Where Do You Work At Home When You Can’t Work At Home?

Very shortly, probably within the next few days, our home will be turned into a construction zone. We’re having our back porch enclosed and the bedroom across from the home office redone. Once the porch is enclosed and a new window put in the bedroom, our sliding glass doors leading to the porch will be removed, half the wall knocked out, the kitchen extended a couple of feet and all new flooring will be put in the porch, bedroom and a third of the kitchen.

While my wife has been wanting to do this project for years because we don’t really have a proper dining area in our small 1,300 sq ft home, the next couple of months (at least) will be rather stressful around the LeStourgeon home. It will be great when the project is finished, but in the mean time it will be nearly impossible to get any work done with the demolition, hammering, sawing, dust and general noise that goes along with an undertaking such as this.

I’m looking forward to having all the work done as well, but in the mean time, I’m going to have to have some place to carry on my blogging and affiliate marketing duties for several hours a day where interruptions will be kept to a minimum. There are a few places around the Palm Bay, Melbourne FL area that have “free” WiFi, but at many of them you should buy at least a cup of coffee or something every hour or two so as not to be a complete bum. That can add up when you end up spending $4 to $6 a day, plus gas, just to work away from home, plus I don’t really need to be drinking coffee and rotting out my gut every day.

As I’m writing this I’m thinking of at least two places where you don’t need to buy anything and can work as long as you need. One is the local library, but the connection there slow and you keep having to log in every 20 to 30 minutes. The other is the Calvary Chapel of Melbourne cafe, but they keep it so cold in the cafe you need to buy coffee every 30 minutes to keep warm or go outside to thaw out.

It will take some adjustments and planning to work away from home for an extended period of time. I do occasionally go to one of my favorite spots 3 or 4 times a month just for a change of pace, but this is going to have to probably be at least 3 times a week for a month or longer, so that makes it a different matter.

Maybe I could just rent a corner of an office or a cubicle somewhere for a couple of months. If I could find a nice space for $100 a month or so it might be worth it. I wouldn’t save any money over the cost of coffee and those tempting macadamia nut, chocolate chip cookies at Calvary Chapel Cafe, but I’m sure the office space and my water bottle would be much healthier.

I’m open to suggestions.

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16 Responses to “Where Do You Work At Home When You Can’t Work At Home?”

  1. It’s just to bad this place isn’t closer; http://www.officedivvy.com/index.htm I would be all over it.

    Saw their advert on Facebook a few months ago.

    I would be ideal.

  2. I just went through this in early summer when we had our kitchen completely renovated. It did not effect my home office, but the noise was quite a distraction to say the least! In addition tot he noise… being in the house made it VERY easy for the contractors to ask me alot of questions, which I was happy about on one hand… but hourly interruptions of work can be annoying!

    Nothing can replace your home office… having the tools in front of you that you are used to using is priceless.

    Good luck and congrats on getting the renovation done, you wont be disappointed!

    FYI – If you read different studies, they have found that the time during a home renovation is one of the most stressful time in a couples life, due to being displaced and not feeling like they have a home for the duration of the project.

    They also found the first week after it is completed… is one of the happiest times! So you have great days to look forward to!


  3. Kiley,

    Boy, a place like that would be awesome!


    Yes, I know the stress, we had our master bath redone a couple of years ago. This project is going to be about 4 times the size and time involved however, I hope we don’t have 4 times the stress. I wish I could just snap my fingers or move out for 2 months and have it done, spic and span.

  4. Hey Alan,

    I know what you mean, really need to have peace and quiet just to get into the zone sometimes. Have thought about using a friends place while they’re at work? That’s what friends are for right! Otherwise grabbing a high speed internet card for your laptop and heading to a quite place like the library , fast connection and no need to re-login. I wish I could work from home! I guess thats the goal of following along with yours and other blogs, good luck!

  5. I just used my local library this weekend to get away from the constant interruptions from my kids. Works for me, but sounds like it doesn’t work so well for you.

    I don’t have any other ideas than to rotate around wherever there is free WIFI or hide in the basement if you ahve one (although that would be noisy).

  6. Interesting idea that rent a cubicle. I don’t think we have any thing quite like that in the UK. At least I’ve never heard of anything like it…

  7. My suggestion is similar to what you mentioned at the end of your post: find out about renting a cubicle for a while. I know there are places in Orlando where you can rent an office, or where you can use free Wi-Fi, but I’m not sure about what your options are by you other than a coffee shop or library. Good luck!

  8. Hey Alan,

    Do a search for coworking. I did a quick one but not sure what towns are close to you. Also, check out the Coworking Wiki, maybe it will help. http://coworking.pbwiki.com/

  9. I go to Starbucks every morning with my laptop for a couple of hours and do a little reading and surfing the net, then I head home and do work on my desktop. I love that Starbucks has free Wifi now here in Canada. My laptop is really small (Asus EEE) so I can’t do much real work on it, but it’s great for typing, and reading…but no website design or editing.

    I just like to get out of the house as it can be very boring after a while. Sometimes I visit our local library. They have free wifi that is fast and unlimited use. I really can’t stand being home all day so I appreciate that I can step out to a coffee shop for a while, even if it does cost a few $$. For us, home is very quiet since we have no kids yet and really have very little going on. My wife works all day, so I get a bit lonely and need a little people interaction.

  10. I think renting a place for a while would be best like you said, different scenary and you get to work in your own space without the interuptions of being asked if you want anything constantly :)

  11. While working at home is the thing we sort after, I think a proper workstation can help you achieve and complete you task faster than you think. Correct me if I am wrong..

  12. I recently bought an iPhone (1st gen) a few months back on eBay, and it’s my favorite gadget in the world. I can “work” with it anytime, anywhere!

  13. Under Construction…..

    We bought a two lot property in our city and love the location but it needs a fair bit of work, which will get done eventually.

    Once we start we will be in the same boat as you are, looking for the ideal place to work. We have free WiFi on the city buses but that would just make me dizzy. :)

    Seriously, we have friends that work during the day so I am sure one of them would help us out. I also have some friends that would let me use their place but then I would have to entertain them and that won’t work as I would never get any work done and we would likely be playing guitar all day long instead of working.

  14. I wish I had some suggestions for you.

    The man distraction I would imagine is the noise, combined with random people in and out of that particular area of your home.

    If you could find a spot away from the noise, purchasing a set a high quality ear plugs would solve the noise solution for sure.

    Other than that, I’ve got nothing!

    Good luck!

  15. Well, the library and the coffee shop are my usual get-away-from-home spots, but your library sounds deficient.

    Maybe post an ad on Criaglist and see if someone with office space (and wifi) wants a “roommate” for a couple months?

  16. I don’t know about Brevard County but at least one Central Florida county has free wifi in the courthouse lobby. Usually fairly quiet and there are alcoves with seating. Worth a shot.

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