Affiliate Confession Reaches 500 RSS Subscribers

A huge thanks goes out to every one today who is a subscriber to Affiliate Confession. After almost a year of writing, this blog has reach the 500 RSS subscriber milestone. The counter at the top may show an amount below 500 depending on when you read this (it fluctuates a bit at times), but the first time the 500 reader level was reached was on Saturday Oct. 11th.

I initially started the blog back on November 1, 2007 after several months of thinking about it and having my wife tell me that I need to write about what I do. In fact, the name Affiliate Confession was actually my wife’s idea. We we’re sitting around one day brainstorming domain names for the blog and it just suddenly popped out of her brain. I didn’t really do much writing the first month and started blogging consistently on Nov 22, 2007.

One of the catalysts for starting the blog was probably for the wrong reason when I read one of John Chow’s ridiculous income statements. I believe it was around the $23,000 per month mark at the time and I thought why not get in with the crowd and get out there and make some money. That’s not a good reason to start a blog! It has since evolved into something I enjoy doing while I chronicle and hopefully give some advice on what it takes to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

Some of the more memorable posts over the last year include:

Why I don’t Do Network Marketing Or MLM– The first and longest post here at AffiliateConfession.com going into why MLM is mostly a waste of time.

Taking The 30 Day Blogging Challenge – The most commented post here.

Build A Niche Store Review – A review of the product that maximizes earnings from the eBay Affiliate program. It is currently one of my top money makers.

Lessons In Perseverence – A 4 part series on just working through the hard times despite what may come your way.

Build A Niche Store Tutorials – A 7 part series on how to set up your BANS affiliate store and get into profitability with the eBay Partner Network.

Explaining Twitter Is Like Explainig Sex to A Virgin – The day I saw the light and became a Twitter fan. You can follow me on Twitter here.

How I won A MacBook Air– Yes, I actually won $5,000 worth of prizes in an online contest and one of those prizes was a MacBook Air. This post explains how I did it.

The Harsh Realities Of Affiliate Marketing – A 7 part series on what affiliate marketing is really like. It’s not all fun and games, it takes lots of work.

Joined PPC Coach – I’ve finally started making some money with paid search marketing and this post explains how that happened.

If you are new here at AffiliateConfession.com please subscribe to my RSS feed and if you are already a reader of this blog, I appreciate the time you take to read through my ramblings. It’s been great getting to know a lot of you and respond to your questions and comments and I’m looking forward to the continued journey.

PS – As of this writing the count at the top is showing 486 readers and my Feedburner control paned is showing zero subscribers, so I’m not sure where it will end up today.

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19 Responses to “Affiliate Confession Reaches 500 RSS Subscribers”

  1. Congrats on hitting a great milestone Alan! I look forward to seeing more great things from you in the future.

  2. It’s too bad I wasn’t around to see alot of those posts. But, now I have found your blog, and hopefully will be around to read more! (I am sure I will.) I like how inventive and fun the names of your posts are. Like “Taking the 30 day Blogging Challenge” and “Explaining Twitter is Like Explaining Sex to a Virgin.” Very awesome. Once I get my RSS Subscribing list thing figured out, Your Blog will def. be on it. Thanks!


  3. Hey there..

    Congrats! 500 is a really good number with RSS Subscribers. Not many bloggers get that number despite months of effort.

  4. Hi Alan, I’m one of your email subsribers.

    Congratulations for your success. 500 is a good milestone. I wish you will gain 1000 subscribers soon.


  5. Conratulations, that is a great achievement! Wooohooo!

  6. Congratulations Alan! Reaching the 500-mark truly is a great accomplishment. :)

  7. I’m trying to get more subscribers too. So I am giving away an iPhone and $500 on my blog: http://www.acesblog.com/?p=60

  8. Congratz on the milestone – I’m still going for the 50 milestone on my blog. I was really wanting to hit 100 by the end of this year. I’m sure it’s possible – I’ll not give up anyway :)

  9. Congrats. I actually really enjoy your blog the most out of many that I read. Some days I get sick of hearing the usual “I made $xxxx,xxxx this month” kind of blogs that give little to no info about how that was accomplished. You’re blog is honest and I really enjoy it!

  10. Wow, 500 in a year is not an easy feat. Congrats and I guess you should have 501 today with me joining on board.


  11. Well done Alan, 500 is no easy mark. Heres to the next 500 !


  12. thats very quick

    congrats and get going. :)

  13. Once you reach the 500 mark..then the 1000 would be easy..

  14. Make that 501 RSS subscribers Alan, thanks to Mark Hansen directing me over here. Great site and plenty of great content.

    I noticed that your Feedburner icon is only show zero right now, you might want to fix that so it shows your actual subscribers.

  15. congratulations. :) it’s sweet that the name for this site came from your wife.

  16. congratiulations on this one. It helps to put out useful content to find more subscribers, which you obviously do and that’s why I subscribed :)

  17. Interview With Alan LeSturgeon Of Affiliate Confession…

    Today we are speaking with Alan LeSturgeon from Affiliate Confession.
    Q) Hi Alan. First off, can you tell me a little bit about how you got started? What were you doing before you went full time and how did you go from that to an affiliate marketer?

  18. Congratulations. You deserve it for having such a great site.

  19. Nice to hear that Affiliate Confession has reached reached 500 RSS Subscribers. I think it’s a big achievement.

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