. Still lookin’ up though. I’m FixMyPPC in PPC-Coach.

  12. That’s awesome. Once I free up a few $$, I’m seriously going to look into PPC Coach.

  13. Alan, for Christmas I want PPC Coach – next time you talk to Santa, can you put in a good word for me?

    Congrats man!

  14. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS, I too have had awful results with PPC and dropped out some time ago, this sounds like a great guide and I will go and check it out right now! I think learning PPC the correct way can make all the difference!

  15. very nice… it’s good to know that it’s possible to make this type of money. hopefully i can eventually make my way toward something like that as well.

  16. Matt,

    I have between 25 and 50 keywords per Adgroup, never more than 50.

  17. I’ve heard a few people talk about PPC coach already… I may have to look into that if I get more time.

    Of course, it seems we never have enough time!


  18. Damn that’s a good ROI! I heard some reviews of PPC Coach before, but it looks like its finally time to buy it. I only done adwords promotion in the past once, but with all these success stories I’ve been hearing recently it looks like its time for round 2!

  19. Wow, that’s an excellent ROI! How much are you paying per click? How did you find such an uncompetitive term?

  20. I can see you are having very bright future here… As for myself I also earning 10 times more than I previous did for the last 1 year.

    But let see how it’s going. I’m learning PPC. If I can get $500/month it’s worth investing $50 for PPC Coach.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable bit of information.

  21. no not kidding..
    can you seriously give your TIPS ? 😀

  22. Question:
    Apart from the $50 investment per month, how much cash would you need to start month 1 at PPC-Coach?

    I can’t see it on their website or FAQ.

    I know that each person could perhaps do more ads that others and therefore loose more cash, but I just wondered if they gave a ball park figure – or if you could guestimate anything?


  23. Hey I didn’t know you were a member of PPC Coach until I saw your “success stories” thread. Congratulations Alan! I’m yet to reach that goal of $100+/day, but I’m surely on my way!

  24. Congrats Alan,

    Ppc is really a hard code to crack man.

    I remember a year ago when i set up my first campaign…

    all the books i read said i’ll lose money starting out AND I DID.

    1 year later things are begining to look good.

    Do you consider google bids to be higher now that they’ve removed the minimum bids on keywords,Alan?

    I now have to bid more to be on the first page but end up in positions 6-10.

  25. perdere,

    I haven’t totally figured out what the deal is with no minimum bids yet. I had one campaign where there was litterally no competition and they said I needed a $26 bid to get on the first page and there were only 3 ads for the term in question.

    I deal mostly with the content network though and there are a lot less rules to deal with.

  26. Congrats on the pay per click success. Did you ever use traditional free methods like articles, etc? Its a good cheap way to validate your sites ability to convert then you can invest money in PPC to really speed things up!

  27. Tell us your offers! 😀

  28. Hi Alan,

    How is Pay Per CLick coach going for you? This raking it in,


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