Record Affiliate Earnings Over $500 Yesterday

On the heels of Monday’s PPC earnings of over $200, yesterday was a significant milestone in my affiliate career as I realized a record profit of over $500, of which $446 came from pay per click. The two PPC campaigns that are the most profitable for me more than doubled in volume and earnings from the previous day.

The last few days of nice profits have been a really great way to end the month, however I don’t think it will be a record overall for the entire month. I got hammered this month on eBay earnings and Adsense income suffered a bit because of the slowdown during this time of year in the travel industry. I make the bulk of my Adsense earnings from travel. While earnings from PPC is up significantly this month, combined Adsense and eBay income is down by more than $1,000.

While it is great to earn this much in a day, and do the bulk of it from PPC, it’s not really where I want to be with by online endeavors. The earnings from paying for traffic are very tenuous and could go away tomorrow. One of the campaigns is a little more stable than the other and should be able to  make a profit for the next few months, but I don’t expect the other to last that long.

This is why it’s so important to diversify your income as an affiliate and why I sometimes harp on this point. You just never know where your income might come from month to month. It has been the story of my affiliate career to do really well with one source of income only to have another source drop significantly or even completely dry up. I used to make $200 to $300 per month producing $1 leads for Rentalo.com from my travel sites, but no longer use their program.

It’s nice to make $500 in one day, but at this point I’m only considering it bonus money. I’ll get really excited when I make that kind of money every day for a month. 

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28 Responses to “Record Affiliate Earnings Over $500 Yesterday”

  1. after reading your blog yesterday i signed up on ppc coach will see how it goes

  2. Wow…another great day. Congrats! It looks like PPC Coach is really paying off for you, or do you attribute your success to other factors as well?

  3. Right that does it, I’m signing up to PPC Coach… Where’s your affiliate link!

  4. Damn, congratulations man! $400+ from Adsense in one day? Damn, and I was just discussing my accomplishment of $100/day from Adsense alone lol!

    Good stuff!


  5. Congrats. :) If you’re having success with it and don’t want it to become your main income, feel free to tell me what niche the profits came from. 😉


    ~Jonathan Volk

  6. Jonathan makes enough money, tell me! haha

  7. Great Day Alan! Congrats on the trending…

    In re: to eBay earnings, like yourself, I have watched mine decline at a steady 10% month over month drop since ePN went in house.

    Im about to start with PPC just now and lok forward to reading more from a basics standpoint.

    Yesterday, you recommended PPC Coach as a good resource, is that a good place for someone without having succeeded in the past, cause I have failed at PPC enough times to know what NOT to do! LOL


  8. $500 a day ! That is a great place to be at. This PPC coach sounds like it has merit and could be worth a try.

  9. Jay,

    That’s from generating traffic via Adwords, not from Adsense.


    It’s the perfect resource for anyone who has had a difficult time with PPC. I was the champ of losing money via Adwords before PPC Coach.

  10. Thanks Alan – I am going to use your link and sign up today!!

    I usually end a campaign when it gets to -$75 in earnings. Unfortunately, I have ended more than I have left running! LOL

    This will actually fit perfect with another project at the same time.


  11. I’m happy to hear that there’s a coaching program out there that actually does work.

    With eBay and going in house – man, I can’t even get into how pissed off I am with them and the in house move. It just proves a huge age old saying with MMO – you have to spread yourself out because you WILL get kicked in the ass over and over again.

  12. $500/day! That’s insane. Would you mind telling us what sort of offer it is you’re promoting?

    It also looks like its time for me to buy PPC coach; I’ve been hearing a lot of positive reviews about it recently.

  13. That’s alot of earning for one day. Congratulations. Mine was $3.84 and I was really shocked. Shocked because also no earning from ebay.

  14. Congratulations Alan! $1000 next week?:)

  15. $500 a day. Man, I wish I could pull that off.

  16. Well done!

    That is a great set of earnings.

    @Alan – for those who are (scared) not ready to joi n PPC Coach just yet, what other resources would you recommend to learn PPC and PPA stuff?

  17. Clog Money,

    Here’s my link to PPC Coach:

  18. Taoski,

    There are pleanty of links to great ppc resources throughout the blog here, but honestly, I’ve struggled with PPC for so long it’s not worth it. Just bite the bullet and join PPC Coach.

  19. Mmmmmm – I am really tempted.

    The way that BANS and eBay/ePN seems to be going at the moment – it might be time to find something else to go for!

  20. Seems like PPC Coach is helping you out pretty well, glad to hear it.

  21. That is fantastic, congrats!!!! Yes, I agree $500 a day everyday of the month, that would be the biggie!

  22. I’m no good with Adwords but after seeing these results I might give it another go; the biggest problem for me is finding a keyword that’s PPC is very low. How much do you pay per click? How do you find such low keywords?

  23. wooho, great man..
    Be my menton and will give 50% of my earnings :p

  24. Survey Review Guy,

    I’ve never paid more than 8 cents per click for Neverblue offers.The keyword thing is a secret.

  25. Again, congratulations man! A $500 day is just unbelievable (well, I can actually believe it). :)

  26. Hey, congrats on your $500 day!

    Continued success.



  27. Congrats Alan,

    $500 days make you feel great, don’t they 😉


  28. If you can consider 500 dollars a day bonus money i seriously envy you.

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