PPC Marketing Doesn’t Work…Most Of The Time

Short post today, but one of the biggest things that I’ve learned by joining PPC Coach is that pay-per-click marketing doesn’t work…most of the time. Over the last few years I’ve spent a considerable amount of money and time trying to figure out the PPC game and even with being a part of the PPC Coach program, I can still say that most of my pay per click marketing campaigns don’t work.

Let me explain: Like anything you will do in the world of affiliate marketing, paid search is a lot of work. It’s a lot of work identifying possible niches, making lists of keywords, setting up ads, creating landing pages, building sites, tweaking campaigns and finally finding something that’s going to be profitable. There isn’t any magic potion except for the hard work.

While I was immediately successful with 2 campaigns out of 7 (normal is 1 out of 10) in the month 1 portion of PPC Coach training, the rest of my Google Adwords campaigns haven’t seen that kind of success. I’m taking what I’ve learned through PPC Coach and trying the techniques on various kinds of campaigns and the success rate is about the normal 1 in 10 or maybe a little less. But the difference is that 1 in 10 are successful instead of my old record of probably 1 in 50. The lessons have taught me how to better identify possible profit areas, how to structure campaigns and adgroups to be more focused, when to keep a campaign going and when to drop one, how to tweak a successful campaign for maximum profitability and a lot more.

One of the more important things I’ve learned is to keep working until you find success, keep building campaigns until the profitable ones are identified. While there are some great tools in PPC Coach that help you work smarter and quicker, there is never a substitute for putting your nose to the grindstone and hammering out your next campaign or building your next landing page.

Really, it’s no secret, ppc doesn’t work most of the time, the trick is to keep working at it until you find the gems that do work.

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19 Responses to “PPC Marketing Doesn’t Work…Most Of The Time”

  1. Cool bloggery Alan.

    I’ve heard similar things and have been looking to start some PPC for the directory soon. This has made me take a step back and look at it more closely.

    Glad you’re still doing well!

  2. It works but its a lot of work and most of the time it started with researching…

  3. “There isn’t any magic potion except for the hard work.”

    That is so true! If you aren’t willing to put in the work, you won’t make progress. It’s sad there are some out there promoting products that claim “easy affiliate success” and riches, when in reality it truly takes work.


  4. This goes back to an earlier comment I made here. Too many people looking for the quick fix to all their problems. It’s really starting to get my goat!

  5. I have personally used PPC for many years. PPC can work very well, but it is harder today to make PPC work as you have a massive amount of competition out there ready to outbid you on what seems like every keyword or phrase.

    The key to having PPC work is testing, testing and more testing!

  6. Great post Alan. I must agree, PPC marketing really takes a lot of work. Most people think that it’s just all about finding keywords, setting up ads, then waiting for the money to roll in. As you know, that’s not how it works.

    I can’t wait for my Month 2 to start. I have just a few days left!

  7. It may not always work but people make millions a year with it once they figure it out.

  8. PPC advertising for network marketing is near on impossible. I have gotten a lot of useless leads with a lot of different campaigns. It’s tough to get your moneys worth when targeting the network marketing sector.


  9. Nice post, I keep reading posts like this and it’s a good for motivation. It can be hard to have the mindset but like you said, nothing is easy in the world and even if you was going down the college/uni route you would be spending thousands a year on feesjust to get a job that is often capped at a maximum wage – ppc isn’t :)

  10. Given those odds its amazing that people want to flock for ppc still.

  11. I think PPC is a full time job in addition to the three or more full time jobs within IM all ready. Sucks, but true!

  12. Most things business related don’t work half the time – but you said it best, you have to keep at it until you find what does work, try your best to duplicate that success and keep your skin as thick as possible.

  13. Yeah.. Agreed! Most of the time you pay more for PPC than you earn. Its very discouraging..

  14. I just want to add more to this, I tried a very targeted splash page recently and my results were very poor. I don’t know if people are out there just clicking on ads but i did expect some better results.

    Anyway i have moved on to other projects, well see how they turn out.


  15. I am gong to join PPC Classroom, I need everyone’s opinion, will this work or does anyone in this forum ever work with this kind methodology and break record.Thanks in advance

  16. Ari,

    I don’t know anything about PPC Classroom other than one of the guys running it makes about $2.5 million a year through ppc.

    I use PPC Coach methods, but I bet they are probably somewhat the same.

  17. Hi Alan,
    Thanks for responding at the soonest, this type of class is somehow almost the same as yours, is there any guarantee we will score, or do we have to go through all those trial and error again?thanks in advance

  18. Ari,

    Sorry, no guarantees. All you get is the information, putting it into practice is up to the individual.

  19. Thanks Alan, I need to chat with you if possible.I just join PPC Coach.Thanks. do you have ym? mine is aryxz@yahoo.com

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