Better Category Stats At eBay Partner Network

Good news for eBay affiliates, the eBay Partner Network will be expanding their stats starting next Wednesday October 22nd so you will now be able to see the specific categories where your sales are being generated. Not only will you be able to see the top level categories, but you will be able to see down to the 3rd sub category level.

An example report screenshot is below:

eBay Categories Report

This is great news because many sales that eBay affiliates generate are not always in the categories or products they’re targeting. Since an eBay cookie lasts for 7 days once you send over one of your visitors, they can end up buying either closely related products to what you feature on your site or they may buy something not even remotely related.

This will now allow you as an eBay affiliate to see if your visitors are making purchases of related items and armed wth those stats you can now start to target items you may not have thought about in the past. For instance, maybe you have a BANS Store featuring model trains and in your research looking at the new category report you see that you are getting several sales in the antique model ship category, whodathunk? You can now include this category on your site or build a out a completely new site featuring these items.

You can also use the report to see the related categories that are already doing the best for you and likewise expand your efforts in that area. Maybe your model trains site specializes in HO scale Tyco trains, but you find many visitors are buying HO scale Lionel trains once they get to eBay, you can now put more emphasis on that category to feature it more prominently on your site.

At the present time you can download your eBay reports and see some of this information already, but the new category report coming out on October 22nd will allow you to get a quick look at the specific categories, in neat charts and graphs, where your sales are really happening. You can then act accordingly and tweak your Build A Niche Store site or whatever other kind of site you are using to take advantage of the eBay affiliate program.

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12 Responses to “Better Category Stats At eBay Partner Network”

  1. Wow sounds like good business.. Thanks for the report.

  2. great find Alan!! I had not even seen this until I got your feed updated in my reader.

    Talk about exploiting a vertical niche!

  3. Alan,
    I found your blog from Mark at the NSB. I also found this upcoming change in reporting. I like how you plan to use this, but I also think that is tied into EPN’s engagement and campaign quality determinations.

    I have posted on my blog how this is likely used by EPN and tied into its rankings.

  4. I can’t wait to get this. I already have a lot of visitors use my site as their portal to ebay.

  5. This is really great news!
    Now we can narrow our specific store categories even more and offer excactly what buyers are looking for.

  6. Now that sounds like something that should have been available some time ago. It would have made it much easier, to say the least.

    Thanks for the info, I will be looking forward to it.

  7. Alan,

    That’s great news!

    I had always been confused by this subject. I use Awstats to see the items searched for and found successfully and built out the category if it was more than a fluke. I still didn’t understand how a person comes looking for one thing and buys something completely unrelated.

    I’ll look forward to their enhancement as a backup to what my site stats are telling me as well as finding things the other misses.

    Thanks for the great post,


  8. Brent,

    Good article you wrote and linked to. eBay is huge just like Google and they are ultimately all about profit that’s why we need to keep an eye on them.

  9. This is superb. The more EPN improve their tracking system, the happier I’m.

  10. Awesome news indeed! It’s about time EPN started giving us some advanced tools to help with tracking and managing our sites/sales.

    I really like the layout – even though my graph doesn’t span that many categories, it still helps tremendously!

  11. EPN Tracking does seem to have improved… if traffic stats are anything to go by. I ‘test’ it when i make a purchase on eBay, just to see if they show up…


  12. This is a great review of the report. I have found the information provided in this report very useful. It;s interesting to see what categories get the most sales as opposed to which categories your are marketing.

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