Financing Your PPC Campaigns

Getting into pay per click marketing can be expensive because unless you really know what you’re doing, most everyone tends to lose money in the beginning. There are those that have the golden touch and are profitable with PPC right away, but for most of us, including myself, you end up spending a lot of money with Adwords long before you see profit.

So what can you do if you want to get started, but don’t want to risk the money initially? Try financing your PPC campaigns. I’m not talking about taking out a loan and risking money you don’t have, we already have a huge problem with that in the world today, what I’m talking about is to finance your paid marketing with other present or newly created revenue from your affiliate business.

If you want to get into PPC and have little money to do so, determine right now to either use a specific amount of money (a budget), a specific CPA offer that’s generating x amount of cash or build a new stream of revenue with your blog, a new site or sell some stuff on eBay just to get going. You are essentially borrowing money from one part of your business to finance another part of your business. The only way you are going to be truly profitable in the long run as an affiliate is to put those profits back into your business on an ongoing basis.

Initially I sold some things on eBay to have some seed money when I decided to get into PPC again. And when I reached a level of income over $2,500 per month, my wife and I decided I could spend anything over that amount on PPC. I’m also profiting from a PPC offer that’s making more money per day than all my other campaigns are costing.

If you are successful with this method of financing your PPC efforts this way, be careful not to overlook your campaigns that are losing money just because you are making more in the long run than the losers are costing you. You still have to weed out and either delete or heavily tweak your campaigns that aren’t making you any money if you want to build a good income. I have to stay diligent and check my campaigns every day to find the ones that aren’t doing well.

This may be done fairly quickly for some or may take some time to implement for others depending on how profitable you are or how quickly you can start to be profitable with various affiliate offers. Once you budget the amount you’re going to spend or are going to finance your campaigns with a changing amount of revenue from one of your best affiliate offers, then don’t exceed the amount you are making for that day. If you keep working at it and are smart about your cash flow when just staring out, you will eventually be making enough that you can try bigger and more riskier PPC campaigns and hopefully make even more profit.

You should know by now that I’m not about get-rich-quick, so if you thought that was what this was about, head over to ClickBank and get one of those kind of ebooks. If you want to learn how to do PPC the right way, check out PPC Coach.

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10 Responses to “Financing Your PPC Campaigns”

  1. I allocate a part of my salary to experimenting. It’s not so bad now that I’m actually making money with my PPC campaigns but the early days were not fun!!

  2. Yeah when I first started out I was just banging around and lost quite a couple of hundred of dollar and gained whole load of disappointment.. Proper planning is advisable!

  3. Just to add on, maybe newbies shouldn’t go for expensive keywords and could try some smaller and cheaper campaigns first..

  4. Finding cheap keywords in the online money making niche is not easy and i have lost some money trying to find those keywords. We all learn from our mistakes.

  5. Pulling money from one “department” of your business to finance another “department” and create a potential profitable situation – genius.

  6. This is a far more reasonable advice here than I read on another affiliate blog where the author advised to get a few credit cards to finance it… and if you fail you just suck. Something like that. There is a learning curve for everything and in case you don’t have a lot of money it’s probably wise to make money with some of your own skills first before selling stuff with ppc.

  7. Thanks for the tips. I’m want to start doing PPC but I’ve always been wary about losing money.

  8. planning and proper management is key to success in PPC marketing

  9. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what credit card is best used for PPC expenses? I’ve heard people mention the Plum card or Starwood… But I don’t think I can qualify for the Plum card, nor do I travel a lot. Any advice?

  10. Being able to pay for your own PPC campaigns is certainly the way to go. The suggestion you make about selling somethings on eBay is pretty good, to raise some small capital. My suggestion, is this, whether you are financially okay, or financially down, either way it is important not too spend too much money in the beginning. I know a friend who went all out when he first started doing Affiliate marketing, putting about $5,000 on Google Adwords in the first week, he later got burned as a result, with 0 % conversion. Slow and steady definitely wins the race in my opinion. Sometimes we want fast results… but slow and steady is the way to go in my opinion.

    Till then,


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