eBay Affiliate Earnings Bounce Back

September was an awful month for my eBay affiliate earnings. It was one of the slowest months in a long time, down from a high of just under $1,200 in July. In the first 19 days of September, affiliate earnings were only $179.13 or $9.43 per day which had me seriously concerned. In the same time period in July, earnings were at $694.95. That works out to $36.58 per day. What makes September even weirder is that eBay affiliates received an email on Sept 12th stating that revenue had accidentally been over-reported on Sept 5-9. Fantastic, I thought, I was having a terrible month and eBay has actually overpaid me.

However, as bad as September was, earnings for October seem to be back on track. As of the 4th of this month, revenue is already at $176.74 or $44.19 per day. Of course, this seriously makes me wonder just what the heck was going on at eBay in September.

I’ve read many a complaint on the eBay affiliate forums, but have never experienced anything remotely like what others have. I remember reading about someone who had been sending 10,000 people a day to eBay and saw that drop to something like 1,000 to 2,000 a day after eBay brought their affiliate program in-house. I didn’t follow up on that, so I don’t know what happened to this individual, but that was an obvious problem. I’m not sure that’s the case with my issue. Sometimes that’s just the way it goes with affiliate earnings. Traditionally Saturday is the slowest day for Adsense earnings, but one Saturday in August was nearly a record and the next Saturday was right there well below average.

Large swings in income from one source of revenue to the next is nothing new. I’m not terribly alarmed, but I will be posting at the eBay affiliate forums and BANS forums to see what others are experiencing.

Thankfully my highest earning Build A Niche Store is leading the revenue race as usual with another store in the same niche, only much wider in scope, running a close second. So far October is looking good and it would be nice for a couple of stores to be doing well instead of just one providing 80% of my eBay income. We’ll see how it all pans out at the end of the month, that is provided we have anything that resembles an economy left in the United States.

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19 Responses to “eBay Affiliate Earnings Bounce Back”

  1. Congrats! I’m glad to see things are picking up for you again.

    I just had my biggest single sale to date (not that it’s that huge, total), and it’s from one of the two shops that I’ve worked hardest on. I’m actually quite happy that those two sites are now picking up a lot more traffic. Until now, my profit has been mostly in the pages that I tacked on as an after thought.

  2. Your revenue on ebay affiliate is much better than mine. So no worry.

    I trust you can make much more than $100 a day from this problem. Providing that your writing skill is already that good.


  3. WordVixen,

    I’ve also found that some of my best sales have come from custom pages. I keep exploring my niches more and more and always get new ideas for additional pages.

    Congrats on your top day!

  4. Something is always better than nothing. But it’s good to see that you’re earnings are going back to how you like them.

  5. Alan – Glad to hear your ePN traffic/earnings are back on par. I know I too saw GREAT fluctuations in my ebay performance last month as well. It has actually been erratic for several months, but some are more noticable than others.

    Q: Are you using any PPC strategies on your ePN sites, or focusing strictly on organic?


  6. Mark,

    I’m using Search for a couple of landing pages and the content network for some others, all on the same site.

  7. Thanks Alan –

    I enrolled in the PPC Coaching program last week… just to get a more solid understanding of several different strategies in the ppc sector. Quite a bit of info on that site for sure!!

    I have been directing traffic to offers thus far… you know, month 1 stuff.

    Thanks for the link to it…


  8. Yeah i heard a lot of complains about the ebay in-house affiliate system.

    I paused my campaigns when i heard of the drop in visitor count.

    Hope its sorted out now.

    Anyway great stats you have there.


  9. The only way to go from down is up ? Well done on reversing your ebay earnings. September might just be a slow month on ebay ?


  10. My eBay earnings dropped by half when they went from CJ to their own affiliate program. I’m just using their link generator, and I suspect there are ways to tweak things to get it back up. But your post caught my eye, because I’ve had a big increase so far this month. Go figure.

  11. Mark,

    Best to you on month 1 in PPC Coach. Will be interested to know how you do.

  12. I’m also a BANSer, and had a decent month in September – best yet a little over $1500. October seems in line so far with traffic and clicks actually increasing.

    Just joined ppc-coach a couple of days ago and consider myself in ppc school for the next week. Nice to see some familiar names here. Hey, Mark, good luck to you with this stuff. Obviously, a lot of us are wisely and actively pursuing diversification strategies.

  13. potentmix,

    Diversification is the name of the game. BTW, very nice BANS site you have there. It’s refreshing to see a quality store!

  14. That’s great man – I haven’t built a BANs store in a couple months, and I’m really looking forward to building a few for the Christmas rush, with v3.0.

    I’m thankful that I was smart enough to drop BANs for a little bit and focus on other things like my blog, and selling websites.. because now I’m coming back with a fresh mind – and not frustrated!

  15. I too have seen bizarre fluctuations in my BANs earnings, and the economy situation is not going to help us in the future. Glad your bounced back to normal!

  16. Well ebay is not happy either. Site sales are down big time as is profit.

  17. Hey, congrats. feels good when things start looking up financially again.

  18. You are an inspiration to me. I hope to achieve the success that you have seen.

  19. Money,

    Hey, I appreciate you reading the blog…Cheers!

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