September 2008 Affiliate Earnings Report

Even though I had major revenue reductions this month from eBay, Adsense, Azoogle, Market Leverage and a few others, I still managed to have a record month in affiliate earnings. Most all of the increase came from pay per click earnings to the tune of more than $2,100 profit. I owe nearly all of what I’ve learned about PPC to PPC Coach. The bottom line you see below would have been $2,100 less with out it.

I’m not sure what’s going on with eBay, but many an affiliate are seriously complaining about revenue drops in September. I was down $300 in eBay earnings this month and nearly $750 from the month before that. What’s very odd is that my earnings per winning bid have gone from $4.80 in July 2008, to $3.52 in August, to $2.25 for the month of September. That’s a 55% reduction in revenue earned per winning bid in 3 months time. There will certainly be shifts in earnings, but I’m not liking the trend. Time to contact eBay.

Regardless of the inner workings of eBay I’m very thankful for the overall increase this past month. Total revenue for September was $7,292.33 with expenses at $2,551.70, making for a net profit of $4,740.63. It all breaks down as follows:

Google Adsense – $1,055.10
Commission Junction – $109.28
EPN – eBay – $458.61
Meal Planner Ebook – $170.00
TripAdvisor – $105.76
Clickbank – $45.83
Private Advertising – $35.00
AzoogleAds – $694.45
Microsoft – $200.00
Pepperjam – $33.00
Market Leverage – $73.35
Neverblue – $4,042.50
Other Affiliate Programs – $269.80

Total Revenue – $7,292.33

Total expenses – $2,551.70

Total Income – $4,740.63

My goal for September was to earn $5,000 profit, but I missed it by only $260. Hopefully with Halloween promotions and PPC looking nice this month so far (and maybe some favor from eBay), the $5,000 will be reached in October. As always, remember to diversify your affiliate income to make up for when eBay and Adsense aren’t as nice as they could be.

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29 Responses to “September 2008 Affiliate Earnings Report”

  1. Hi Alan,

    I was curious to know how much you are spending on PPC to yield that amount, If you dont mind me asking. 😉

  2. Toki,

    I spent about $1,860 to earn the $4,042 at Neverblue.

  3. That is a fantastic result. That’s the kind of income I’m looking to achieve myself on line. Unfortunately this isn’t my full time job so it’s going to be difficult to diversify my income sources to the extent you do.

  4. some amazing numbers there. the google adsense income alone is already huge for me. thanks for sharing.

  5. You made out pretty well with NeverBlue Ads. Congrats on the earnings.

  6. I have several ebay sites and I have seen some weird numbers as well, all in all, EPN has been a disaster from the start. Switched to Pepperjam for several stores and saw imporvement in tracking, but still more problems surface all the time.

  7. That NeverBlue Ads earning really stands out. How did you do it?

    I was clicking on that NeverBlue link hoping to sign up under you. But it turned out to be some other link pointing to Webfetti. Something very suspicious.

  8. Oh, I just noticed your Clickbank – $45.83 is also very low. Just now I was on Clickbank and found out that most of their products are crappy and couldn’t find anyone of them are on pay per lead.

    Sadly, most of the products are repeated. I could feel that some guy was selling the ebook, then others affiliate with him, and they pay out less to other affiliates while asking for less from the buyer. I feel this is kinda very unhealthy competition. Meanwhile, most of the products are ebooks, non real…so strange.

    I’m gonna checking out Neverblue.

  9. Wow, those are some pretty impressive stats. What sort of offers are you promoting on neverblue? – Is it all from PPC campaigns?

    Also where is your Adsense cash coming from? Another of your sites? (I can’t see any on here)


  10. Awesome month!

    Yes, EPN has been bad lately and today I received “the email” from EPN thanking me for my efforts and telling me that they’ve terminated my account! Time to work on a few other things, but it’s not the end of the world. Your advice to diversify is CRUCIAL in affiliate marketing. 90% of my revenue came from EPN, so I’ve got some work to do in the next 7 days to get them switched over to other programs like Popshops.

  11. thats cool…..

    I see no adsense though on your blog ?

  12. Great result! You came so close to making your goal! Hopefully you will this month!

  13. Man those earnings are nice. Keep it up. You’ll hit $5k profit this month for sure.

  14. Awesome Alan! You’ll hit that Five-Triple-Oh very soon…

    I’ve given up on eBay for the last few months.. and I might just give up on them all together… idiots.

    I’m really looking to get some action going with Neverblue, but PPC is not in my budget right now.. I wonder how well I could push some offers strictly banging out my bum marketing tactics… hmm.. maybe I’ll do a little case study on myself..

  15. Problogineer – you are assuming these earnings are just from this site but I don’t believe that to be the case – this is from his entire blog netowork as well as affiliate links through Adwords I am guessing.

  16. Survey Review Guy,

    Sorry, I can’t give that info away. Everything at Neverblue is from PPC.


    No Adsense here, the travel and healthy eating niche is where I do well with Adsense.

  17. It looks like the PPC coach program has done very well for you. In terms of PPC earnings, would you say you are on schedule with the program or ahead of schedule?

  18. Outstanding stuff Alan, You made great inroads with neverblue using ppc.
    Maybe next month you will hit the $5000 profit mark.

  19. Those numbers are just awesome. I can’t wait till mine will look the same!

  20. Used Cars- I know what you mean about lousy products on clickbank. The way I’ve found good products through them is generally finding the good products elsewhere and then tracking it back to CB. Some good stuff exists, it’s just hard to find under all the junk.

    Alan- That’s awesome! Big time congrats on the PPC!

    What’s strange about my BANS performance is that while my earnings dropped significantly last month, my clicks rose. And weirder still, one specific site that got no search traffic until now, had as many page views and click throughs this week as all my other sites combined for a two week period. I’m taking note of the search terms, and I think I have the makings of a decent seasonal site to build that would more accurately serve the searchers.

  21. Looks like you’re making some great progress!

    Though I make money from affiliate programs, Adsense is my biggest earner too. Naturally, it’s easier to just get a click than to get people to click and buy. :)

  22. Great numbers… wow. That’s pretty much all I can say. Obviously you are capitalizing on the network referral earnings and things of that nature, as your earnings show. An inspiration to us all! :)

  23. I just recently signed up for neverblue. I hope I can get some good earnings with them. A lot of people show good earnings with them.

  24. I see neverblue is ur biggest money spinner. what is it exactly?

  25. Wow…I find your site very inspirational. I hope to someday make some money online….Keep up the good work.

  26. Wow thats a huge Income.. I hadn’t worked on Affiliate Marketing until now. Can you suggest me some sites where I can get some information..for FREE… 😉

  27. TechnoSamrat,

    Yes, read this blog!

  28. Hi again Alan,

    Do you happen to have an affiliate link to Neverblue ad? I want to join under you (to thanks for all your great info). Do you have any coupon code too?


  29. good figures earned from neverblue

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